The football club team had created many of the finest team that the world had seen and encapsulated the heart of the football fans, great inspiration for the football managers, and the creation of the great players. When a club football team had assembled a collection of a great player available the result can be spectacular and fantastic if they are playing a the beautiful as per is. Today we will see the best club team that the world had ever seen. Unlike the list of the international football team that you can proceed to see in the where some team does not win any competition but still be remembered as the best team, in this list club team all of them had won trophies and become the first team to achieve a certain feat in the football world.

We will start with the team of the La Grande Inter that had won trophies with the catennacio style of football and become the first team to win trophies via this style. This team will be always associated with the defensive and tactical football of Italy. Under the guidance of Helenio Herrera the team that had Giacinto Fachetti as the full back whom had set a new goal scoring record for a defender as he had scored 10 goals in Serie A 1965/66 season, sweeper Armando Picchi, Luis Suarez, the midfielder Sandro Mazzola and Guiseppe Meazza. After they had won the Serie A title in 1963 and qualify to the European Cup in following season, they had make their mark in the competition with their style of play especially in the final where they had stuffed and defeating the great Real Madrid team in 1964 final by beating them 3-1 and followed by another European Title in 1965 by beating Benfica 1-0. Both of this team is well known for their attacking style of play and Inter had defeated both of them with the defensive style of football. They also had conquered the world after winning the Intercontinental Cup twice in 1964 and 1965 by beating Independiente of Argentina and become the second team after Santos and first European Team to win the Intercontinental Cup twice in a row. Maybe they style of play was not the most liked at that time but many of the team especially the Italian had followed this style since then.

La Grande Inter in 1960’s


The next team is the most successful club team from the Portugal the Benfica team led by the manager Bela Guttman and with the only Portuguese player to ever won the Ballon ‘d Bour Eusebio in the 50’s ,60’s and 70’s. They had become the first Portugal club and first team to won the European Club Championship after 5 years of dominance from Real Madrid. They also become the only Portugal club to ever won 2 consecutive European Club in 1961 and 1962. Both time they had beaten the Spanish biggest team Barcelona in 1961 and Real Madrid 1962. They had dominated the Portuguese League by winning 8 Portugal League, and 3 Portugal Super Cup. Since they had won the European Cup in 1962 they are unable to add European Cup again even though they had reached 5 final since then. They had been beaten in the final by AC Milan in 1963, 1965 by Inter Milan, 1968 by Manchester United, 1988 by PSV Eindhoven and in 1990 by AC Milan again. For Benfica they believed that this is due to Bela Guttman curse as after the 1962 European Cup victory ,he had asked for a pay rise from the Benfica board of director but was refused. Furious he had make a curse that “100 years from now Benfica will never win the European Cup again” and true to his curse Benfica is unable to win again. Maybe if the board had given the rise Bela Guttman curse will never happen and Benfica maybe will add another European Cup but again another what if situation in football.

Benfica in 1960’s


Next team on the list the first English team to had won the European Cup twice. Led by Bob Paisley and with the player like Ray Clemence and the evergreen Kevin Keegan, Bob Paisley’s team had dominated the English League and the European Cup. They also become the first team to lift the UEFA Cup and European Cup in the following season a feat that had been emulated by FC Porto in 2003 and 2004. Under Bob Paisley Liverpool had won the first European Cup in 1977 by beating the German team Borussia Mönchengladbach with a score line of the 3-1 and in 1978 they had defended the trophy by beating Club Brugge of Belgium 1-0. What is remarkable on their second European Cup achievement is the team had been changed by the addition of Kenny Daglish, Graeme Sounes, Alan Hansen, Phil Thompson , and Tommy Smith. Only Phil Neal, Ray Clemence, Ray Kennedy, Jimmy Case, and Terry Mcdermot is the survivor of the previous final. With the personal changes and addition of new player it a show what a great manager Bob Paisley was in maintaining their success in domestic and European Cup. Liverpool unable to become the first English team to won the continental treble as in 1977 FA Cup final they were beaten by Manchester United. They are also unable to add the Intercontinental Cup to their list as in 1977 they were replaced by Borussia Mönchengladbach after Liverpool did not want to participate and in 1978 both Liverpool and Boca Juniors declined to play each other.

liverpool 77.jpg
Liverpool team in 1977 and 1978.Image Credit by GettyImages

Where the first 3 team was more remembered for their manager abilities this team is most remembered for playing the samba football and their success is attributed to one player whom called as “ White Pele “ Zico. After Pele , Zico is the next player whom had the abilities to attract fans in Brazil to watch football. Zico was playing for Flamengo team at that time and this is the next club team in the list. With Zico, Junior the left back whom also can play at right back and also in the midfield that provided the core to the Brazil Team of 1982 that will be remembered for the best team ever for the style of play even though they had never won the World Cup.  The Flamengo team had won the Brazilian Championship in 1980 and beating the Chilean team Cobreale in the Copa Libertadores in 1981 hence qualify them for the Intercontinental Cup. The Intercontinental Cup was played in Japan and was not the two legged tie as for the previous tournament. The opponent is Liverpool whom had beaten Real Madrid to win the European Cup in 1981. Flamengo had make their mark in this tournament with Zico at this peak and had trashed Liverpool 3-0 and become the first Brazil team after Santos to lift the trophy. Subsequently with Zico departure to Udinese in 1984, Flamengo had fallen from the successful period. Still this is the team that played the samba football that Brazilian loved and left their mark in the world football.

Flamengo in 1981

The next team is Manchester United team of 1999 that had become the first English team to win the continental treble of Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champion League. With the manager Sir Alex Ferguson they had achieved this feat by playing the cavalier attacking football and never give up to keep on fighting until the final whistle. With the midfield of David Beckham, Roy Keane as the captain, Paul Scholes, and Ryan Giggs they had formed one of the best midfield in Europe at that time. The defence line starting from goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Jaap Stam, Dennis Irwin, Gary Neville, Ronny Johnsen and the striker partnership of Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole they had marvelled the European Football at that time. They are many moment in this team quest for the treble including the last minute goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup quarter final, the solo run of Ryan Giggs to score the winning goals against Arsenal in semi-final replay, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer score 4 goals after coming from the substitutes bench to trash Nottingham Forest 8-1, the linkup play between Yorke and Cole in Nou Camp against Barcelona , winning against Juventus in Turin after trailing 2-0 to 3-2 with Roy Keane captain performance, 2 goal in 3 minute injury time to seal the UEFA Champion League against Bayern Munich and many more. This team also become the first English team to won the Intercontinental Cup after beating Palmeiras in the final. This team will be remembered as the best of the Ferguson team as they exemplified the Manchester United spirts and style of play.

mu 1999.jpg
Manchester United in 1999


Under the manager whom is the shoe salesman and famously said that “I didn’t know that you need to be horse to be a jockey” when the journalist questioned him as he does not have experience as a player. The Arrigo Sacchi AC Milan in 1987 was the team that break the Italian mentality of defending and instead attacking until the final whistle to score more goals. The team that had the Dutch trio of Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullits and Frank Rijkaards helped by the defence line of France Baresi, Paolo Maldini, Alessandra Costacurta and Marco Tassoti to become one the most feared team in the Europe and in the world at that time. With the outrageous offside trap, attacking style of play, link up play, extreme pressing and no man marking this team is the last team that had won the European Cup twice that is 1989 and 1990 a feat that many team after had been unable to emulate. The highlight of the European Cup campaign when they had beaten the Real Madrid team in semi-final of European Cup 1989 5-0 in San Siro. They also won the Intercontinental Cup twice in 1989 and 1990 to become second Italian team after Inter Milan in 1964 and 1965 to won the trophy twice. This team had inspired many managers in the present in the of their style of play and also to emulate their trophy feat.


ac milan 1989
AC Milan 1989

The next Brazilian club team is the team that had wowed the Europe and the world at that time with the skill full and mesmerizing style of play at that time. The team that had make the Brazilian football famous for the samba style of play after the national team had did it in 1958. The Santos team is the next on the list. The team that had Pele the best player all the time this team had conquered everything in Brazil and in the world. The style of play full of attacking and with the legendary finishing from Pele this team had won the Brazilian Champions 5 consecutive time a feat that still unable to be matched or overcome until today. This team also become the first team in world to win the treble of domestic league, domestic cup and continental cup. They achieved this feat in 1962 when they had won the Brazilian League, the Brazil domestic cup and also the Copa Libertadores. They also become the first team to won the Intercontinental Cup twice after beating Benfica in 1962 and AC Milan in 1963. Pele had become the only player to score hattrick in Intercontinental Cup and he had made the feat when his team had trashed Benfica in Lisbon with a score line 5-2. A team that will be revered in Brazil as one the best Brazil club team.

Santos in 1960’s


The team that had laid the foundation for the Fiorentino Perez present day Galacticos. With the ambitious president Santiago Bernabeu whom had laid the foundation by saying that we must have the best player and win the best trophy in the world this is the team had become inspiration to many player and managers. With the legendary player like Alfredo Di Stefano, Ference Puskas, Gento , Santamaria and many more this is the Real Madrid team of 1950,s. They had played a beautiful football with this player with the icing in the cake when they had given a footballing lesson to Eintracht Frankfurt of German in the 1960 European Cup final by beating them 7-3 in front 100,000 fans watching in Hempden Park that still is the biggest attendance ever in the European Cup final. This victory had completed their 5 consecutive European Cup starting from 1955 until 1960 the feat that still is not matched until now. They also will add another European Cup in 1966 to make 6 times. Until now Real Madrid in the only European club team that had 2 original trophies with team and Ferenc Puskas and Alfredo Di Stefano had become the only players to score hattrick in the final where Puskas had scored 4 goals and Di Stefano had scored 3 goals in the 1960 final. This team also had been given the best club team of the decade by FIFA in year 1999.  This team had laid the foundation to the Real Madrid myth that attract many of the best player and the manager in the past, present and in the future.

real marid 1960.jpg
Real Madrid in 1950’s and 1960’s


Next on the list is another Spanish team that had played possession football and take it to a greater height. Pep Guardiola ‘s Barcelona team from 2008-2012 is one the greatest club team that the world had ever seen in the modern era. With player like Iniesta, Xavi and Lionel Messi they had become the first team to won 6 trophies in a single season. They had achieved the feat in 2009 when they had won the Spanish Primera Liga, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Champion League, UEFA Super Cup , Spanish Super Cup and also the Club World Cup . They had achieved this feat by playing an attacking based possession football that mesmerized the world especially in the final when they had beaten the defending champion Manchester United in 2009 2-0 and also the same year when they had trashed Real Madrid team in Bernabeu with a score line of 6-2. Later in 2011 they added another UEFA Champion League by outplaying, outpossesed and trashed Manchester United again in the final with a score line of 3-1 and this performance had been described as one of the best performance and one sided games in European Club final. They also won the Club World Cup again by trashing Santos 4-0 in the final and wining the Spanish Primera Liga 3 consecutive times from 2009 until 2011.

Pep Guardiola Barcelona


After all the list, the greatest club team ever that graced the world football and become the neutral lovers it is a team from Holland that created the famous football style ever the Total Football. Is the Ajax Amsterdam team in 1970, s is the greatest club team ahead of Barcelona and Real Madrid. With Rinus Michel as the architect and Johan Cyruff as the conductor in the field and with the player Ruud Krool, Johan Neeskens, and many more that provide the core for the Dutch team in 1974 this team is the greatest club football team as they had played football in the way that it should played skill full , joy , relentless attacking and pressing . This team had scored more than 100 goal in 3 Eredivese season as in 1969-1970 season they had scored 100 goals, 1971-72 they had scored 104 and in 1972-73 they had scored 102 goals. This team also become the first European Team and the second team after Santos to win the Continental Treble. They had achieved this feat in 1972 when they had won the Eredivise , Holland Cup and European Cup . They also had won the Intercontinental Cup by beating the Uruguay team Penarol in the final. The also become the first team after Real Madrid to won three consecutive European Cup a feat that started in 1971 when they beat Panaithinakos, 1972 when they beat Inter Milan and 1973 when they beat Juventus. The win against Inter Milan and Juventus had led to the press calling it as the death of catenncio. They also become the first team to keep new European Cup trophy permanently and second after Real Madrid due to their 3 consecutive European Cup win. This team had achieved all this while playing football beautifully. This team had inspired Arsene Wenger, Eric Cantona, Arrigo Sacchi, and Pep Guardiola to emulate where to play attractive football and winning the trophy and also with freedom of football expression and not with tactical limitation.

The Greatest Club Team Ajax Amsterdam in 1970’s


Did I miss any others? What your though on this list. Give me your opinion or feedback in comment below email me via the contact the author form. Thanks readers and hope you enjoy the list and maybe triggers some football memories for you.




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