Geoff Hurst 3 goals. Crossed the line or not—West Germany came back and won in the 1970 semifinal. West Germany outplayed England in the old Wembley stadium. Penalty Shootout wins the 1990 World Cup semifinal and Euro 1996 semifinal. German to be the last team to win at the Old Wembley. Referee error cost them equalizing goal. All of this happens in the England vs Germany rivalry.

But for Germany, they hated rivalries, not England. For them is the Netherlands. For England, is it always the German and Argentina. England will have a sense of pride when they beat German, but for Germany, it is just another game; German will always have a tough time against England.

England Moments Of Glory in Wembley (1966 World Cup Final )

The year that England had finally made it to the pinnacle of international football. England had beaten West Germany ( current German team) 4 – 2. When Martin Peters scored in the 78th minute to make the scoreline 2 -1, England thought they had sealed it in normal time. Wolfgang Weber scored an equalizer to make it 2 -2 and make the extra game time. Then two controversial moments in World Cup history, Sir Geoff Hurst had scored 3 rd goals for England and 2nd for him. Still, the ball until now is unknown whether it had crossed the line or not, but the linesman Tofik Bakhramov from the Soviet Union (current Russia) had given a goal. The Germans were furious. Another moment happened when Geoff Hurst scored the 4th England goal and hattrick for him to seal the match. The spectator ran into the field, but the referee did not stop the game and gave the goal. The German is furious about that too.

England Knocked Out in Quarterfinal(1970 World Cup Quarterfinal)

The German was a different proposition from 1970 and on the way to becoming one of the best international teams, with Franz Beckenbauer as the role-defining sweeper and the deadly Gerd Muller. Still, they are trailing England 2- 0 in the first half with a goal from Alan Mullery and Martin Peters. England is intense and a defending champion and the only team that had lost to Brazil with 1 goal and gave Brazil a challenging game. But things changed in the second half when Beckenbauer and Uwe Seller made it 2 – 2 to make it extra time. Sir Alf Ramsey crucially had substituted Sir Bobby Charlton, England’s playmaker, in the second half, which may contribute to England’s collapse in the second half. In the extra time, the legendary striker Gerd Muller scored from close range to send England packing, and they had reached the semifinal and were involved in the Match of the Century with Italy. Gerd Muller scored ten goals in the competition to prove his striking ability.

England Outplayed in the Own Backyard( 1972 European Cup Quarterfinal First Leg)

German en route to the 1972 European Cup winner meets England in the first leg quarter-final in Wembley. A performance so majestic with Franz Beckenbauer as sweeper, Gerd Muller the deadly striker, Uli Hoeness, Gunter Netzer the playmaker England had been wrong-footed, out possessed, outmatched by the brilliance and technique combined with Gerd Muller’s striking ability in their backyard. This was the first time that German had won in England and England’s first defeat in 20 matches in Wembley. The team had been dubbed in England as ” The Wembley Eleven”, and even French publication L’Equipe called it ” Dream Football from the Year 2000″. This also had been dubbed one of the German most nuanced football performances. With this result, German-held England 0 –  0 in the second leg in Germany and qualified for the final tournament when they had won the European Cup for the first time.

Tear Of Gazza ( 1990 World Cup Semi-Final)

England had reached the semifinal in Italy for the first time since 1966 and met the Germans with Franz Beckenbauer as the manager. England with Paul Gascoigne was not expected to be in the semifinal, and the German were favourites with Lothar Matthaus, Jurgen Klinsmann, Andreas Brehme, and Rudi Voller at their peak. The game started well for the German with a deflected goal from Andreas Brehme’s free-kick, but Gary Lineker equalized for England and made it to the extra time again. In the extra time, Paul Gascoigne ( Gazza) was yellow-carded for a foul on the German player Thomas Berthold. Gazza would miss the final if England went to the final, and he couldn’t hide his sadness on the live broadcast and cried. This will be one of the classic moments in the World Cup. England had been dumped from the final to the 3rd and 4th playoff match with Italy as they had lost on penalties to German 4  – 3. The German went through the final and won the World Cup for the 3rd time by beating Diego Maradona Argentina 1- 0. The script will repeat in the 1996 Euro tournament.

German Majestic Brilliance in Penalty Shootout ( 1996 Euro Cup Semi-Final)

1996 European Tournament in Wembley, England, had reached the semifinal of the European Competition for the first time. England had defeated Spain in penalties in the quarter-final. This will be England’s only win in penalties in any major tournament. Unlike the semifinal in 1990, England had started well with Alan Shearer had given them an early lead only to be cancelled out by Germany’s Stefan Kuntz. The game will go to the extra time for the 4th time in the major tournament. Gazza missed a golden opportunity to put England in the final as this extra time is decided by the golden goal rule where whoever scores first will be the winner. Like in 1990, the deadlock could not be broken, and the game went to penalties. With the conversation rate of 100%, where Germany had scored all six penalties, Gareth Southgate had missed the 6th penalty for England and England was out again in the hand of the German. German will win the tournament by defeating the Czech Republic in the final 2 – 1 with a golden goal. The 1990 story had repeated.

Finally, England Won ( Euro 2000 Group Stage)

After nearly three decades, England finally won against Germany in Euro 2000 group stage against one of the weakest German teams. But unfortunately, even with this win, England and German were knocked out of the European Cup on the group stage itself.

Last Blow for England in Wembley ( 2002 World Cup Qualifier)

The Old Wembley will be demolished to make way for the new design. Wembley, the final game fittingly is between England and Germany. Germany, with a goal from Dietmar Hamann, had won the last match in Wembley, and Kevin Keegan, the England manager, had resigned as England manager after this game. He had been replaced with Sven Goran Erickson, England’s first foreign coach.

5 Goals in Munich( 2002 World Cup Qualifier)

With a hattrick from Michael Owen, a goal from Steven Gerrard and Emile Heskey, England had cancelled out an early Germany goal from Carsten Jancker and trashed the German 5 -1 in Munich. This is one of the biggest wins for England against Germany. Both had qualified for the World Cup 2002, where England qualified automatically, and German needed to dump Ukraine in the playoff match. In the final tournament, German became runner-up against Brazil and England had knocked out from the quarter-final and Brazil, who had become the 2002 World Cup winners.

A Referee Blunder ( 2010 World Cup Second Round)

A new German coached by Joachim Loew with a young player swept aside England by a scoreline of 4 – 1. But the game will always be remembered for the referee did not give England the equalizing goal even though the ball had crossed the line by miles, and this led FIFA to implement the goal-line technology in the 2014 World Cup to ensure this would not happen again. This was the only time the game was not played in extra time or penalties and the heaviest defeat England had against German in a major tournament.


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