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The German football team is one of the most feared and respected team in footballing world. They had won the World Cup 4 times in 1954,1974,1990 and 2014 and they also had won European Cup 3 times 1972,1980 and 1996. They also had become the runner up in World Cup 4 times in 1966,1982,1986 and 2002 while in European Cup they had become runner up for 3 times in 1976,1992 and 2008. They are the only European Team that had been consistent in World Cup and also in the European Cup. The German also had been regular featured in  the World Cup since 1950 and also in European Cup since 1972 as that is the first time they had qualified for the European Cup. Since they had been in both of tournament and never missed any of them they had meet several team from the European and also from the South America and today we will see the German team record against this team.

South America


The 5 time winners and the German had only meet twice in World Cup that is in the final of 2002 and in the semi-final of 2014. Before this meeting, they had nearly meet when both of them through to the semi-final in 1958 and 1970 where Brazil had won the game and the German had lost their semi-final against the host Sweden in 1958 and against Italy in 1970 and since then both team had never meet again or close to meet again until they had meet in the 2002 World Cup final. In this first meeting for the World Cup the Brazil had drawn the first blood by winning the trophy by beating the German 2-0 with two goal from the Brazilian legend Ronaldo. The first goal that Ronaldo scored was a disaster for the German goalkeeper Oliver Khan as it was due to his mistake whom unable to catch the shot from Rivaldo and Ronaldo had scored from the rebound. Oliver Kahn perform majestically in the tournament that had earned him the Lev Yashin award in that tournament. Both of them meet again the 2014 semi-final as the German had given a trashing for the Brazilian in their own backyard by beating them 7-1 en route for their victory on the tournament that year. This is the biggest semi-final victory in the World Cup history and with their 4th World Cup trophy in 2014 the German had become the first European Team to win in South America.

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Unlike with Brazil where they had meet only twice the Germans had meet the Argentina 6 times in World Cup final tournaments. In the first meeting that happen in 1958 the German as the defending champion had beaten the Argentine team 3-1 in the group stages and eliminated the Argentina team from the tournament. The next meeting happen in the 1966 World Cup as this time both team drew and through to the next round as the Argentina team had been eliminated by the host England and the German team had become the runner up as they had been defeated by England team in the final that led to England winning their first and only World Cup until now. The next meeting against both of this team come in 1986 World Cup final as Argentina led by Diego Maradona had won against the German for the first time in World Cup and this led Argentina won their second World Cup trophy after their win in 1978 World Cup. The game is an entertaining game as Argentina had lead the German 2-0 only for the German to score 2 goals from the corner kick to make the score line 2-2 and the game needed Maradona magical pass to Burruchaga to make the score line 3-2 and making them the champion. Their next meeting that happen in 1990 World Cup final unlike the 1986 final where it was dull and boring game that needed a penalty from Andreas Brehme to make the German won the World Cup trophy for the 3rd time. This is lowest goal scoring final in the World Cup since 1930. In 2006 World Cup in German both of the team had meet again in the quarter final as Argentina with Jose Nestor Pekerman as a manager and Juan Roman Riquelme as the playmaker perform majestically and control the game and had lead the German 1-0 with a goal from Roberto Ayala but as the manager Pekerman tried to play safe and substituted his playmaker Riqulme. The German had equalized through MIcahel Ballack and won the game in penalties 4-2 and this is the first time that the Argentina team had lost in the penalty shootouts at the World Cup. With Diego Maradona is the manager the two team meet again in 2010 World Cup quarter final only to be beaten by German 4-0. Their next meeting come in 2014 World Cup final as Argentina led by Lionel Messi missed several chance to win the match in the normal time and the game had been to extra time. Mario Gotze had sealed the victory for the German in extra time by scoring the winning goal in the final.

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European Team.


World Cup.

Both of this team had meet 4 times in World Cup final tournament. Their first meeting happen in 1962 World Cup group stages and the result was draw 0-0 and subsequently the Italian were eliminated in the group stages. The next meeting in World Cup 1970 semi-final create a classic that later had been awarded as the “Match of the Century” by FIFA in 1999. Both team had drawn 1-1 in normal time but then the game explodes in 30 minutes of extra time as both team had scored 5 goals and make the score line 4-3 in favour for the Italian whom through to the final only to beaten by 1970 Brazilian team 4-1. The next meeting is for the World Cup trophy in 1982 final as the Italian again had beaten the German 3-1 in the normal time to lift the World Cup for the 3rd time in 1982. In the semi-final of 2006 World Cup final in the German own backyard the Italian score 2 late goal in second half of the extra time to eliminated the German and winning the World Cup again for the 4th time by beating the France team in final. The German had poor record against the Italy team in World Cup as they had never beaten them in World Cup with the record of 3 loses and 1 draw.

dino zoff
Dino Zoff the Italian goalkeeper lifting the World Cup after beating the German 3-1

European Tournament

The German had meet the Italian 4 times in European Tournament. Their first meeting was in 1988 group stage as both team had drew 1-1 and the German drew with them again in the next meeting in 1996 Euro 0-0 en route for the German 3rd European Title. The next meeting happen in 2012 Euro semi-final where the German as the favourite was beaten 2-1 with 2 goals from Italian controversial striker Mario Balottelli. The German had finally broken the Italian jinx as for the first time they had beaten the Italian team in a major tournament in Euro 2016 via penalty shootout 6-5.

Italian forward Mario Balotelli celebrat
Balotelli scoring 2 goal to defaeat the German in semifinal of Euro 2012.Image credit to AFP


World Cup

The German had meet the England 4 times. Their first meeting itself is for the World Cup trophy in 1966 final that held in England. The host England is playing in the final with Germans. The English team were leading 2-1 until the German had scored the equalizing goal deep in injury time to take the game to the extra time. In the extra time the incident that still talked about when Geoff Hurst shot was rebound of the upper post and the Soviet Union linesman had given the goal while the German player still protesting and England player is celebrating the goal. Until now it isn’t conclusive whether the ball had crossed the line or not. While the German is still disturbed with this Geoff Hurst had struck again to make the score 4-2 in favour of England. England had won the one and only major trophy until now and Geoff Hurst had become the only man to score a hat trick in the World Cup final. Next meeting happens in 1970 World Cup quarterfinal as the England is the defending champion and leading the German 2-0. All look well for England to through to the semi-final but German had struck back with scoring 2 goal to take the game to the extra time and Gerd Muller had scored the 3rd goal for the German in the extra time to knockout the English team. A sad ending for one of the best England team ever. The meeting that happen in 1982 World Cup second round group stage was a dull affair as both team had drawn 0 – 0. The next meeting in 1990 World Cup semi-final where the German had shown their proficiency in the penalty shootout and eliminated England en route to their World Cup victory that year. The game remembered to the Paul Gascoigne anguish and crying in the field when he was awarded a yellow card that will suspend him from the final if England through. The next meeting happen in 2010 World Cup second round as the England were trashed 4-1 by the brilliant young German team. Unfortunately, the game brings a good side and a bad side. The bad side is the referee disallowed the England should be second and equalizing goal even when the ball had crossed the line by a miles and the good side this is the game that become the catalyst for the goal line technologies that had been implemented for the first time in 2014 World Cup and subsequent domestic league and major tournaments.

Bobby Moore lifting the trophy after defeating the German 4-2


The first time both of this team had meet in Euro is in the semi-final of Euro 1996 that held in England. England as the host put one the best performance from the England team as they had lead the German via Alan Shearer goals only for the German to equalized via Matthias Sammer. German had held their nerve when the game went in the extra time as England had hit the post and Paul Gascoigne had missed a glorious chance to make the English playing in the final since 1966 World Cup. Unfortunately for them England had missed their chances and losing out to German via penalties 6-5 again like in 1990 World Cup semi-final . The German had proved in this game that they are the superior team in the penalties shootout as the penalty conversation  rate was 100% in this game. When both of this team meet again in next Euro 2000 England had finally defeated the German in a major tournament since 1966 as they had won the game 1-0 in the group stages but unfortunately the win is no avail as both England and German had crashed out from the group stages of this tournament.



World Cup.

The rivalries between both of them is fierce due to the World War 2 incident that caused by the Nazi’s German to the Dutch people. These rivalries and the war stories will always have been used by the media as the selling point and by the players when both of this team meet in any major tournaments. Both of this team had meet for the first time in 1974 World Cup final in German. As the Dutch whom had dazzled the world with their Total Football and the German is the host but in this the Dutch is the favourite to win the trophy and they had started as for their favourite’s tag. In the first minute of the game without any German touching the ball, the Dutch had taken a quick start when Johan Cyruff was fouled by Berti Vogts in the penalty box and the referee had awarded the Dutch penalties which was converted by Johan Neeskes. The Dutch which was over confidence and arrogance toying with the German and want to humiliates them in their own backyard but unfortunately the German had struck back with a penalties from Paul Breitner and the winning goal from Gerd Muller that had lead the German to won the match and lifted the second World Cup trophy since 1954 and also become the first winner of the new World Cup trophy replacing the previous World Cup trophy called as the Juliets Rimets trophy that had been kept permanently by the Brazilian. But the twist of the game is most of footballing world remember Johan Cyruff team and the Total Football that had gave an inspiration to the manager like Arrigo Sacchi , Arsene Wenger, Frank Rijkaard and Pep Guardiola. In this case the loser of the final was more remembered than the winner. Both of this team had meet again in 1978 World Cup second round and this time both team drew to a 2-2 score line. The next meeting happen in 1990 World Cup second round as the Dutch as the reigning European champion stumble in this game as the German had won the game 2-1 . This game was well remembered for the spat between Frank Rijkaard and Rudi Voeller and not for the game as this was a dull and boring game.


In the Euro they had meet 5 times and their first meeting is in the 1980 group stages as the German had won the game 3-2 with a hat trick from German player Aloff en route to their second European title win since 1972. The next meeting is in their own backyard in 1988 Euro that had been held in German. The Netherland coach Rinus Michel had returned the venue where his great Total Football team had lost the final but only this time Rinus Michel will have the last laugh and not despair as in 1974 as his Holland team had defeated the German with a last minute from the on form striker Marco Van Basten and knocking out the German. The Dutch finally had won their first major tournament in the German backyard as Van Basten again scored a memorable goal in final against the Soviet Union team. In the next meeting the Dutch as the defending champion had trounced the German 3-1 in the group stages as the Dutch again under Rinus Michel put a superb performance to defeat the German team. The next meeting that happen in Euro 2004 was the lowest performance from a German football as they drew with the Dutch 1-1 and crashed out again in the first round. Never in history of the German football the team had crashed out from first stage of twice consecutive tournaments. That led to overhaul of German football and this results can be seen in the next meeting between both of this team in Euro 2012 as they had beaten the Dutch 2-1 and taking a part in knocking out the Dutch in the first round.



World Cup.

Their first meeting happen in 1958 World Cup 3rd and 4th place playoff where the France with Just Fointane score 4 goals to hammer the defending champion 6-3. With this goal Just Fointane had become the top scorer with 13 goals and it still a record for most goals scored by an individual in a single tournament. Their next meeting happen in 1982 World Cup semi-final. With the Brazilian team had been knocked out France had become the neutral favourite team due to their attacking style of play with Michel Platini in the heart of it. This game is one of the classic game in the World Cup due to the good side and bad side. The bad side is the referee does not sent off or cautioned the German goalkeeper for the horrendous foul against the France player Patrick Batiston. The good side is the game is pure value for the entertainment as the France had slipped a 3-1 lead in the extra time only for the German to make it 3-3 and winning via penalties. After this win the German had become the tournament most hated team and in the final except for the German fans everyone wants the Italian to win which they did in 1982 final as the Italian had beaten the German 3-1 and lifting their 3rd World Cup trophy since 1938. The next meeting for both of this team is in the 1986 World Cup semi-final that was not as memorable as their meeting in 1982 as the German won comfortable 2-0. The meet again in 2014 World Cup quarter final as the German had won the game thanks to Mat Hummels goal en route to their 4th World Cup trophy in Brazil.

italy vs france.jpg
The foul be the German goalkeeper on the France player


For all classic moments that this team had provided is irony that their first meeting in Euro happen in the current 2016 semi-final as the France for the first time since 1958 had beaten the German team by 2-0 score line with Antoine Griezmann scoring two goals to secure their passage to the final.

So the German had team had a good record against the South America team in World Cup and against the European team in World Cup and European Tournament. The only team that the German had a worst record is the Italian team. Many of the matches between this time had created a classic football moment whether it the bad side or for the good side. The German except for the Italy had a superior against most of the team hence making them one the most feared team in any major tournament since 1954 World Cup and 1972 European Cup.



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