In Italy, they are a famous club and most popular club like Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan that had conquered domestic, European competition and also the Intercontinental Title. In Spain where Real Madrid and Barcelona is the most popular choice as even when the Spanish FA had chosen Real Madrid to represent Spain in UEFA Champion League in 2001-2002 even though that are in 6th place, they are no backlash in Spain. In England, they are Manchester United, Liverpool in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and now they are Chelsea, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and currently Leicester City. For Argentina and Brazil, they are a club like Boca Juniors, River Plate, Estudiantes, Santos, Palmeiras ,Cruzeiro and much more .In German and Scotland they are the evergreen Bayern Munich (German) and Glasgow Ranger and Celtic(Scotland).This club mentioned had gained some legendary status with the players , managers and their winning performance in some big matches.

This is in the foreign country and how about in the domestic our own Malaysian football club and state. Like in Spain, England and Italy they are many football states and clubs in Malaysia like Perak, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Felda FC, Angkatan Tentera Malaysia and much more but the football state that had stood among all of them is Selangor FA. The Selangor football state in our country is equal to Real Madrid in Spain, Juventus in Italy, Manchester United and Liverpool in England as they are the club that had the tradition and also the trophy count to match.

For now, their domestic honour is a record 33 Malaysian Cup, 5 times Malaysian FA Cup winner, and 8 times Malaysian Football Charity Shield winners. Before Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) had won the AFC Cup in 2015, Selangor is the first Malaysian football team to ever reach the final of the Asian football club competition where they had reached the final in 1967 the 1st edition of the Asian Club Competition against Israeli club Hapoel Tel Aviv but unfortunately they had lost the game via a 2-1 scores even when they had taken the lead in 50th minute through Aslim goal. Before JDT had taken the honour in Asian football club competition this is the only time a Malaysian team had reached the final.

Selangor had won this trophy for a record of 33 times.

After Singapore, Selangor is the team that had won the Malaysia Cup 3 consecutive times on 4 separate occasions where they had achieved this feat in 1927,1928,1929, 1961,1962,1963, 1971,1972,1973, 1995,1996 and 1997. Players that had played with Selangor had also like the football club had made an amazing feat with them. Our own King of Football Abdul Ghani Minhat had scored an incredible 8 goal in the 1968 Malaysian Cup final against Penang that had resulted in Selangor winning the final with a scoreline 8-1. Selangor also the first Malaysia football team to achieve the domestic treble of FA Cup, Malaysia Premier League and also Malaysian Cup when they had achieved this feat in 2005.

Even another Selangor player the legendary Super Mokh Mokhtar Dahari had become the only player to win the Malaysia Cup 10 times with some team when he had achieved this feat while playing with Selangor. The core of the national team in where our national team had its golden era most of the player is from Selangor like Mokhtar Dahari, Soh Chin Aun, Santokh Singh, M. Chandran, V. Arumugam, Abdul Ghani Minhat, Shukor , Zainal Abidin Hassan, Azman Adnan, and much more.

Super Mokh in the only player that won the Malaysia Cup 10 times with the some team.

When the Stadium Shah Alam had opened in 1994, it had become the first ever modern stadium in Malaysia with the capacity of 80,372 seats and having the longest free-standing arch in the world and up until now, the stadium didn’t have any maintenance issue or grass issue that had happened with Stadium Bukit Jalil. The stadium is well maintained by the Selangor FA.

Shah Alam Stadium

Selangor fiercest rivalry in domestic football is Singapore where both had many classic games with the players like Fandi Ahmad, R Sundaramoorthy, and much more had played for both teams and involved in this classic fixture. When both of them had been pitted against each other in the final it is a football celebration in Malaysia as all Malaysian football fan will watch the game. They are the first team to compete in the 1st edition of the Malaysia Cup in 1921. Selangor also had a rivalry between their Klang Valley neighbours Kuala Lumpur but in the term of tradition and trophy count the rivalries with Singapore that is the matters most.

They are also many foreign players had played for Selangor like Tony Cotte, Christopher Kwomya, Alistair Edwards, Robert Dun, Mehmet Durakovic, David Mitchell and much more had and won a trophy. Selangor is able to attract talented foreign player as they are the football state that had the tradition, trophy cabinet and also financial powers unlike other football state or club in Malaysia.

tony cotte.jpg
Tony Cotte had player for Selangor . It had ended with some controvesial issue as he had left the club

They had such a reputation as many players will wear the Selangor jersey with pride and honour or at least dream to play with Selangor in the Malaysian football league. The Selangor citizen also had some pride and honour for the football state as they are some ultra-supporter and nostalgic supports who remember how great the Selangor team in the past.

Until now the only team that able to compete with the team in term of tradition and trophy count is Singapore only and except for them, no other Malaysia football team had been able to match their reputation, players, and also the trophy count. The Selangor football state is truly the Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, AC Milan of Malaysian football. The Selangor football state and the Selangor citizen deserved to treat their football states with a respect and pride as they had provided the magnificent players that been the core for Malaysian football, winning trophy after trophy and having one of the best football stadia in Malaysia.

In the future hope, Selangor can win the AFC Champion League one day to enhanced their reputation further in the domestic front.



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