With the end of the football season in the month of May, from June until the end of August, it will the transfer season. The player may be transferred out or transferred in from another club. After this transfer windows, they will be next transfer windows in the month of January. The transfer window season will create some of the best rumors in the world football with some tabloid and media will published the news that this player had been transferred in or transfer out to another club. With the creation of Bosman Ruling, some of the clubs do not want to lose their player without any fee as under the Bosman Ruling the player whom at the end of the contract can move freely to another club. The current example is the move of Zlatan Ibrahimovic from PSG to Manchester United on a free transfer.

Some of the clubs had put a release clause in the player contract to ensure they have a big transfer fee paid to them when their player had moved to another club. For an example, Atletico Madrid had put a release clause of £95m in Antonie Griezmann contract hence any club that wants to buy him must prepare to pay Atletico Madrid above this amount or above to get him. The transfer fee for some of the player had reached a staggering amount year by year.

For English football, the first £1m player is striker Trevor Francis when he had moved from Birmingham City to Nottingham Forest in 1979. While the first £1m player in the world is Diego Maradona when he had moved from Boca Juniors to Barcelona for a fee of £3m. Diego Maradona is also the first player breaking the world record for the transfer fee twice when he had moved to Napoli from Barcelona and Napoli paid £5 million to Barca. In 1990, the world first £10 million transfer had occurred when Jean-Pierre Papin transferred from Marseille to AC Milan.

Barca and Napoli had broken the world record twice in order to buy Maradona

Again, the transfer fee had reached a substantial amount in the later year. First Christian Vieri transferring from Lazio to Inter for £28 million and Hernán Crespo’s transfer from Parma to Lazio with a whopping fee of £30 million and this had put him as the world £30 million players. In the English football, Manchester United had broken the British transfer fee 3 times in the Fergie era when they had bought Ruud Van Nistelrooy from PSV Eindhoven for £19million, purchasing Juan Sebastian Veron from Lazio for a fee of £28.1million and finally when they had bought Rio Ferdinand from Leeds United for a fee of £29million. The current British record too held by Manchester United when they had purchased Paul Pogba from Lazio for a fee of £89million.

However, the real crazy amount come under the leadership of Fiorentino Perez whom want to create a Galacticos and he had broken the world several times to buy the best player for Real Madrid. In his first term from 2001- 2006, he had broken the world record twice. First, he had controversially purchased Luis Figo from Barcelona with a whopping fee of £37 million in 2001 and in the following year he had bought Zinedine Zidane from Juventus for a fee of £46 million. In this second term from 2009 and presently, he again had broken the world record but this time with an amount that was deemed insane in the past. First, he had bought Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for a fee of £80million and next he had bought Gareth Bale from Tottenham Hotspur in 2013 for a fee of £86 million and the current world record for the transfer fee is held by Manchester United when they had bought Paul Pogba from Juventus for a fee of £89 million. Technically, for now, they aren’t a £100 million player yet although in the future it may be a reality.

Zidane with a stunning volley in the UCL final against Bayern Leverkusen

The big club wants to strengthen their squad and will prepare to break the bank to purchase any player that deemed is the right player to the team and some transfer had worked wonder. When Sir Alex Ferguson want to complete the puzzle in his Manchester United to make them a dominant force he had brought Eric Cantona from Leeds United in the mid-transfer window in December 1992 and he had become the main player that had started Manchester United dominance in the Premier League era.

The King of Old Trafford Eric Cantona

Similarly, when Fiorentino Perez had decided to pay some huge fee, it had been repaid when Zidane had scored a stunning volley to make Real Madrid the 9th time European Champion in 2002 that also marks Real Madrid centenary years. Similarly, Christiano Ronaldo had performed a phenomenal performance with Real Madrid when he had helped Real Madrid to become the first team to retain the title in Champion League when they had won this year and individually he had broken several La Liga record and create some new record in the world for his performance.

But not all transfer will end in success. Juan Sebastian Veron was a British transfer record but he can’t replicate his form in Lazio with Manchester United and was sold to Chelsea and another player Angel Di Maria who had cost United £60 million have the similar situation and ended being sold to PSG a year later.

After a high expectation, Di Marid flopped badly with Manchester United

Some transfer can end in a very controversial fashion like Luis Figo when he had the moved to Real Madrid and he was abused extremely and some fans had thrown the now famous pig head in the field at Nou Camp in 2002. And Sol Campbell free transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Arsenal had led him jeered Judas each time he is playing in the White Hart Lane for Arsenal. When Micheal Owen moved to Liverpool on a free transfer to Manchester United it had lead outrage from the Liverpool fans who had requested to remove him from the Liverpool hall of fame.

The transfer in the present will see some staggering amount due to a whooping release clause in the player’s contract and some of the transfer can be successful and some can be a flop. They are some risk for the club when they are paying a high amount for a player especially in the commercialized football world where performance in the field not only to fulfill the trophy cabinet for the team but also the ensure the commercial status of the football team does not fall too.

We will see more news and gossips from the tabloid on which player moving out and moving into other club and when it all ends in August the real test begin for the player to ensure they can justify their price tag. Some player may excel in this and some player may go to a downward spiral. For every Eric Cantona, Christiano Ronaldo, Rio Ferdinand and much more who had been successful they some Angel Di Maria, Juan Sebastian Veron, Radamel Falcao and much more who had flopped in their respected club.

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