The Brazilian national football team. One of the main attraction when come to the World Cup. Even some of the football fans whom does not like English Premier League, UEFA Champion League or UEFA European Championship will like to watch the World Cup because of the Brazilian team especially in the Asian region where they are many fanatics Brazilian fans. They have encapsulated the world football with their samba style of football for many decades. Unfortunately, this Brazil team had been given their biggest blow that eclipsed the 1950 World Cup final where Uruguay had silenced Brazilian football team by defeating them in Maracanã stadium to win their 2nd World Cup in the Brazil own backyard by 7-1 trashing with the German team in semi-final of the World Cup 2014 that also held in Brazil. And now even in the Copa America Centenario Brazil had been knocked out in the first round that led to the sacking of the Brazil coach Dunga and a complete revamp of the Brazil Football Association(CBF). Today we will relive the iconic Brazil team that stamp their mark on the beautiful games.

The Brazil team first captured the world with their style of football in the 1958 World Cup that held in Sweden. With the player like Garrincha, Mario Zagallo, Didi, Vava , and one of the best player all the time Pele, the Brazil team had changed their white jersey to the current iconic yellow jersey. With the players playing with a free expression, skilful dribbling, excellent passing and wonderful finishing that shown by Pele in the final, this is the team that first team that had captured the European heart and international football fan with their football style called as samba. The samba style where they will dribble the opponent according to the samba music and playing with joyful this team had captured the first World Cup at that time called as Juliets Rimets trophy for the first time and they have captured it with playing the beautiful football to the absolute best. With this win also they had become the first team to win the Juliets Rimets trophy outside of their continent.

1958 World Cup
The 1958 Brazil team

The 1962 World Cup saw the Brazilian team playing the same samba style but without Pele that had been injured in the second games against Czechoslovakia but the team still win the Juliets Rimets trophy with Garrincha in the imperious from tormenting the defenders from the wings and become the first team after Italy in 1934 and 1938 to won the trophy twice. But Pele still get medal as FIFA had awarded him late in decade. Again their won the neutral with their brilliant samba football.

1962 World Cup team

The 1970 with had been dubbed as the best international football team of the decade in 2000. With Pele at this peak, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Tastoa, Carlos Alberto, Jorginho and many more this team was weak the their defence but superior in their attack. Only England team had been beaten by 1 goal that in the group stages. Other team had been beaten with average 3 goal per game by this team and another record was created as Jairzinho become the first player to score in every single game in the World Cup final game. Pele had created some memorable and classic moments, the chip from middle of field against Czechoslovakia, the dummy run and miss against Uruguay in the semi-final, superb assist to the team mate to score including the Jairzinho goal against England and also the final goal against Italy by Carlos Alberto and the first goal with superb header from a near impossible angle that created the Brazil opening goal. This team had win the Juliets Rimets trophy for the 3rd time and had kept the trophy the permanently becoming the first team to do so.

1970 Team The Greatest International Football Team


After superior performance in the 1970 , come another Brazilian team that led by Tele Santana that had captured of the football fans in 1982 World Cup that held in Spain. This team also been rated as one the best international team even though they had never reached the final. The team of the Zico, Socrates, Eder, Falcao, Junior, and Eder had scored some of the magnificent and near impossible goal like the one Socrates scored against Italy in the second round. This team playing an attacking football with no importance given to the defence side of it. This is better illustrated in the second round against Italy. When Brazil had drew with 2-2, this actually is enough for them to progress to the semi-final but Tele Santana wants Brazil team to win all the games and does not go defending the lead. This had lead the Italian to score 3rd goal that had given them a win against Brazil and knocked out Brazil from the competition. After this loss Zico had said that this “the end of the football” but Tele Santana was not criticized but given a hero welcome as Brazil had lost while playing their samba style of games.

The 1982 Brazil Team


Whether Zico had mean or it just the situation getting better of him, this is the last Brazil team that played with the samba style and attacking style as the team after that did not well received by the Brazilian even they had won the World Cup. The team of 1994 World Cup with Dunga and the striker of Romario and Bebeto does not celebrated as much as the previous team. Even though they had some defence steel in their game to play to emulate the European style unfortunately this team does not capture the Brazil style of play.

The 2002 World Cup had some of the flair play in their ranks such Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu especially Ronaldo whom had become first player since Mario Kempes in 1978 World Cup to score 8 goal in the World Cup to solidify his status as the legend of World Cup. His 2 goals in the final against the German makes Brazil win the 5th World Cup.
The Brazilian team is the only team that have played in all the World Cup starting from 1930 until now and they did not miss any of them. The 2014 team does not come near even to the least celebrated team of 1994 and 2002. The trashing in the hand of the German had eclipsed the Maracanazo that happen in 1950 World Cup final. The image of the crying Brazilian fan is also one of many of the unseen image of the Brazilian fan crying and devastated to see their team been defeated in this fashion.

brazil fans.jpg
A Brazillian devastated with his team loss to German in semifinal.

The Brazil team had always captured the imagination of neutral as they had played with a joyful expression and playing the samba style. Since the 1982 team no other team had captured the imagination of the joyful style as the Brazil is playing with more cautious ala European team. We hope that the Brazil team in 2018 World Cup will be able to restore the pride and capture the imagination of the football fan again. Until then we can relieve of the memories of the Brazil team to show how great and excellent they are in those days.



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