On the last Saturday, we had been entertained with Manchester United taking on Liverpool where United had won, and they had become the first team that Liverpool unable to score twice and successfully shutting down Liverpool front three that had Mohammed Salah in the team. In the league, this will be the last meeting as Liverpool were knocked out from the FA Cup. But with the United second round tie against Sevilla where they are expected to successfully win the tie and with this they will be another possibility for their meeting for the first time in the knockout stages of UCL or in the final.

Both are the best English domestically and in Europe as Liverpool has the most European Trophy for an English with 5 European Championship and 3 Uefa Europe League title where United has 3 European Championship, 1 UEFA Europa League and 1 Cup Winners Cup trophy. United in this trophy count had edged Liverpool has United is the first English team to win all the major tournament that is available for club football adding the InterContinental Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup. Liverpool did not manage to win both trophies even during their dominant years in 70’s and 80’s. Both teams managed by the best English manager with Bill Shankly laid the foundation for the Liverpool and Bob Paisley had taken them to new height while United had Sir Matt Busby who had laid the foundation including rebuilding the team from scratch after the Munich Disaster in 1958 and Sir Alex Ferguson had transformed them from a sleeping giant to a most dominant English team in the 90’s and 2000.

Transforming United from a sleeping giant to dominant team in 90’s and 2000
Bob Paisley the manager who had made Liverpool the European champion 3 times

Since UEFA had decided to increase the participant team in their UEFA Champion League in 1999/2000 season, it amazing that both teams had never met in the UCL final or even in the knockout stages. However, this meeting nearly happens 3 times. First time in the 2001/2002 season where Manchester United had knocked Deportivo La Coruna in the quarterfinals but however Liverpool had been knocked out by Bayern Leverkusen in the same stages. If Liverpool had won their tie, then both of this team will meet in the semi-final stages as during these time they are no draw for the semi-final stages like now where the semifinal opponent will be decided in the quarter-final draw itself.

The second time wherein the 2007 semifinal where Liverpool had successfully knocked out Chelsea via penalties but Manchester United had been demolished by AC Milan in the same stages. If Manchester United had won the tie, then 2007 final will be between Liverpool and Manchester United. In the following season again, both team nearly meet in the final where Manchester United had successfully knocked out Barcelona in the semi-final but Liverpool had been knocked out in the same stages by Chelsea and again the final between these 2 team had been denied.

The UEL meeting of both teams in the second-round stage in 2016 is the first meeting between these team in the European stages. However, both teams had never met in the UCL before and if United had successfully knocked out Sevilla then the meeting between both of these team is possible wherein the quarter-final and semi-final they are no some country restriction like in the group’s stages or in the second-round knockout stages.

The first meeting between both teams in a European competition is UEL in 2016

The meeting between these 2 team in the knockout stage either in the quarter-final or in the semi-final will be the match of the season for both sides of the fans. United will like to knockout them from these stages and Liverpool will love to knock United to show that they are still the king of European competition. These matches will be the most watched and most anticipated game across the globe especially in our Asian region as they are huge number loyal fan from both teams.

In the meeting between an English team in the UCL United had a better record as they had never lost against an English opponent in knockout stages or in the final where Liverpool had been knocked out twice by an English team where Nottingham Forest had done it in the 1979 and Chelsea in 2009. United will absolutely love to add Liverpool to this list. Another thing that can be expected is that the atmosphere in the Old Trafford and Anfield will be rocking.

However, Liverpool had a perfect record in the semi-final if the second leg at the Anfield. In 2001 Uefa Cup semi-final against Barcelona, 2005 UCL and 2007 UCL against Chelsea on both occasion Liverpool had successfully knocked out them as the second leg is in Anfield. From here it can be seen that in this situation Liverpool had a great record as the atmosphere in the Anfield will be loud and intimidating for the visiting fans. So United will hope to have great advantages in the first leg if this situation happens in the semi-final stages. However United is far capable to break these perfect records of Liverpool in Anfield with Jose Mourinho tactical brilliance.

Enough of the knockout stages if both teams had somehow managed to successfully eliminate their opponent in the knockout stages and the draw had been set in a way where both teams will meet in the final then it will be the most watched final all time for a UCL final games. Liverpool will love to beat United and add the 6th European title in their trophy cabinet and United will also love to beat Liverpool so that they can say that they had beaten Liverpool in a European cup final and counter they’re ever abusing and proud Liverpool fan where they say they are 5-time European Champion.

Under SAF, these meeting had never happened but the entertaining Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho these meeting may happen in the knockout stages or in the final itself. As a United fan, I hoped this meeting will happen in the knockout stages or in the final and maybe Liverpool fan too will have the same feeling but to this thing happen United must knockout Sevilla and the draw must be set in a way where these meeting may happen.

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