For Brazil, Argentina and German football team they are always a player that will replace their legendary players. For Brazil after Pele they is Zico, Romario , Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and currently Neymar and for Argentina before Maradona they is Mario Kempas , Daniel Pasarella, Osvaldo Ardiles and after Maradona they is Batistuta aka Batigol, Ariel Ortega and currently Lionel Messi. For German after Beckenbauer , they is Jurgen Klinsmann, Lothar Matthaus, Oliver Kahn, Thomas Mueller and many more. This player ensure that their national team legacy is still intact and never diminished.

But what about for other country whom is not the regular performer in the World Cup. For Peru they are the legendary Teofillo Cubillas and after him they is no more player that came to his level. For Hungary they are Ferenc Puskas and after him they is no other players. How about for our Malaysia football team? During 70’s and 80’s we had one of the most feared and respected team in the Asia where we have a defensive line up of B. Arumugam the goalkeeper, Soh Chin Aun and Santokh Singh the defensive partnership and before we have our own King Of Football Abdul Ghani Minhat whom once had scored 11 goals in our win against Philippines 15-1 and also scored 8 goals in the Malaysian Cup final against Penang.

The defensive line up is one thing but to score the goal is one thing and in this department we have one of our legendary player that graced our football in 70’s and 80’s and our deadly striker name is Mokthar Dahari aka SuperMokh. With SuperMokh in the team Selangor had won 10 Malaysia Cup and his name was cheered by the jubilant crowd during Selangor and our national team glory day. His speed and accuracy was a nightmare for any defender including the international defenders.

Whom can forget the iconic photo when he as the captain of the national team shake hand with the legendary Diego Armando Maradona in the friendly against Boca Juniors in 80’s .While playing with Selangor he had scored 175 goals for them although this is not recognized internationally. With him in the team Malaysian football is the strongest and one of the most feared team in the South East Asia and also Asia during that time as he had helped us to won the Bronze Medal in the Asian game in 1974 and later in 1977 and 1979 winning the goal medal in the South East Asia(SEA) games.


His scoring ability that combined with his speed and accuracy is a nightmare for the international defenders. Currently when any European team come to our country to play a friendly game chances are  we will lose heavily or maybe we will encounter a lost that can be called as “damage limitation” but in 1975 when Arsenal come and play here for friendly SuperMokh had scored 2 goals and the Malaysian team had won against them.

With this performance, he was offered to play with Real Madrid but he declined due to patriotism to Selangor and Malaysian football. His ability was recognized internationally when SuperMokh was named as the Best Asian Striker by World Star Soccer magazine. It does not stop there as his ability was again reflected in friendly against England B team in 1977 where SuperMokh scored a fantastic goal from the half way line beating the England goalkeeper Joe Corrigan to earned Malaysia a 1-1 draw against them. And this had earned him a compliment from Gordon Hill an England international player as Hero Dahari in the Shoot! Magazine.

Selangor had won 10 Malaysian Cup with SuperMokh in the team

And this legendary player had passed away in 1991 due to muscular dystrophy after 3 years suffering from the sick. But his legacy still lived on as many of the places in Malaysia had been named after him like the Mokthar Dahari Community Square in Pandan Indah, Mokhtar Dahari Futsal Court in Putrajaya, Mokthar Dahari National Football Academy in Pahang and also the Mokthar Dahari road where the road is connecting Shah Alam and Puncak Alam . Even Google had celebrated his 61st birthday in 2014.

SuperMokh was one of the striker that had embraced Malaysia football team during its heyday and his skill was so mesmerizing that even international defender was feared of him. He also fearless as shown in his scoring abilities against Arsenal and England B team. He is the supreme Malaysia football striker that had gained international recognition where even Real Madrid had offered him a chance to play with them. If he had chosen to take the offer, only Gods know what achievement he will had in the European football at that time but instead he had chosen to stay with Selangor and contributed to their dominant success in the Malaysian Cup during that time.

Unfortunately, during this time they are no AFC Champion League like now and if the competition had been held maybe SuperMokh will helped the team to gain one of their best performance in the competition as Selangor had many great players at the time. Maybe Selangor will make first achievement in the competition that will lead the nation proud.

Like Peru and Hungary, we are unable to create another legendary striker like SuperMokh and the worst of all our football had been slumped to one of the worst position. This is far cry in the 70’s and 80’s where we have a great team with a great player than even had qualified for 2 Olympic in 1976 and 1980. For now, we do not have any striker that able to gain SuperMokh legendary status domestically and internationally.

For Selangor and Malaysia, SuperMokh had created several countless moments that will be remembered by those whom fortunate enough to witness him in his playing days. He had made them wining important trophies and created a legacy that will remembered with passion by our current football fan especially with our current national team performance that slumped to a new low. SuperMokh will be remember forever.



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