West Germany in the 60’s , 70’s ,80’s and early 90’s become United German in 90’s until now due to union of the West and East Germany.Am I talking about the history of a country or the geography of it nope. Today we will take about the West Germany football team and why I called them best and most consistent international football team in the world.

They are the most successful team European football team and have the best record in both the World Cup and European Cup. They had won the world cup 4 times in 1954  , 1974, 1990, and 2014 and European Cup 3 times 1972 , 1980 , and in 1996. The 4th World Cup was a history making as they become the first European Team to win in South America and the 3rd European Cup they had won in the nemesis ground in Wembley Stadium.

Their tremendous record had started in the World Cup 1954 where at first they were humiliated 8- 3 by the great Hungary Team in 1950.Their coach Sepp Herbeger were undaunted with all the criticism and had managed to qualify in the final where they met the Hungary team again. The Hungary team had taken a 2 – 0 lead but the German had overcome the lead and won the Juliet Rimes for the first time in 1954 with a scoreline of 3 – 2. The Hungary were a formidable team that had trashed the England team in Wembley 6- 3 and being the first team to beat the England in Wembley , beating the Brazil team 4- 2 in the quarter final, beating the defending champion Uruguay in the semi final with scoreline of 4 – 2 and with Puskas , Zoltan Czibor they are clear favorite to win the cup at that year. The defeat and winning of it had been dubbed “The Miracle of Bern”and they had been a movie in the some name based on the German success.

Since then the West Germany had been consistent performer in the World Cup. In 1958 World Cup they had taken the 4th place and missed a final with the Brazil 1958 due their defeat in the semifinal with Sweden 3- 1. Then in 1962 they had been knocked out in the quarter final by the Yugoslavia team with a scoreline on 1 – 0. They had been a runner up in the 1966 world cup after defeated by the host England 4 -2 in the final. In 1970 they had taken the 3rd place after defeating the Uruguay team 1 – 0. They had become they champion in the home soil in 1974 by defeating the great Holland team that coached by Rinus Michel and captained by Johan Cyruff that played the beautiful “Total Football” in a 2 – 1 scoreline.The only time that the German team had been knocked out in second round was in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. But that is just a small disappointment as they had reached 3 consecutive World Cup final in 1982, 1986 and 1990. In 1990 World Cup they had become they champion for 3rd time by beating the Argentina team of Diego Armando Maradona. After that they had knocked out in quarter final in 1994 and 1998 both by a underdog team in 1994 it was Bulgaria and in 1998 it was Croatia. In 2002 they had become a runner up again after been defeated by the Brazil team and in 2006 and 2010 they had been knocked out in semi final by eventual champion  Italy and Spain respectively. In 2014 they finally had become champion for the 4th time outside of the continent and in the semi final they had humiliated the host Brazil with a scoreline of 7 -1 .

The record in the European Cup started in 1972 where they had become the champion of the Euro for the first time by defeating the Belgium team 3 -1 . In the 1976 they had become the runner up with the now famous Panenka Penalry. This is the only time that the German had been defeated in penalty shootout. In the 1980 they had become the champion but in next Euro 1984 they had been knocked out in group stage and in the 1988 they had been knocked in the semi final by rival Netherland. For the 1992 Euro tournament they had been defeated by Denmark and had become runner up. The next Euro 96 in England they had become the champion for the 3rd time. Again the had been knocked out in group stage in Euro 2000 and in Euro 2004. But the next Euro 2008 and Euro 2012 they had become semi finalist.

The German record is less impressive in the Euro but still managed to win the tournament 3 times the most by a European team. The German football is also the only team that had the women and the men team winning the World Cup. Their record in of the penalty shootout was the most impressive as their had never been defeated in world cup. They had won the penalty shootout in the 1982 world cup against Michel Platini French team , 1986 against Mexico, 1990 against England team and 2006 against the Argentina team. The had competed in the penalty 4 times and won all 4 with the conversation rate of 100%.

The German also does not often change the coach. Sepp Herbeger had been a coach for 28 years with German team and his assistant Helmut Schon had taken over the team in 1964 after Sepp Herbeger retirement. Helmut Schon had managed the team from 1964 untill 1978 and then it had been taken by Jupp Derwall  from 1978 to 1984. Jupp Derwall become the first German coach to be sacked due to dismal performance in 1984 world cup. After Jupp Derwall, Franz Beckenbauer had taken the role from 1984 to 1990. Franz Beckenbauer was the first manager not been promoted from the assistant coach. After Beckenbauer the role had been taken former player again in Berti Vogst. His rein is from from 1990 until 1998  when he had resigned after been knocked out in the quater final by Croatia.Eric Ribbeck was appointed next but resigned after Euro 2000 after been knocked out in the Euro 2000 with only 1 point. Eric Ribbeck was succeed by Rudi Voeller and he had been successful in the world cup where he had managed the team to a runner up in 2002 but failed miserably in Euro 2004 after been knocked out in the first group. Jurgen Klinsman had taken over after Rudi Voller with a new playing style based on his playing day in England he had managed the team to a respectable semi final finish in World Cup 2006 where the team was not given any hope. Many young and talented German player had emerged from this current crop. After Klinsmans had step down the role had been Joachim Loaw (the current German manager) whom had managed the team to be a champion in 2014.

For 58 years, the German had only 9 coach with a low sacking rate that can put the current club and national team in shame. The German had always taken a German as a National Coach and not a foreign coach. With the more young player emerging and with consistent manager with the German operates the success of the German will be guarantee in the future.

No other had a good record in World Cup and their own continental champion like the German. No team had a good penalty shootout conversation rate like the German. No team had winning a game by comeback from behind like the German. The Brazil 1970 maybe the best team of the decade but that just the 1970 team. The German even though had not a had team like the Brazil but their record in World Cup was far better than Brazil in term of the consistent.

Their record in World Cup                              Their Record in Euro

1954 –  Champion                                             1972 – Champion

1958 – 4th place                                                 1976 – Runner Up

1962 – Quarter Final                                             1980 – Champion

1966 – Runner Up                                                1984 – First Round

1970- 3rd Place                                                    1988 – Semi Final

1974 – Champion                                                   1992 – Runner Up

1978 – Second Round                                            1996 – Champion

1982 –  Runner Up                                                  2000 and 2004 – First round

1986 – Runner Up                                                   2008 and 2012 – Semi Final

1990 – Champion

1994 and 1998 – Quarter Final

2002 – Runner Up

2006 and 2010 – Semi Final

2014 –  Champion



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