Brazil 1982 Team

Football is all about artistry , excitement, outrageous, courage , and heartbreaking of the players , teams ,manager , and fans. Most of the player will reach the pinnacle when the won and perform well with the countries and won trophies but some international team does not won the trophies but still capture the imagination of many fans with the artistry of the game and won the heart of the future players and inspiration for the some of the current and future manager.

Today we will look at the best international team based on their style of the play , innovation , artistry, player , consistency , flair , and trophy wants.

Number 10

The Brazil 1994 Team


We will start with the Brazil team that won the world cup in 1994 or Brazil 1994. This team even though had won the world cup but not celebrated as the other Brazilian team in the past as this team does not have the jogo bonito of the past Brazilian team. This team coached by the Carlos Alberto and with the striker Romaria and Bebeto , midfield general Dunga and Taffarel as a goalkeeper one thing that differentiate this team than other team is this team had some defense in his arsenal and can be said the most balanced team that had won the world cup. They had defeated the Italy in final via penalties (first final decided by the penalties ) to won the world cup. This team can be said inspired or copied by the next Brazilian team that eliminate the jogo bonito and add the defense side to their game.

Achievement : Winning the World Cup 1994



Italy 1982 Team
Italy 1982 Team

The next team on the list will be the Italy team that won the world cup in 1982 or Italy 1982. With Dino Zoff in the goal, Bergomi, Tardelli, and Paolo Rossi the team had won by knocking the favorite 1982 Brazil in the second round group stage. They had defeated Belgium in the semifinal and a good West Germany Team in the final. It is unbelievable when in the beginning when no body had hopes in the team and the striker Paolo Rossi was selected after he had ended his 2 year bans due to match fixing. The team was only qualified after they had made 3 draws in the group stage. The team had started to play exceptionally well and Paolo Rossi started his goal scoring by a hat trick in the second round against Brazil and totally Paolo Rossi had scored 6 goals in just 3 games and Italy had won the World Cup. Totally a strong team and underrated also.

Achievement : Winning the World Cup 1982


FRANCE 1998 – 2000 TEAM

France team of 1998 and 2000 was next on the list. This team had a strong goalkeeper, defense and midfield.With the player like Barthez, Lilian Thuram , Laurent Blanc, Marcel Desaiily, Bixenter Lizarazu,  and the midfield of Didier Deschamp and the evergreen Zinedine Zidane the team does not have a recognized striker in beginning. The coach  Aime Jacquet had decided to drop Eric Cantona and David Ginola in favor of Zidane and Zidane had repaid the faith by scoring 2 times in final against Brazil but not only Zidane the team have a strong defense line and only conceded 1 goals en route to the final. In 2000 under Roger Lemere France was more attack minded with Thierry Henry and David Trezegue the team had won the Euro 2000 by beating the Italy 2-1 via a golden goal. This team need a last minute goal to equalize when they are trailing the Italy 1-0.With this win they had become the first team to win the European Cup after winning the World Cup.

Achievement : Winning the World Cup 1998 and European Cup 2000



23 Jun 1984, Marseille, France --- The French National team before the semi-final of the UEFA Euro 1984 against Portugal. (L-R, front row): Bernard Lacombe, Alain Giresse, Michel Platini, Jean Tigana and Didier Six. (L-R, Back row): Yvon Le Roux, Patrick Battiston, Maxime Bossis, Jean-Francois Domergue, Joel Bats and Luis Fernandez. --- Image by © Jean-Yves Ruszniewski/TempSport/Corbis

The best team that never won the world cup France team of current UEFA President Michel Platini, Alan Giresse , Jean Tigana , and Hernandez that form the Carré Magique (Magic Square) was a team that celebrated because of they style of play full form of attacking. And this style of the play that may dent the hopes of them reaching the final when they have led the West German 3 -1 and losing in penalties after the German had equalized to 3 – 3 .They won the European Cup in 1984 in France and Michel Platini was the man scoring 9 goal and a complete hat rick left foot, right foot and a header in Euro Group stage but in the world cup again they had fallen in semi final and the opponent is West Germany beating them 2 – 0.

Achievement : Semifinal World Cup 1982 and 1986 and European Cup Winner in 1984



Brazil 1982 Team
Brazil 1982 Team

The Brazilian Team that play beautiful but never won the world cup is the next on the list. The Brazil Team of 1982 world cup had failed to equal the Pele team of winning the world cup and play beautifully but the team is still remembered than the champion due to the style of the play and the goal that was scored. The team coached by Tele Santana and with the player like Zico, Socrate, Eder, Cereze, Falcao, Junior they had set the world in 1982 by playing the Brazil way samba style. They did not abandon the attacking way of playing even against the Italy team that had knocked team out they had equalized to 2 – 2 and  a draw is enough for them to qualify.A beautiful team that still talked even they had been knocked in 2nd round group stage in 1982.

Achievement : 2nd Round Group Stage in 1982


SPAIN 2008 – 2012

Possession and possession and possession was the style of play from the Spanish team of 2008 until 2012. With this style they had eliminate the perennial underachiever tag from them and become twice the European Cup and World Cup winner. By winning the World Cup 2010 in South Africa they had become the first European Team to win outside of the continent. With the goalkeeper Iker Casilla, Carles Puyol , Gerard Pique, Xavi , Iniesta , Torres , David Villa and other the Spanish team was well balanced from the goalkeeper to they striker and they had passed team to tiredness and to death. In 2010 a good German team was completely outplayed and out possessed in 1 way semifinal , and they had trashed a good Italian Side in 2012 4 – 1 to won the European. They also had become the first team to defend the European Team after wining the World Cup and first team to won 3 major championship .

Achievement : Euro 2008 and Euro 2012 Champion, World Cup Winner in 2010



Hollanf Total Football Team 1974
Hollanf Total Football Team 1974

Total Football a term that made famous by the Netherland in 1974 with the fluid play and changing position and pressing and outrageous offside trap , this team is another team that never won the World Cup but still this team talked more than the champion itself. With Rinus Michel coached the team and with Johan Cyruff as the play maker for team , this team had trashed the Argentinian Team 4 – 0, beating the defending championship Brazil 2 -0 , but fall to the West Germany 2 – 1 after taking the lead in 1st minute in the final without any German player touching the ball. The team that inspired the current Barcelona and Pep Guardiola whom had played under Johan Cyruff in the Barcelona team in 90’s.

Achievement : Runner Up in World Cup 1974



Hungary Team 1954 The Magical Magyar
Hungary Team 1954 The Magical Magyar

The team had trashed England 6-3 in Wembley and 7-1 in Budapest in Hungary. The Hungary in the the 1950,s with player like Ference Puskas , Zoltan Czibor they had shocked the world by inflicting England the biggest defeat in Wembley. In those year England was never had been defeated in Wembley by any team outside the British Isle. In the World Cup 1954 they had contributed to high scoring of that World Cup by beating the West Germany 8 – 3, South Korea 9 -0 , Brazil 4 -2 and the defending champion Uruguay 4 -2 after extra time only to fall on the final by a defeat to West Germany 3 -2 after had taken a 2-0 lead. A team that invented a new style of play that inspired many of the team after that.

Achievement : Runner Up in World Cup 1954



West German Team in 1970's
West German Team in 1970’s

The team that spoil the party in 1950 and 1974 but still a great team . The West German of the 60’s and 70’s with player like the sweeper Franz Beckenbauer , Gerd “De Bomber” Muller , and fomidable goalkeeper Sepp Maier, Uli Hoeness , Paul Breitner this team is cant be defeated easily . This team always comeback to win the game or to make the game to extra time. In 1966 they had taken the England Team to the extra time after equalized from trailing from 2-0 down to 2-2, beating the England Team in 1970 quarter final after trailling from 2 – 0 to winning 3-2 , beating the Netherlands 2-1 after conceding an early goal in the first minute,  and involved in Match of The Century after equalizing with the Italian 1 – 1 and losing 4  -3 after extra time. This also team that had been the first team to won the World Cup after wining the European Cup in 1972. They nearly defended the European Cup in 1976 only to lose to Panenka Penalty in final.

Achievement : Runner Up in 1966, European Cup Winner in 1972 and World Cup 1974.


BRAZIL TEAM 1958,1962 AND 1970

The next team is the team that epitomize samba style of play. The team of Brazil in 1958 , 1962 and 1970 had make the impossible by playing beautiful and won a trophy. This team that had player like Garrincha, Didi , Vava, Mario Zaggalo, and Pele in 1958 team and 1962 team and in 1970 with Pele again at peak, Rivelino, Jairzinho whom had become the first player to score in every game in the World Cup final had scored an average of 2 goal in each game. Only the England team of 1970 they had won 1-0. A great team that make the Brazil football famous and  still talked until now. Many of them had choose the Brazil 1970 as the team of the century but for me the of 58 and 62 also need to be mentioned as they the one whom make the Brazil samba style famous.

Achievement : Winner of the Juliet Rimets(World Cup ) 1958 , 1962 and 1970

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