In the marathon league competition and in the knockout competition such as World Cup, European Cup, Copa Libertadores and many other a team that is well balanced in every department and well managed will have a high potential to win the competition. If a team is not well balanced and has a slight weakness in defense, midfield, or the forward sooner or later the team can be found out when they meet a good team. However, they are another element that highly underrated when comes to this type of competition and that is good luck and good fortune.  An element of good luck can be a major factor in deciding the team’s fate in these competitions. The element of luck can work in many ways.

Injuries to the key player.

In the 2014 World Cup semi-final, Brazil were drawn against eventual winner Germany. As a host of that year’s World Cup competition, the player needs to burden the high expectation from the management and fans. Brazil’s football team had won the 5-world cup, but their defeat against Uruguay in 1950 final was still a bad memory for the Brazilian and they are hoping this tournament will relinquish the bad memories of 1950. However, facing a well-balanced Germany, Brazil had lost 2 key players one is Neymar and another one is defender Thiago Silva as both were injured. Brazil’s burdened by the high expectations, losing key players and facing a good German team had crumbled badly losing 7-1. The memories of 1950 had been replaced by the bad performance of the Brazilian team in 2014 with the traumatic heavy loss to German. An injury to the key player can derail the team and giving a great boost to the opponents as they do not need to prepare tactically for the key players.


Bad referee decision.

The VAR had been introduced to eliminate the bad decision from the referee. Any bad decision can turn the game and maybe lead to manager sacking too. Guardiola Barcelona had been hailed as the best football team ever winning 2 UCL titles in the 4 years however their first one in 2009 is a controversy. In the semi-final second led against Chelsea in 2009 at Stamford Bridge Chelsea home stadium, Chelsea defended brilliantly stopping Barcelona forward line of Eto, Messi, and Henry on having a shot on target however their brilliant performance had been overtaken by the bad referee decision by Tom Henning Ovrebo. Ovrebo had made a lot of bad decisions in the game denying 3 penalties chances for Chelsea. Barcelona had managed to score in the last minutes to progress on the away goal and Chelsea was irate as they feel the game had been robbed from them. They were denied a chance to reach their 2nd successive UCL final. If any of the decisions by Ovrebo when in favor of Chelsea, they will reach the final the but unfortunately due to the refereeing mistake they were denied the chance.


Goalkeeping Error.

Goalkeeper the man between the goalpost can save a team if he performed magnificently each time and also can cost the team a point or a place in any game if he had made a significant error. In the 2002 World Cup, Oliver Khan had performed at the superhuman level to make Germany progress to the final however in the crucial stages in the final, Oliver Kahn had made a great error by spilling out a Rivaldo shoot to give Ronaldo a chance to score the opening goal. Before Oliver Khan error, the game was on knife-edge as both teams had defended well and do not give any chances however Oliver Khan error had led German to chase the game and due to this Ronaldo had scored the second goal, making Brazil the winning the final and earning their 5th World Cup trophies. Oliver Khan was shattered after the game as his performance is one of the best goalkeeping performances seen in the World Cup but unfortunately, he becomes the main reason for the German to lost the final.


Forward Missing Chances.

Like the goalkeeper whose error can turn the game in favor of the opponent, a forward who had missed crucial chances also can turn the game in favor of the opponent. In 2002 semi-final second leg where Bayern Leverkusen was drawn against Manchester United, United were hot favorites to win the tie and reaching the final. Sir Alex Ferguson who is the manager of United had been obsessed with the guiding United to the final as it will be held in Hampden Park, Glasgow Fergie hometown. In the first leg, United was drawn 2-2 but still, United is expected to win the tie and reaching the final however their forward a missed numerous chances to put the tie beyond Leverkusen and finally, Fergie obsession were dashed as United had been knocked out. In another similar situation United forward also missed numerous chances in the 1997 UCL semi-final second leg at the Old Trafford against eventual winner Borrusia Dortmund. Forward missing numerous chances can be a crucial thing in a game that works in favor of the opponents.

All these elements can be a crucial factor in deciding the fate of a team in any competition. In the football competition, a stroke of good luck can play such a crucial role as happened to German in the 2014 semi-final. A stroke of good luck for a team in the football competition can create a what-if situation for a long year to come  If Neymar and Thiago Silva were not injured, maybe Brazil will not lose heavily to German and maybe they will have a high chance with the support from the home team , Brazil can win the semi-final and reach the final. The factor of good fortune is an element however the good fortune will be in vain if the opponent is not capable to take their chances. The good fortune can certainly give great confidence for the opponent hence making them performing better than usual in a crucial game.

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