When the transfer window opens in Jun until the end of August and the second transfer season from early January until the end of January, the player transfer in and transfer out will be the hot news among all the news sources. Every communication will have its report on the player’s transfers. The news sources can also have information about players excited to join clubs, and the deal had been agreed, the player had told his friend or family member that he wants to join the club and much other news. However, not every news sources are reliable, and they are some who can make a hogwash of stories to keep the reader following them.

The reliability of the news before it is published on the club official page is the thing that will look upon here. Once only printed media and magazines are the sources. Still, with the proportion growth of the internet, an increase of the social media, digital media, and the Youtube Channel, some news sources can be reliable, and some are not. Although unreliable and exaggerated news is more to attract clickbait, we will see which is the best news source for the transfer matters.

The transfer news is one of the news sources’ news sources whether the printed want, online publication, and social media. The transfer-related can vary from the club are negotiating a deal, and the player agrees on a personal term, the player telling his friends and family that he wants to join the club, clubs holding out for some reason, and more new transfer-related news. The transfer news during the transfer window is sensational news for the media, printed or online. It can be more prominent if the transfer involves the big clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Liverpool, and others.

However, when it comes to news sources for the transfer news, not all can be reliable. They are some news portal which can exaggerate things and also makes some unreliable news too. The transfer news on this portal can be deceiving, and the information is inconsistent, and most of them are false news. Regarding the news sources, they are four tiers where tier 1 is the most reliable and the fourth tiers are untrustworthy. We only see tier 1 and tier 2 as the next tier can’t be considered as it is not trustworthy news.

When comes to Tier 2, they are some famous tabloid news portal like The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Star and many more. This news that falls on this tier is certainly not 100 percent reliable; however, they can have the real news plus their own exaggeration stories. The reason that they are doing this is since they are tabloids, they will try to make some sensational information with regards to the transfer activities to boost their sales.

Although Tier 2 is not reliable, Tier 2 transfer news sources provide some truth in their news. However, as mentioned is more toward exaggerated stories and not real stories. Although tier 2 new portals can notorious bad and deceiving, they are far better than tier 3 and tier 4 news sources that can print a piece of false news regarding the transfer news.

To get the real news on the transfer news, the recommend new sources will be from tier 1. In tier 1, they are Sky Sports, BBC Sports, The Telegraph, and The Athletics. Whatever news that was printed or come out from these tiers is 100 percent and reliable. Another source is Fabrizio Romano on the Here We Go podcast. Football fans will be expected to hear the word Here We Go from him. This word Here We Go will be uttered by Fabrizio Romani when they are a successful transfer happens, especially if it is high profile and involves the big player and clubs

Fabrizio Romano is one of the reliable and trusted transfer news sources. When the netizen had seen the word “Here We Go,” it means that the news is authentic and dependable. Fabrizio Romano had been able to get this kind of trusted reputation as he had much inside knowledge of the football agent and the clubs themselves.

Once the transfer had been completed, and the medical for the players had been successful, the club will publish the intro video for the player and advertise the jersey number that the player will wear for their respected new club. The signification of the number would provide an excellent expectation for the club fans; for example, if Manchester United had signed a player who will wear the club’s iconic number 7 jersey, the fan’s expectations will be high. The number 7 jersey is usually worn by the exceptionally talented player and able to light up the stadium which his performance.

The bombardment of transfer news will be high in digital media and social media from now on. The football fan needs to know which information is reliable to follow during this time, and some sites can provide unreliable news.

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