When Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF) had called it a day in 2012-2013 season, it was the end of his 26 years’ reign in Manchester United and it had ended with his team winning the Premier League and make it Manchester United 20th title overall and it stamped their domestic dominance over Liverpool. He did miss the UEFA Champion League due losing to Real Madrid in the second round. But now since he had retired, who will be his replacement. The first is Jose Mourinho whom will end his Real Madrid career in that season, Pep Guardiola whom in sabbatical leave but had chosen Bayern Munich instead and Carlo Ancelotti whom will manage Real Madrid after Mourinho. But his choice is David Moyes whom had been a disaster and his replacement Louis Van Gaal(LVG) whom can be said less disastrous than David Moyes. With Jose Mourinho as the current Manchester United had raked up 3 win in 3 Premier League games and his time playing positively , we will look at both David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal tenure as Manchester United managers.


David Moyes.

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Moyes appointment as the Manchester United manager come as a shock for the football fans as he does not manage any big club and does not win any trophies. His appointment based on his longevity with Everton and also his performance with Everton. He was nicknamed as the “THE CHOOSEN ONE” as he was appointed based on SAF advise. His appointment did raise some eyebrow due to doubt and sceptics on his ability to manage a big club like Manchester United.

Loius Van Gaal.

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LVG had led Holland to a 3rd place finish in 2014 World Cup

Van Gaal appointment was before the World Cup 2014 and after David Moyes had been sacked with 10 months in charge. Due to his Holland side performance whom had gained the 3rd place his appointment had been cheered with hope for Manchester United due to his reputation and his performance with Holland in the World Cup 2014. He was believed as the right man to steer United back Manchester United to winning way again.


David Moyes.

Adnan Januzaj

Moyes inherited SAF winning team and he still had the player like Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand,Nemanja Vidic, Robin Van Persie , Shinji Kagawa, Michael Carrick, and many more whom had been the key player for the SAF on the previous season. His only addition is last minute purchase of Marroune Fellaini and the January transfer Juan Mata. He tried to get players like Cesc Febrages, Ander Herrera, Gareth Bale and Christiano Ronaldo but failed. He also had made young player like Adnan Januzaj as one of the best player in his tenure.


Marcus Rashford had been the highlights of LVG dismal career in MU

LVG was given a big money to boost his squad and he did with the purchase of Ander Herrera, Angel Di Maria,Luke Shaw,Marcos Rojo,Daley Blind and Radamel Falcao on loan from Monaco. But in his second season he had sold Angel Di Maria to PSG and did not approve the loan for Radamel Falcao in the second season. On the second season,he had purchased Morgan Scherlein, Marrteo Damian, Anthony Martial, Memphis Depay and Sergio Romero.

But on this season also,he had sold crowd favourites player like Javier Hernandez and Robin Van Persia to Bayern Leverkusen and Fenerbahce respectively. In this season young player like Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, Fossue Mensiah, Tyler Blackett, Phill Mcnair and many more had been given debut my LVG and on this it is a positive one from him.

Performance of the Team

Patrice Evra scored a goal in German against Bayern Munich

David Moyes.

Under him, Manchester United had been dismal and was languishing in the 7th place. His team were defeated heavily by Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea with an average 3 goal per defeat with them. His team also had lost too West Bromwich Albion, Everton, Newcastle United, knocked out by Sunderland in League Cup semi-final by penalty shootout and the worst of all the 92 crosses in one game against Fulham where their drew 2-2. In total Manchester United had lost 12 times.

In the UCL, they were defeated 2-0 by Olympiakos in the first leg first round in Greece but overturned the result with 3-0 win at Old Trafford thanks to Robin Van Persie hat trick in the game. His opponent in quarter final is Bayern Munich under Pep Guardiola and the performance in the first leg in Old Trafford were positive as they drew 1-1 and in the second leg they had taken the lead through Patrice Evra but were short-lived as a minute later Bayern Munich had equalized and had ran out 3-1 winner. With this defeat, Manchester United had missed the UCL place for the first time since 1995 and this had led to the sacking of the David Moyes even when he had a 6 year contract.


LVG winning the FA Cup

In the first season, everything was well for LVG as he had achieved the minimum by qualifying to UCL by finishing fourth in the table and with a better performance than Moyes against Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. Still they had lost 8 times.

On the second season, everything had turned to topsy turvy and dismal performance. First United were knocked out from UCL in the group stages and also been knocked out in the second round of UEFA Europa League by their fiercest rival Liverpool. LVG had made some baffling substitution like taking out an attacking player and replaced with a defender when the team need to chase the game. His team had lost 10 times and had only scored 49 goals in the 38 games in Premier League and the worst of all he had played one of the dull football ever seen in the Theatre of Dreams.

The only positive side on his second season, he had won the FA Cup and this is United first trophy since the SAF retirement but unfortunately they had missed the UCL place again and he was sacked after his team had won the FA Cup.


David Moyes was chosen by SAF while LVG was hired by the Glazier family. As David Moyes appointment was a disaster, the Glazier had decided that they will not take SAF advice again in choosing a manager and this had reduced SAF power in the board.

Although LVG had given United their first trophy post SAF era, he too had been sacked and Jose Mourinho had given the job whom had lobbied the job for several years. Unfortunately, his appointment will be earlier as he is available in 2012-2013 season as his Real Madrid contract is going to end but Manchester United did not appoint him and had chosen David Moyes.

If Mourinho had been chosen earlier , Manchester United may not have any of the dismal performance like the had under David Moyes and LVG and they may still be in winning way like SAF era. Maybe the Manchester United manager job were destined to Jose Mourinho as somehow he had the job that he had craved for a long time. Maybe under him United will be back to the winning ways again.



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