Historically in the World Cup, the champion of the World Cup does not always be the best team. Hungary was by far a superior team in the World Cup 1954 but they had faltered in the final against West Germany in 1954, Holland had dazzled with the Total Football in 1974 but again they had faltered  in final against West Germany in 1974, Brazil 1982 is the best-attacking team and had mesmerized the world with their brilliant attacking player but faltered against Italy, and Argentina 2006 was the best team in the tournament but their World Cup dream had been stopped by the German  in the quarterfinal . The best team that had won the tournament was Brazil in 1958, 1962, and 1970, Italy in 2006, France in 1998, Brazil in 2002 and the German in 2014. The best team does not always win the trophy and similarly some of the dream matches in the World Cup nearly happened but does not happen and here are some of the matches.

Brazil 1970 vs West Germany 1970 final.

1970 Brazil team
1970 West Germany team

Brazil was awarded as the best national team all time due to their attacking style in this year World Cup. There had trashed their opponent Italy in final with a thumping 4-1 scoreline however if the opponent is West Germany instead of Italy, they may have been a different outcome. Brazil had successfully defeated Uruguay in the semi-final and the will contest the final against the winner of Italy and West Germany. In a crazy extra time where 5 goals had been scored, Italy had defeated West Germany by 4-3 scoreline. If West Germany had avoided defeat, then will meet Brazil and they will have given Brazil a tough time. Brazil will definitely struggle with high efficient German team added with their master striker Gerd Muller. Fortunately for Brazil en route to the final they had not meet any team that had the superb striker like Gerd Muller caliber and they will definitely have struggled to cope against him if they had met them in the final.


Brazil 1982 vs France 1982 final.

1982 Brazil team
1982 France team

Brazil 1982 had been said as the best team that never won the World Cup and so France in 1982. Both teams had a creative midfielder where Brazil had Zico, Socrates, Eder, Falcao while France that their magical quarter of Michel Platini, Jean Tigana, Luis Hernandez and Alain Giresse. Brazil on the final second-round groups stage need only a draw with Italy but due to the attacking nature they had been defeated by Italy and similar for France in 1982 they are on the verge of their first ever final and they are leading 3-1 in the extra time but again due to their attacking nature, their run had been stopped by German whom levelled the scoreline and beat France via penalties. What a final it will be if both teams had been able to overcome their opponents in their respective rounds.


South Korea 2002 vs Turkey 2002 final.

South Korea 2002 team
Turkey in 2002 World Cup

A dream final does not necessarily mean the clash of two superpowers but also can be a clash of the underdog. That final nearly happened in 2002 when South Korea controversially had reached the semi-final in 2002 the first time by an Asian team and Turkey had defied all the expectation and reached the semi-final. In a World Cup full of shock where the favorites had been eliminated earlier were France, Argentina, Italy, and Portugal sent packing earlier in the group stages and second round respectively. The only football superpowers that left is Brazil and German. Brazil had drawn against Turkey while German had drawn against South Korea. Turkey is capable to beat the Brazil team and while South Korea with their ever-loving fan also capable to use the momentum and beat the Germans. But the underdog final does not happen as Brazil had defeated Turkey and German had defeated South Korea and the final had contested between Brazil and Germany their first ever meeting in the World Cup. What will happen if South Korea meet Turkey was the final of 2002? Maybe the first ever World Champion form Asia will be crowned, or Turkey will add another European name in the World Cup after German, Italy, France, and England.


Argentina 2006 vs Italy 2006 semi-final.

Italy in 2006
Argentina in 2006

Since the day of Diego Maradona, the 2006 Argentina under Jose Nestor Pekerman is the most balanced team with Juan Roman Riquelme spearheading the attack. Juan Roman Riquelme is one of the best playmakers that emerged from Argentina post-Maradona and pre-Messi. Italy 2006 meanwhile with the Calciopolli scandal had been effective in these World Cup. With their marshaled by the superb Fabio Cannavaro and guarded by Gianluigi Buffon, their one of the best team in the tournament. Argentina is on the verge of reaching the semi-final before a crazy moment from their Argentina Pekerman who had substituted his playmaker and putting up a defensive shape to contain German. The tactic had been blown away when German had leveled the scoreline and Argentina does not have any attacking threat and they had been defeated via the penalty shootout shot against the king of penalties in the World Cup the Germans. Argentina 2006 vs Italy 2006 with be a great match as the balanced Argentina team will be against the great defensive unit of Italy in 2006.


Brazil 2014 vs Argentina 2014 final.

Argentina in 2014
Brazil in 2014

When 2014 World Cup host is awarded to Brazil, their fans had hoped that this team can redeem the ghost of 1950 where Brazil had spectacularly lost in the final. Argentina had successfully edged past Netherland in the semi-final and Brazil is under huge pressure to reach the final. Their opponent German in the semi-final is a good team to be beaten but Brazil with home support certainly had the momentum to beat German and setting up a meeting with their archrival Argentina in the final. However, the Germans had successfully trashed Brazil with a score of 7-1 and shattered the dream of the Brazilian fan and the player. The ghost of 1950 had been revisited and another nightmare had been added for the Brazilian team in this tournament. The matchup between the South America superpower had been denied.

The best team does not always win the tournament and the dream match to do not always happen in the World Cup as the team whom able to perform and scoring the most goal in that crucial game will able to win the tournament and progress to the next round. This is one of the reasons the dream match between these team is denied.



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