The World Cup is the greatest sporting event in the world and is a celebration for the football fans around the world. They are some nonfootball fan who does not watch the Premier League or UCL but when comes to the World Cup he or she will transform into a soccer fan for that 1 month. Some fans will not hesitate to take a long annual leave, waking up early in the morning, sacrificing their sleep, or going straight to the event as seen in many social media. With the World Cup can be seen on the go with their smartphone, tablets or on the Youtube, the World Cup is a feast for the football fan.

The final of the World Cup will be watched by millions of viewers around the world to witness whom will be the winner of the competition and the World Cup trophy will be lifted by the captain of the respective winner and it will iconic images that will remember forever by the football fan around the world. Lifting the World Cup is the ultimate dream for the players who had dreamed since there had become a professional footballer. The iconic image of the captain lifting the trophy and making him the immortal, legend and to show that he had reached the pinnacle of his career with his country.

The World Cup captain that had lifted the trophy surprisingly does not come from a striker or center forward as most of the captain will be either a defender or midfielder and only twice in the history of the completion that a goalkeeper had become the captain of the team and lifted the trophy. Dino Zoff in 1982 had lifted the trophy and become the oldest player ever to lift the trophy and Iker Casillas in 2010 had become the only goalkeeper to captain the team and lifted the trophy.

For now, Iker Casillas is the last goalkeeper to captained the team to a World Cup victory in 2010

Players that lifted the trophy is Dunga, Café, Lothar Matthaus, Maradona, Carlos Alberto, Franz Beckenbauer, Daniel Passarella, Sir Bobby Moore, Fritz Walter, Didier Deschamps, and Fabio Cannavaro is a playing midfielder and defender respectively. The only time that a center forward will lift the trophy if they had won it in 1974 when Johan Cyruff is the captain of Netherlands and Karl Heinz Rumminige in 1986.

When German had won the trophy in 2014, Phillip Lahm becomes the captain and lifted the trophy and he is playing a right back position. Defender and midfielder and goalkeeper is deemed to be a better in captain as they can show their leadership by organizing the defence, making sure their player is concentrating all the time and they are the defensive line to defending the lead and also to protect the lead hence this is one of the reasons that the captain of the World Cup winning team come mostly from this position.

No 10 is an iconic jersey number that been made famous by one of the legends in the game Pele from Brazil. The player who wears the number 10 is one of kind in term of skills, power, and is the main player or star player of the team. Without him, the team performance will be affected considerably. However, when coming to the captain that had to lift the trophy only 2 of the player had lifted the trophy wearing the number 10 jersey the first one is Diego Maradona in 1986 and Lothar Matthaus in 1990.

Maradona the number 10 that had lifted the trophy in 1986 next to Lothar Matthaus

The captain that had lifted the trophy will become the source of inspiration for the upcoming generation of players. When Fritz Walter led the team to a shocking victory against Hungary in 1954 World Cup final, it had become an inspiration for the war-torn country West Germany and it had been the stepping stone for the German rise as a football power in the world. Since the 1954 World Cup victory, the German had won the cup again in 1974, 1990 and in 2014. The 2014 victory was a history-making as the German become the first European team to win the trophy in South America.

Similarly when the iconic of Bobby Moore lifting the World Cup trophy with the picture of the Wembley behind it had become an inspiration for the next generation of English players but unfortunately unlike the German, no English player had been able to emulate the feat of the Class of 1966 as England had not appeared in the final again since the famous day in 1966. Daniel Passarella when had lifted the trophy in 1978 had become a national symbol for the dictatorship country in Argentina and in 1986 when Maradona had lifted the trophy, he had become a footballing god in Argentina where some of the players who wear his legendary jersey since then had failed to emulate that is including Lionel Messi.

The iconic picture of the Class of 1966 whom had lifted the trophy

Some captain represents the change of style when they had lifted the trophy. When Dunga had lifted the trophy in 1994, it represents the change of attitude in the way Brazil approach the game. They had abandoned the cavalier attacking style that is called as Samba which had given them 3 of the 5 World Cup in 1958, 1962, and in 1970 which is considered as one of the greatest team ever, however, the same style is contributed to the downfall of another Brazilian team that is considered one of the greatest team which does not have won the trophy in 1982. Since the failure of 1982, Brazil had decided to strengthen their defense and putting up more steel player and Dunga is the representative of the style where he is not a flair player but an effective enforcer of the midfield for the 1994 Brazil team. Among all 4 team that is lifted the trophy for Brazil, the 1994 team is not the most revered team in Brazil even though they had brought back the cup after 24 years.

Ferenc Puskas as the captain of the Magical Magyar in 1954 and Johan Cyruff in 1974 failed to emulate Dunga as the captain to lift the trophy but their name and their style of football is talked in the footballing world and both Hungary 1954 and Holland in 1974 with Brazil 1982 is considered a great team that played the beautiful game even though they had not won the cup.

The World Cup final will be watched by billions of people and the iconic image of the captain lifting the trophy will be lived in the memory of the football fan forever. When the captain had lifted the joy, relieve, and sense of fulling his ambition and his dream will be seen in his face while he is lifting the trophy hence the iconic image of Bobby Moore, Maradona, Iker Casillas, Phillip Lahm, Dunga, Dino Zoff, Fabio Cannavaro, Cafu, and other will be lived forever in the memory of the football world and this is one thing that had add to uniqueness, greatness and legendary moments in the footballing world that World Cup tournament gave to us which is one of the reasons on why this is the greatest sporting event year in the world overtaking the Olympic Games.




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