The gaming industry, aided with the popularity of the home console like Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox, had seen many games become very popular among gaming fans, leading to the creation of Social Media channels, gamer reviews, movie-based on the fun, and others. While Sony and Microsoft improved the console with each new release, the gaming experience was significantly enhanced with better graphics and better online gaming experience. One of the popular games among gamers is the football game. Currently, they are two undisputed popular choices among football game lovers; one is  EA Sports FIFA, and the next is KONAMI Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

Currently, they are only two football game that is widely played in the world, PES and FIFA. In the early PES were the better as FIFA is struggling, but now FIFA had been the bestseller. Both of them had become the apex in the video game of football as both have their own set of loyal fans.

When comes to the football games, the are some contradictory opinion on which is the better game PES or FIFA. The early PES games where called Winning Eleven had been a tremendous success for Konami. In the Playstation console and Playstation 2 consoles, PES ruled supreme over FIFA. However, FIFA had upped their ante and managed to knock PES off the title; however, PES is not entirely out of the war and can still provide competition for them. The rivalry had been oscillations as FIFA managed to beat PES in rating, and in some edition, PES managed to beat FIFA on the rating. However, FIFA games have tremendous advantages over PES in one part.

One of the significant advantages of FIFA football games over the PES is the players and competition licenses. EA sports had bought the players and competition license from FIFA in the early ’90s, which had seen the actual club and player name in the world displayed in their game. The famous English Premier League, Spanish LA Liga, Italian Seria A, Bundesliga, and the World Cup have all the real-world club players added with their real-life logo and stadium assimilated in the game. Presently, FIFA also had acquired the license for UEFA Champion League, which had given them a tremendous boost.

FIFA had excelled at these departments, which had been the kryptonite for the Konami  PES. Due to the license, FIFA can display the actual natural environment from the team name, jersey, and stadium. Konami, to their credit still able to keep the competition going even though only have the fake names to the actual club name such as Real Madrid as MD white, although this can be changed with downloading the options file. Konami had lost the Uefa Champion League license to FIFA after kept it for nearly eight years which had become another blow for them.

Konami Sports, to not be left out in these departments, had bought the rights to a football club like Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, Juventus, AC Milan, and others. However, with the UCL right in their hand now, EA sports had added more actual competition in their arsenal. However, they are another part where PES holds the advantages.

EA Sports many have the licensing in favor for them, but PES had managed to compete for a long time as they excelled in gameplay. Most of the reviews for both of these games had highlighted the PES gameplay as their key advantages. In PES, every detail, like the unique player movement and the ball, had been superbly programmed to give the actual gameplay feel for the players.

Even though Konami unable to match FIFA when it comes to licensing, but it can keep the competition and does not vanish, unlike others. Therefore, although FIFA too had excellent gameplay in these parts, Konami had the edge. For these, Konami must be given credit as their still able to compete against all the odds. The licensing issue has been PES kryptonite so far, but the ultimate reason for their survival is the gameplay which can be said to be the best and regularly praised by the critics.

Both FIFA and PES had enjoyed a dual monopoly in football games which create other disadvantages for the gamers. The games are unable to have an all-around experience due to the key advantages of these two games. Many PES players enjoy the excellent gameplay; however, they do not have access to the actual name player, logo, league, stadium, and environment. For the FIFA player, the gameplay may not come up to the level of the PES, but the FIFA gamers can enjoy playing with the actual world player and the league.

Both EA Sports and Konami Sports had, directly and indirectly, had wiped out other football games that existed in the past, like Virtua Soccer and many others, due to the licensing and advantages in the gameplay. Although the gamers may enjoy the gaming experience in the PES and FIFA, they do not have the overall experience. Both games have advantages in particular aspects and lacking in a specific part too.

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