Jogo Bonito is the term that Brazilians used to describe their style of football where it more like a dancing with player dribbling, making an audacious pass, backheel and playing with absolute freedom with no tactical limitation imposed on them. Simply it can be called as Samba Football that gained worldwide attention in the 1958, 1962 and 1970 with Pele Brazilians team and also with the Santos team in 1962. For now, the Brazilian are not playing like the 70’s team and had played with cautious approach and in term they had abandoned their samba style of play. And the last Brazilian team that had played with Jogo Bonito is the 1982 team that led by Tele Santana.

Santos team that gained worldwide with their Jogo Bonito

Tele Santana , the legendary Brazilian coach that had passed away in 2006 due to abdominal infection at the age of 74. His team in 1982 does not win the World Cup trophy but he and his team had remained on the greatest team ever that had graced the World Cup and all due to Tele Santana management that wants his team to play Jogo Bonito in each game in 1982.

Tele Santana does not have any idol but he was inspired by the 1974 Total Football team of Holland and will prefer his player to play in multiple position but at the sometime without any tactical limitation and lead them to express themselves in the field. His prefer his team to lost by playing attacking football than winning ugly or by foul play.

In 1982, Brazil led by Socrates and with player like Zico, Cerezo, Falcao, Junior, Eder, Serginho and many more had dazzled the world in a brilliant display of the Brazilian legendary samba football. The only one is missing is Careca the main centre forward whom had been injured in training prior to the World Cup and was replaced by Serginho but overall this team had all necessary talent in them to emulate the 1970 team Brazilian team by play attacking and winning the World Cup trophy.


Tele Santana team had dazzled and entertained there were though group stages by beating Soviet Union 2-1 , Scotland 4-1 and New Zealand 4-0. They had played magnificently with each of the player scoring goal from every angle possible such as free kick, dummy football, long shot, bicycle kick, lob and chips, trickery, backheel, dribble, attacking full back and header. All the goal was scored with a beautifully individual skill combined with great teamwork.

Tele Santana wants all the individual to play like a team and attacking from the start until the final whistle. In the second group stages they drawn with Argentina and Italy. In the first match against Argentina they had torn apart the defending champion like novice and embarrassed them in the game with all their trickery and skills. They had won the game 4-1. Next Italy and Tele Santana needs only a draw to progress to the semi-final but with poor defensive error and Poalo Rossi hitting a hat trick the team had been knocked out with a lost 3-2 in one of the classic game in the World Cup.

Tele Santana team can go through after Falcao had equalized to 2-2 and Santana can decide to defend their lead but staying strong on his philosophy as he want his team to win all the game , he did not changes his style and kept on attacking the Italian team that can be led to their lost. Although the team had lost, Santana team was still worshipped as one of the finest after the 1970 team and was not crucified as for current 2014 team.

His 1982 team was still talked as one the greatest team ever that never won the World Cup along with Holland 1974 and Hungary 1954. But as Johan Cyruff had said after their lost in 1974 final that the greatest achievement is to get recognition for your style of the play is something that can be said for 1982 team. Santana had coached Brazil again in 1986, but due his playmaker was not on the top form like Zico and Socrate , they had had crashed out in the quarter final against France on penalties.

Santana had created another spectacular team when he had managed Sao Paolo in 1990 with player like Cafu , Leonardo , Zetti and Rai , he had lead them to won the Brazilian Championship in 1991.  and the Copa Libertadores 2 consecutive time in 1992 and 1993. Santana team had become the first Brazilian club in 10 years to lift the Copa Libertadores. And after winning the Cope Libertadores , they had become the first South America team to lift the Toyota Intercontinental Cup twice in a row by beating Johan Cyruff Barcelona team in 1992 final with a scoreline of 2-1 and beating AC Milan 3-2 in 1993 final. He had managed his team to final of Copa Libertadores again in 1994 but were beaten by Velez Sarsfield from Argentina.

Zico after losing the second round in 1982 had said that this is the day football died and it was true as Brazil does not produce some team that playing Jogo Bonito and had adopted the European cautious and defensive approach. Their team that had won the 1994 and in 2002 were not celebrated and revered as Tele Santana team and Pele team.

Tele Santana is the last Brazilian team that had graced the Jogo Bonito that had dazzled the world and the neutral fan in 1982 World Cup. He also considered to be last person that promote romantic football to the Brazilian team and due to this he still revered in Brazil. And the success with Sao Paolo where had again created an entertaining team that spectacularly conquered the South America and the World. His refusal to play a defensive game , foul play and want his team to entertain and express their selves in the field from the first whistle until the final whistle is testament to his philosophy of Jogo Bonito.

Tele Santana although never won the World Cup but had created one of the skillfull team ever for his national team and also had given a Golden Era for the Sao Paolo FC and due to this he is one the best manager that want to win every game but with style that will be remembered forever. Tele Santana is the last manager that promote the Jogo Bonito with Brazil.



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