Pep Guardiola vs Jose Mourinho

How both of them started their career in the early year before become a manager

Jose Mourinho has not been a professional player due to his lack of pace and power. Due to this he had chosen to become a football manager and took extensive studies in the physical aspect of football and sought to redefine the manager role by combining the motivational and physiology aspect of the sports. After completion of studies he had become a coach in hometown local club. When Sir Bobby Robson appointed as a manager of Sporting CP in Lisbon he wanted a interpreter to translate to the Portuguese players and in this position Jose Mourinho was appointed. They have started the friendship from Sporting Lisbon to FC Porto and finally Barcelona. Where at first Mourinho job is an interpreter his attention to details and his tactical awareness impressed Bobby Robson to pick him untill Barcelona. When Louis Van Gaal was appointed as the Barcelona coach he also was impressed with Mourinho tactical knowledge and let him handle the Barcelona B Team on that time on his own . The swagger , direct and arrogant style that associated with him was influenced from Louis Van Gaal.

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Pep Guardiola meanwhile is an established player for Barcelona Dream Team.He was founded by Johan Cyruff in 1990 after he had asked the youth coach at that time in Barcelona Carlos Rexach to move Guardiola to midfield in youth team second half game. In that game Guardiola had adjust to the tactical changes accordingly and become the permanent anchor midfield for Johan Cyruff Dream Team at that time. He had won 3 La Liga Title , 1 UEFA Champion League, 1 Runner Up European Cup medal , Spanish Super Cup and Spanish King Cup. He was a typical Cyruff player at that time where he have the technical, tactical intelligence, superb passing range but lack the power and pace. He later had moved to Serie A side in Italy for Brescia but will not have the some success as with Barcelona until he had retired from football for good.


Managerial Career.

Mourinho had make a name for himself with FC Porto where he had won the UEFA Cup in 2002-2003 season and subsequently won the UEFA Champion League in 2003-2004 season making FC Porto to become first team after Liverpool to make this achievement. After that he had moved to Chelsea where he had made Chelsea as one of the powerhouse in English Premier League dethroning Manchester United at that time. He had won 2 English Premier League title consecutively, the FA Cup, the Community Shield but failed to win the UEFA Champion League with them where his Chelsea team had been knocked out in the semifinal by Liverpool in 2004-2005 season and in 2006-2007 season and in the second round by Barcelona in 2005-2006 season. After he had unceremoniously left Chelsea and joined Inter Milan he had managed Inter Milan to become the first Italian to won a treble of Seria A Title, Italian Cup and UEFA Champion League in 2009-2010 season. During in his Inter Milan time that he meet with Pep Guardiola for the first time 2 games in the group stages and later in the semifinal where his team had knocked out Barcelona and Mourinho had said after his team had lost the second leg 1-0 that this is the most beautiful lost in his career as they had progressed to the final. Later he had moved to Real Madrid where the rivalries between him and Guardiola had reached a boiling point.

treble inter
Mourinho winning the Treble with Inter Milan

For Guardiola he was promoted from Barcelona B to the first team by Joan Laporta in 2008-2009 season. The first thing that he did was to promote the Barcelona B team youngster such Sergio Busquets, Pedro and Jeffren, developing the attacking trio of Thierry Henry, Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’s to become on the deadliest striking partnership in the world at that time, and lastly chased out Ronaldinho , Deco, and Gianluca Zambrotta from the team. He also create a new training regime for Messi that had transformed him to a injury prone to the world best players. With this they had become the first team in single calendar year to win 6 trophies including the treble of La Liga, Spanish Cup, UEFA Champion League and become the first Spanish team to win the treble and add in the Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup all in 2009.

Barcelona Winning the Treble in 2009


In La Liga.

On the first meeting in La Liga Guardiola had humiliated Mourinho’s Real Madrid with 5-1 victory in Nou Camp giving Mourinho the first big loss in his career. Later in Mourinho first season in the later stages they had meet 4 times 2 in UEFA Champion League semi final, 1 in the La Liga matches and another 1 in the final of the Spanish King Cup. Mourinho had only won the Spanish Cup where the balance he had been soundly beaten by Barcelona. In this meeting the rivalries had started where Mourinho had slammed Barcelona winning the UEFA Champion League by cheating in 2008-2009 against Chelsea and also that UEFA and referee helping Barcelona due to the sponsorship of UNICEF for Barcelona. The next boiling point was in 2011-2012 season of Spanish Super Cup where after losing the game Mourinho had poked the eye of Barcelona assistant manager Tito Villanueva and making Gerard Pique slammed Mourinho as “disease for Spanish football” and Spanish media as dubbed the rivalries as “The Disease”. Many of the Barcelona player such Xavi and Iniesta had claimed that Mourinho is making the “Spanish Football Miserable” and the team of Vicente Del Bosque is far better. Mourinho finally had won the La Liga title in the season 2011-2012 by winning the deciding El Classico defeating Barcelona 2-1 in Nou Camp. His team had overthrown Barcelona and scored 121 goal a new record in La Liga for the most goal scored by a team in single season. Guardiola had left from the Barcelona and decided to take a sabbatical while Mourinho will leave Real Madrid in 2012-2013 season.

The Infamous Eye Poking Incidents


For Jose Mourinho is all about balance in the team where his team usually attacks well and defend well too. Where in FC Porto Mourinho prefer the 4-4-2 formation he abandoned the formation and stick with 4-3-3 formation throughout his career.He will not hesitate to park the bus in important matches before he meet Guardiola in La Liga. Since the he had altered his style to more pressing and devastating counter attacks with the pace of Christiano Ronaldo as a focal point in the team. Overall Mourinho will shut down and try to score in the counter attacks .

For Guardiola since he is influenced by Johan Cyruff his style is more of an attacking style. He also added the pressuring method that he had learned from Marcelo Bielsa to his Barcelona team. The results Barcelona will control and dominate the game with possession based football and will pressure quickly when they had lost he ball . For Guardiola he prefer his team to score as many as possible to damage the opponent mentally and physically in a football game. One of this best games was with Real Madrid where he had trashed Real Madrid 6-2 in Bernabue with the attacking trio of Thierry Henry , Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto’s shifting position often and make the Real Madrid defenders bamboozled by their movement and also the way they his team had demolished Manchester United in the final in 2011 were they had beaten them 3-1 and described many as one of the best performance by a team in final. Guardiola favorite formation is 4-3-3 and 3-4-3.His Barcelona was regarded as one the greatest club team in the history.

Premier League next season.

With both of the manager in Manchester as one for the red and one for the blues expect the rivalries will be intense for both of them. Unlike the Spanish media whom labelled the rivalries as ” The Disease ” the English press will absolutely loved the rivalries to make the paper sells. Both of this manager is obsessed with winning and one is more a defensive and one is the advocate of the beautiful game. Overall the rivalries that had reached it boiling point in La Liga will be continued in English Premier League. Simply the had started in Spain and will continue in England starting from next season onward.



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