When Messi had been pictured looking so stressful when Argentina playing Croatia in World Cup 2018, it had been deemed as the pressure of the playing for the nation is getting to Messi. Messi with Barcelona looked like someone who enjoyed playing football while Messi with Argentina looked like a forlorn figure who looks like a finding a way out from the pressure. When playing for the nation in grandest stages that is the World Cup, the pressure will at the peak for the player wearing the national jersey and some had been successful like Pele, Maradona, Lothar Matthaus, Fabio Cannavaro, Zinedine Zidane and many more.

The horror of seeing the national team losing will be so tragic that some fans do not forget it. When Uruguay had beaten Brazil in 1950 World Cup where Brazil is the host the shocking of the fans so tragic that some fans still can’t forget, and they had hoped to get the redemption in 2014 when Brazil again chosen to be the host. However, with the loss of Thiago Silva and Neymar, the Brazilian player who had been successful with their club had lost their shape in the semi-final against Germany and was beaten 7-1. Brazilian looked like they had crumbled severely under the pressure added with their loss of the star player, had broken down with tears. David Luiz tearful interview who apologizing to the fan is reflecting on the pressure for playing for the nation and this is one of the reasons why some player unable to perform well in the national shirt.

David Luiz had been heartbroken with the defeat against German in the semi-final

For England player and manager, the media is the source of pressure for them. The manager of England will be criticized harshly and sometime illogically when he had made any mistakes. Bobby Robson had been deemed as a traitor for the nation in 1990 World Cup when he is managing England, Sven Goran Eriksson had been deemed as a failure, Graham Taylor had been ridiculed when England had failed to qualify in 1994, David Beckham was murdered by the press, Sven Goran Eriksson had pleaded with the English media to not killed Wayne Rooney when the media had made him as the reason for England disappointing exit against Portugal in 2006 World Cup. England player and manager will be subject to any intense scrutiny, criticism, and anger from the English media.

Beckham had been targeted by English media

Any player whom wearing the number 10 jersey for Argentina will be subjected to perform heroically and become a demigod. Since Maradona had performed a miracle in making Argentina the champion in 1986 player after him who wearing the number 10 like Ariel Ortega, Juan Roman Riquelme and finally Lionel Messi is expected to win the World Cup, and this had put an enormous pressure on them to perform like Maradona. Lionel Messi is expected to perform some way as with Barcelona for Argentine else Argentina ever football loving fan will not accept as him as the best and still hold Maradona highly.

The pressure of playing for the nation in the World Cup as seen player like Neymar and Messi unable to replicate their form with the club to the country. The pressure is far intimidating for them if compared playing the club. Messi although had failed to win major honors with Argentina since Maradona, he is the best number 10 that they had as he had dragged them to 4 finals but unfortunately, he does not have some player like in Maradona time and he had failed miserably. The ever-cool Neymar had seen broken down to tear when Brazil had beaten Switzerland in the current World Cup and when Brazil had won the Olympic in 2014 as he is relieved from the pressure momentarily. Still, Neymar has the burden to carry Brazil to become the 6th time World champion.

Brazil also had another problem where their team is expected to win the trophy while playing the samba football. This is one of the reasons why the team of 1994 is no so revered in Brazil as they had abandoned the samba style and become more defensive minded. The last Brazil team that had played samba football is Brazil 1982 and there are much more revered in Brazil although they had not won the cup. When Carlos Alberto Parreira the 1994 Brazil manager had decided to appoint Dunga as the captain who does not epitomize Brazil samba style of play he was criticized but fortunately, he had won the World Cup in 1994.

The pressure of playing for the nation will be so immense that any small mistake from the manager and the player will be remembered forever. Brazilian goalkeeper in 1950 World Cup Moacir Barbosa Nascimentohad described that he had subjected to punishment and scrutiny from the Brazilian fan until his final breath as he had passed away on 7th April 2000 as his mistake that had led to the Uruguay second goal. David Beckham was absolutely crucified by the English media when he had been made as the reason for the England failure in 1998.

Moacir Barbosa Nascimentohad the 1950 Brazillian goalkeeper

In 1954, Sepp Herberger was criticized and ridiculed to the extreme when he had decided to rest his best player in a game against Hungary where Germany had been beaten 8-3. This is still their biggest defeat in the German national football team, however, he had managed to absorb all the pressure and finally achieve the miracle in 1954 when Germany become the champion by beating the ever-fancied Hungary.

Although Maradona is revered as a demi-god but in 1986 when Carlos Bilardo had appointed Maradona as the captain, he was criticized as Argentina still made Maradona the reason for their failure in 1982 when he was sent off for a brutal foul on the Brazilian player. Maradona with the captain armband had performed magnificently and had led Argentina to the 2nd World Cup in 1986. The manager or the player who is under intense pressure can create a wonderful moment in the World Cup. Enzo Bearzot was deemed as insane when he had named Paolo Rossi in the 1982 World Cup squad who had been suspended from the game for 2 years but Rossi had repaid the manager faith by scoring a hattrick which eliminates Brazil and becomes an integral part of Italy triumph in 1982 as he had become the top scorer with 6 goals

Playing under pressure will make some player and manager become a legend or demigod and while some player can be ridiculed or criticized for a lifetime if they had crumbled under the pressure. The pressure will bring out the best of the player and managers and for some player, they will absolutely overwhelm by the pressure and performing badly in the tournament. Unfortunately, a great performance in this 1 the World Cup will make him a legend and a failure will make him the scapegoat. To sum it up, Gonzalo Higuain the Argentinian striker had said that he may score 300 goals but the miss against German in the final is what he is always be remembered for. Maradona was subjected to criticism and anger 1982 but in 1986 he had become the legendary player for Argentina.



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