Sir Alex Ferguson(SAF) had been with Manchester United for 26 years before he had retired in 2013. During this time, he had constantly rebuilding his team by bringing new player, making some player a star, giving a new breath to an old player, and finally bringing a lot of young player. He had created several team that had been part of Manchester United(MU) quest to be the best team in England and also one of the most feared in Europe during that time. We will look at his team in this post and which is the greatest of them.

4.Post Christiano Ronaldo Team from 2010 – 2013 team

After Christiano Ronaldo had departed to Real Madrid for a fee of 80 million, Wayne Rooney was given the task to be the team most important player. And he did in the flying colour with scoring 36 goals in that season including several outstanding headers in 2010. They are on the verge to be the first team to lift 4 consecutive Premier League but unfortunately an ankle injury that he had suffered during the first leg game with Bayern Munich gave a severe blow to the team as they had lost their talismanic player and had a dip of from that lead Chelsea to pimp the title from them on that year. But typical SAF United they bounced back to won the title in 2011 and reached to the UEFA Champion League final. But they are unable to won the trophy as they were beaten by Guardiola’s Barcelona in final with 3-1 score line and in 2012 they had lost the title to Manchester City with goal difference even at one stage they had lead them with an 8 point margin. SAF decided to add Van Persie in his team in 2013 and MU had romped to the title in that year that had been SAF final year in charge of MU. They are unable to emulate their run in 2011 UEFA Champion League has they had been beaten by Real Madrid in the second round. This had been chosen because this is the team that completely overhaul Liverpool title record but this team had soft midfield that can ruthless exposed by a superior team like Barcelona did in the 2011 final.

rooney and persie.jpg
Wayne Rooney on the right and Van Persie on the left had helped Mu to overhaul Liverpool title record

The King of MU Eric Cantona from 1993-1997 team

With purchase of Eric Cantona from Leeds United in 1993, he had been the missing link in team that finally had won the title in 1993 after 26 years as the last time they had won the title is in 1967. With their first league success, SAF had created a mini dynasty in the early 90’s with Cantona in the team. Adding with player like Steve Bruce, Gary Pallister, Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Peter Schemeichel, Dennis Irwin and Paul Ince , this team have strong mental character, dynamic in midfield and had flair in them . In 1994 this team had successfully defended the league title and won the FA Cup to become only the sixth team to won the domestic double. Things that not gone well in 1994-1995 season as Eric Cantona was suspended for 8 months due to kungfu kick to Crystal Palace fans and the team momentum had suffered as they had lost the title to Blackburn Rovers. The next season with Cantona coming back from the ban and with the addition of Fergie Fledging of David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Gary and Phillip Neville and Nicky Butt they had overhauled Newcastle United 13 point lead to won the title and winning the FA Cup by defeating Liverpool 1-0 in final with Eric Cantona scoring the winning goal to become the first team to won the double twice. In 1996-1997 they had successfully defended the title and had been in the semi-final in UEFA Champion League since 1969 but were defeated by Borussia Dortmund and the sad part of it Eric Cantona had decided to retire from the game in age of 28. This team had dominated the domestic but not in continental game.

The man that had been catalyst for MU mini dynasty in the early 90’s

The Treble Winner 1999 untill 2000  team

With the arrival of Arsene Wenger in 1997-1998 season that had transformed the Arsenal team from a boring defensive team to entertaining team that taken the title in that season, SAF had decided to make a changes with a new addition to the team. He added Jaap Stam as the defender and Dwight Yorke as the striking partnership with Andy Cole. This team had make remarkable 33 games unbeaten run to the treble of English Premier, FA Cup and UEFA Champion League. In the Premier League , they had a slow start in the beginning but ended winning the title. With the midfield quartet of Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham and Paul Scholes adding with defensive line up of Jaap Stam, Ronny Johnsen, Gary Neville, and Dennis Irwin with Peter Scheimechel behind team and with striking partnership of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke they had strong mental, never say die attitude and entertaining with the brand of football to the treble. This team had never had it easy in European competition as they were pitted against Barcelona, Bayern Munich in the group stages, need to eliminated Inter Milan in quarter final and one the greatest game in the history of MU, they had beaten the Juventus team in Turin 3-2 to progress to the final. Juventus had never been beaten in home in the European Competition since they last had lost in 1995 group stages against Borrusia Dortmund. In the final against Bayern Munich, Bayern had lead them 1-0. Things looks dull for them as Bayern controlled and look like they are unable to bring the European trophy but the team never say die attitude had prevailed as they had scored 2 goal in 3-minute injury time to won the title and gave a severe blow to Bayern whom until then thought they had won the game.  This team also become the first English team to won the Intercontinental Cup after beating Palmeiras from Brazil in final. They had defended the league title successfully in the following season 1999-2000 with a record of 18-point margin and scoring 97 goals but unable to defend the European Title as they had been knocked out by Real Madrid in the quarter final. This team had everything flair, steel, never say die attitude, and great balance but unfortunately the cavalier attacking style with lead them to treble is the something that led them to unable to defend the title as the Real Madrid had countered their attacking style with great defensive tactic and brilliant counter attack with lead to SAF rethink his tactic in Europe and that led to his greatest team ever.

The treble winner. First English team to do it

The Rise of Christiano Ronaldo as the Best Player 2006 – 2008 team .

With Carlos Quieroz as the assistant manager and bringing the unknown Christiano Ronaldo in 2004 , Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez , SAF had make a tactical innovation with this team. First he had make them play the 4-6-0 formation where they is no fixed centre forward and all the attacker Christiano Ronaldo , Rooney and Carlos Teves keep on shifting position and interchanges. This tactic had led them to won the title back in 2007 after 3 season without a league title as the last time they had won is in 2003 but unable to won the FA Cup as they had been beaten by Chelsea in the final. In the UEFA Champion League , MU had been knocked out by AC Milan with devastating 3-0 win in Milan and this prevented a MU Liverpool final that year. But thing will be different in the following season. First Christiano Ronaldo had become the first midfield for MU to score 42 goals in a single season, and they had successfully defended the title in that season. With Fergie had finally make them to play the patient and counter attacking and abandoned his cavalier style in Europe, MU had won the UEFA Champion League for 3rd time in their history by beating Chelsea in the final. In the following season, SAF had won the league again to equal Liverpool record of 19 win and reached the final of UEFA Champion League to become the first team since AC Milan in 1990 to successfully defended the title but unfortunately they were defeated by Barcelona. This final unlike the 2011 where it was one sided were balanced but MU did not take their chance and Barcelona taken their chances. This team also become the first English to won FIFA Club World Cup in 2009 by beating the Ecuadorian Club LDU Quito in the final. In the continental game they had created a new undefeated record as since their defeat to AC Milan in 2007, they had gone 25 games unbeaten run before their defeat to Barcelona and this team also become the first team in Champion League era whom had gone 2 Champion League season without a defeat. This is the team that had perfected SAF game plan in Europe and had nearly equalled AC Milan 2 consecutive won and become the first one to do in Champion League era. Till today they are the last defending champion to had been in the final in after winning the UEFA Champion League in the previous season.

cr 7 mu.jpg
Christiano Ronaldo rise from a unknown to the one the best player of all time during this time with MU



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