If Arsene Wenger had completed the 2016-2017 season then it will 21 years he had been in charge of Arsenal, only 5 years more to equal Sir Alex Ferguson record of 26 years in charge of Manchester United.  Arsene Wenger had been appointed by David Dein the Arsenal Chairman at that time in 1996-1997 season. Arsene Wenger team before he had been in charge for Arsenal is Japanese Club Team Nagoya Grampus Eight for only one season. Arsene Wenger is follower of Total Football of Holland and Ajax Amsterdam that emphasis on playing beautiful and at the sometime wining trophies. He had become a specialist while in charge of Arsenal for 21 years.

wenger 1996.jpg
When he had appointed as the Arsenal manager in 1996

First , Arsene Wenger is a specialist in transforming Arsenal. Before Arsene Wenger come to Arsenal , Arsenal were dubbed as boring Arsenal team under the previous manager George Graham. With the back four of Tony Adam, Nigel Winterburn , Lee Dixon and Martin Keown Arsenal had a strong defence line up that enable them to hold a lead. Arsene being inspired by Total Football change the Arsenal team from a defensive team to attacking team and it had become quickly become the neutral fan favourite team. He also had introduced diet and different type of training to English football when he had arrived. Player like Tony Adam had been perplexed when Arsene asked the team to warm up during taking a meal and that is how different Arsene Wenger training at that time and it had been an revolution for English football generally.

He is also a specialist in transforming a player from unknown to world class player. An example is Thierry Henry transformation from a disappointing player to a world class player. Thierry Henry was purchased by Arsene Wenger when he was in Juventus and having a nightmare in Juventus where he is playing out of position. Wenger transformed him to striker that will drift inside from the left hand side and he had become one of the club legendary player that had scored 174 goals in 254 appearances with them before moving to Barcelona in 2007. Not only him, player like Patrick Viera, Emmanuel Petit, Robin Van Persie, Cesc Febregas, Ashley Cole and many more were relatively raw, promising, and unknown before they had been transformed to a world class player under Wenger.

thierry henry.jpg
Thierry Henry the legendary Arsenal striker

He is also a specialist in getting the skin of other manager or giving back a verbal shot to other manager no matter how big their reputation is. When Arsenal had won the Premier League title in 2001-2002 season by winning the deciding game in Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson was adamant that his team is still the best in England even when Arsenal had won the title which Wenger gave reply saying “everybody thinks that they have the prettiest wife in their house”. The best verbal that he had gave is to Jose Mourinho in 2003-2004 when he had said about Mourinho after he had been labelled a voyeur by Mourinho which Wenger replied saying that “when you get high position to stupid people it will make them more stupid”. And from the season 1998 till 2005 Arsene and Alex Ferguson had been involved in many of the verbal spat that had become legendary and it does make the Arsenal- Manchester United game a must watch game due to this.

wenger vs ferguson.jpg
The legendary Wenger and Ferguson spat between 1998 until 2005

Wenger also is specialist in creating a record. When he had won the double for Arsenal in 1997-1998 season he had become the first foreign manager to do it. He also had the record for the most consecutive wins in the Premier League with 14 wins starting from 19 February 2002 until 24 August 2002. His team also had created a record in European competition. When Arsenal had beaten InterMilan 5-1 in the UEFA Champion League 2003-2004 season, it was biggest win for an English team in the Italian soil. When his team had beaten Real Madrid in the second group stages of 2005-2006 season, it was the first time that an English team had beaten Real Madrid in Bernabeu. In the 2007-2008 season second round when they had beaten AC Milan it also marks the first time that AC Milan been defeated by an English team in San Siro. When Arsenal had reached the final in 2006 , they had created another record where they did not concede goal for 10 games and that includes for the first time a team never conceded a goal in the knockout stages starting from September 2005 until May 2006. Unfortunately, they had lost the final when they have conceded 2 late goals against Barcelona in he the final. The greatest achievement by Arsene Wenger team is when his team had won the title undefeated in 2003-2004 that had been dubbed as “The Invisibles” and also he had broken the long undefeated record of Nottingham Forest where his team had been undefeated for 49 games compare to Forest’s 42 games. The run had ended with a defeat to Manchester United in 2004 – 2005 season.

Title Winning “The Invicible” in 2004.

And the last he had been a specialist in failure. As Jose Mourinho come with this quote it is somehow true on Wenger cases. The undefeated title wins of “The Invisibles” in the 2004 mark the last time Wenger had tasted the Premier League title victory until now. From 2004 until 2016 Arsene Wenger had only won the FA Cup in 2004,2014 and 2015 but he is unable to add the European trophy during this time. His only consolation is that his team never misses the UEFA Champion League during his 20 years in charge by finishing 3rd or 4th place each time. This had been a subject of ridicule from the football fan around the globe.

Arsene Wenger team in the beginning will have mix of technical, skill, and strong character. The team from 1997 until 2004 were all a mixture of this. But his team from 2004 onward does not have some mixture as his previous team and they will be blown away by a more physical team or collapsed in the crucial stages of the season after a flying start. Even now many of Arsenal fans had demanded Wenger to step down due to this. If Arsene Wenger had stepped down, it will be an end of an era for Arsenal as the under him Arsenal created record , played beautifully and win the trophy in a spectacular fashion. With the current manager competition in this season, will Arsene Wenger step down if he is unable to finish 3rd or 4th place in this season. Only time will tell.



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