In 27th April 2014, Liverpool is just one win away from winning the title for the first time since 1990 but a Steven Gerrard slip up had led Chelsea to score the first goal and late in the game Chelsea had scored another goal to make the score line 2-0 in Liverpool home ground. That is the nearest Liverpool had come to win the title under their manager at that time Brendan Rodgers. In the following year Liverpool had fall dramatically and with Steven Gerrard had announced his retirement at the end of the season 2014-2015 season, Brendan Rodgers have a difficult time in the 2015-2016 season as Liverpool had fallen and crumbled that had led Brendan Rodgers to lost his job.

stevie g.jpg
Gerrard slip up at the vital moment in the game against Chelsea

His replacement was shockingly being Jurgen Klopp the popular German managers that had taken Borrusia Dortmund to great height when he is in charge winning the Bundesliga, German Cup and also been in the UEFA Champion League 2013 final only to lose to Bayern Munich with a late goal from Arjen Robben to make the score line 2-1. Jurgen Klopp had made an immediate impact in Liverpool and proves his one the best manager in the game for now.

Compare to Brendan Rodgers, Klopp was more animated in the goal celebration and more passionate as he will lift the crowd to support the team and the player absolutely loves him as we can see that each time a goal had been scored the player will go to Klopp to celebrate the goal. In short time he had captures the heart of the player and also the fans. This had proved that his man management was second to none and his presence in the dugout is a big boost for the fans and player.

Due to this, the performance of the Liverpool had improved dramatically and in his first game his “Gigenpressing” method had outrun the Tottenham Hotspur team to a credible 0-0 draw. This game had started a 3 game consecutive draw against Rubin Kazan in UEFA Europa League(UEL) and also against Southampton in Premier League. His first win come against Chelsea where they had won 3-1 that had lifted the spirit of the team and put a great performance that includes trashing Manchester City 4-1 and outrun several team and although he does not have any medal or good league position where they had finished in 8th place considering that Jurgen Klopp had manage the team for just 7 months and without getting his own type of player is commendable.

He is also a manager that speak realistically and never involved in any controversies with the referee and also with the other manager. When Liverpool had make a magnificent run, he was asked by the reporter whether Liverpool can win the title which he had shoot down the reported by saying this is no realistic for now and please don’t ask this question again. For Klopp, his all about his managerial abilities and his player performance in the field that count for him.

In the UEL games Liverpool had shown a great never say die attitude that had missing from them since the departure of Steven Gerrard. In the UEL round of 16, after they had knocked their fiercest rival Manchester United, they had been drawn against Klopp old club Borrusia Dortmund in the quarter final where the first leg in German and Liverpool had drawn to a 1-1 draw. In the second leg, Dortmund had stormed to 3-1 lead and Liverpool need to score 4 goals to progress to the semi-final. This game his reminiscent of the 2005 final where Liverpool need claw back from the jaw defeat to won the cup but this time they is no Steven Gerrard for them.

Liverpool had attacked and putting the pressure to score to the 3 goal that needed for them to though. After making the score line 3-3 , Liverpool player Dejan Lovren had scored the 4th goal in the first minute of the injury time to make the score line 4-3 and making Liverpool to progress to the semi-final where they had been drawn against Villareal.

Lovren rose high to score the 4th goal

In the first leg in Spain they had lost 1-0 but in the second leg in Anfield they had won 3-0 and progressed to the final to earn an automatic qualification to the UEFA Champion League as the UEL cup winner but unfortunately they had lost to Sevilla 3-1. Jurgen Klopp had taken responsibility for the defeat and never blamed anyone for this.

Due to his ability that that transformed the team dramatically for the first time since the departure of Rafa Benitez and the ill-fated Brendan Rodgers team run to the title, Liverpool had a high hope for Klopp in 2016-2017 season that he can bring back Liverpool to their golden era in 70’s and 80’s and winning the title since 1990 after being knocked out from their domestic dominance by Manchester United.

In first non-full season with Liverpool , he had nearly make them to qualify for the UCL if they had won the UEL, making the fans and player love him , revived the never say die attitude Liverpool spirit that had been lost since the departure of their talismanic captain Steven Gerrard, giving a realistic and high hope for the Liverpool, playing the high action pressing called as “Gigenpressing”, never involved in any controversies and only focusing on the performance in the field, being a long term manager and never jump ship often Klopp had definitely make an impact with Liverpool.

With the managerial competition in this season Premier League where they are Jose Mourinho for Manchester United, Pep Guardiola for Manchester City, Antonio Conte for Chelsea, the evergreen Arsene Wenger for Arsenal, Claudio Ranieri underdog Leicester City and Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur it will difficult for Liverpool to win the title again but for Liverpool fans they had a high hope in Klopp and they are trusting him to back where they are belong in the winning way and creating a dynasty. Only time will tell on how successful Klopp can be with Liverpool.



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