My name is Rajkumar, and I am an avid Manchester United football club supporter. After nearly three decades of success under the stability of one man, Sir Alex Ferguson, we are in a slump and added more to the misery parallel with our downfall; our fiercest rivals Manchester City and predominantly Liverpool, had been successful and getting all the accolades. We are now in the situation of our rival previously, where they had watched our success; now it is our turn.

Nevertheless, Manchester United will be back as they had down throughout history. They had come back from near bankruptcy, the bombing of Old Trafford, and the unfortunate loss of life in the Munich Disaster in 1958 but come back to become the first English team to win Uefa European Club Competition, domination throughout the decade in the ’90s and ’20s which including winning the treble, first, first English team to win the FIFA Club World Cup and Intercontinental Cup, first English to win the league 3 in a row twice and a lot more. Our rivals had mocked us because they had been hurt by our success in the past but as usual, our history and our spirit will make us come back stronger.

Nevertheless, even though I’m a passionate Manchester United fan but as the creator of the site, I will try to write articles that are unbiased and being fair and distinctive as possible. In football, they are often some exaggerations of some team achievements which I will cover in the Myth Debunked section, stories about the World Cup, players, managers, football tactic and much more.

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