A football bombshell had been thrown by Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, InterMilan and Juventus on Sunday as they had agreed for the deal to established the European Super League a midweek annual competition replacing the UEFA Champion League. Among the football world peripheral, they are a visceral, vehement backlash from everyone, and parallel to that the government of Britain too had their say in stopping this Super League from establishing. However, with the backlash fury from the fans, pundits, sports minster, royalties, and from the football authorities bodies, the 6 English teams with InterMilan,AC Milan,  Juventus, and Atletico Madrid had withdrawn from European Super League. For now, only Real Madrid and Barcelona are firm on their stance for the Super League

Fiorentino Perez is the chairman for the Super League founding members

Some of the football manager and players had expressed their dissatisfaction on these issue as they had been kept in the murk over these issue and disliked the fact they need to answer the question regarding the Super League as they do not plan on these. FIFA and UEFA had provided a stern warning which mentioned that player who involved in the Super League can be prevented from competing in the European tournament and World Cup for their respective national team which can result in a mass exodus and strikes among the player.

They are many reasons why these clubs had come to an agreement which regards to the Super League.

The club can have guaranteed income.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the fans are not allowed in the stadium which results in the loss of gate income for the respected club. By joining the Super League funded by JP Morgan Bank, they will receive a welcome bonus of 300 million Euro which can be useful for the club to cover their losses. Barcelona and Real Madrid had been hard hit by the pandemic as their tv revenue on La Liga are not enormous as for the Premier League clubs.

Competitive games which all team in it.

The competitive element of the league where every big team plays each other will attract more fans to watch the game this is the bedrock for the initiation of the Super League. From the club point of view, the fan will prefer to watch Real Madrid takes on Liverpool every year than Real Madrid takes on the Osasuna.

More options for television income.

With the widespread news of Disney, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming companies want to be part of the television deal, it can provide diversity in the television broadcasting, and also it rumored that they are planning the stream the match in the social media. This will give more revenue from the television as they are more sources who willing to broadcast the game.

Although they are some best of the league the visceral widespread backlashed among the footballing community is pure logical too.

Less Excitement.

By watching each top team player each annually, it will take the excitement and will lead to boredness among the fan. In the UEFA Champion League, these teams may enter the competition annually but the chances of them drawn together each year is less hence these will create excitement and provides some magical moments for the fan when the big team meets each other. The nostalgic memories of Liverpool coming back from 3-0 down to beat AC Milan on penalties is still intact in the memories of the Liverpool fans. This is the nostalgic moment that will be taken away with the super league establishment.

Changes from socialism to elitism

Football is a game of socialism as the big team can be defeated by the small team. In the Premier League, a team that is top of the table can be defeated by a team in the bottom. This is the element that will be taken away if the Super League is established as it is the league of elitism which is will break the fundamental of the football games.

Americanization of football.

By providing a guaranteed entry and guaranteed money for the club’s founding member, will lead to the Americanization of the European games where a team needs to earn their spot. Each qualifying process by FIFA and UEFA is an element of socialism as the team needs to earn their spot in the respective tournament. FIFA does not provide a guaranteed entry for Brazil because they had won the World Cup 5 times and UEFA does not provide the guaranteed entry to Real Madrid even though they had won the competition 13 times. Each club needs to earn their sport.

Eroding the competitive nature of European football.

The European football as their moment. A small team can knock out the big team and the big team can also trash the small team. However, the competitive nature of the game is the one that makes it one of the most-watched sport in the world. By giving a guaranteed entry, income and also preventing relegation for the founding member of the team will erode the competitive nature of the game.

The Death of UEFA Champion League.

West Ham and Leicester City are in the great spot to qualify for the Champion League next season if they can get the point required. This will be great stories as it is similar to Leicester City winning the Premier League. With the inception of the Super League, it will provide death for the nostalgic UEFA Champion League and the smaller team not be able to reap the rewards from the performance in the league.

From the vicious backlash that happens among the football community including the fans, the European Super League must not happen and need to be stopped in any way possible. This transformation of the game from socialism to elitism will break the principal fundamental of those involved in the game. UEFA and FIFA are not sainted either but their competition does provide a competitive nature, provide the opportunity for other teams, eliminate the guaranteed spot for any team, making a team and player legendary, providing a solid foundation for everyone, and this is the thing that will be eroded if the Super League had formed. The Super League is the transparency of the greed for capitalism and the change of status from socialism to elitism must be stopped which happened from the visceral backlashed that the founding member had received.

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