In the first articles, we had seen the introduction of Panenka Penalty, the home team losing in a penalty shootout in a major tournament and the German supremacy in the shootout. In this article, we will see how some of the best players missed the penalties and some heroic performance from the goalkeeper to give a success to their team in a shootout. The penalty shootout is one of the best ways to win a game and one of the worst ways to lost a game. The pressure is fully on the penalty taker to execute the penalties but unfortunately, some of the best players who specialized in the set pieces and the key player for the team missed the crucial penalty shootout. The goalkeeper gets the least pressure in this situation as they are not expected to save the penalty but even in this situation they are some keeper who had performed majestically to delivers the crucial win for their team.

The first goalkeeper that had performed this majestic feat is Steaua București Helmuth Duckadam. These feats happen in the 1986 UEFA European Club Championship final where they are up against Barcelona. Starting from 90’s and until now Barcelona had won 5 Champion League but the thing was different in the past as they had been the losing finalist on 1961 final against Benfica even though they had become the first team to knock out the legendary Real Madrid on 50’s. Barcelona is expected to win their first trophies in this final as they are the favorites. Managed by Englishmen Terry Venables and with the players like Bernd Schuster, Pichi Alonso, and Steve Archibald they had the best team and en-route to the final they had knocked out the defending champion Juventus in the quarter-final. But the thing had been different in the final as Steaua București had held for 120 minutes and now it’s time for the shootout. The Romanian Helmuth Duckadam had performed a miracle by saving all 4 Barcelona penalties in the shootout and helped his team to win the European champion. Helmuth Duckadam is the first keeper to save 4 penalties in the shootout a feat that unable to be matched until now. With this win, this is only time that a Romanian club had won the European Cup. Barcelona needs to wait until 1992 to lift their first European Cup.

Helmuth Duckadam ” The Hero of Seville” become the first goalkeeper to save 4 penalties in the shootout.

A similar first time had performed by another goalkeeper and this keeper is Ricardo from Portugal. He had performed this feat in the 2006 World Cup against England. In this game where England is playing with 10 men after Wayne Rooney had been sent off due to horrendous foul on Portuguese Ricardo Carvalho , the game went to a penalty shootout after both teams unable to break the deadlock in the normal and extra time. In the penalty shootout, the goalkeeper had saved 3 penalties first from Frank Lampard , Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher giving Portugal a 3-1 win in a shootout.Portugal had reached their first World Cup semi-final since 1966 and England still unable to win a shootout in the World Cup. This also the last game for the England manager Sven Goran Eriksson. Ricardo becomes the first goalkeeper to save 3 penalties in the World Cup shootout.

Ricardo saving from Jamies Carragher. He becomes the first goalkeeper to save 3 penalties in the shootout.

While in both of this game the goalkeeper had performed heroic, the best players in the world  had missed the penalty in the shootout. This had happened in the 2008 UEFA Champion League final between Manchester United and Chelsea. Manchester United had scored early with Christiano Ronaldo only to be equalized by Frank Lampard in end of the first half. Before Frank Lampard scored the equalizing goal , Manchester United had dominated the first half and might had scored  more than 1 goal. In the second half, things were more balanced as both teams had held their ground. The turning point in the second half extra time when Chelsea player Didier Drogba was sent off due to slapping Manchester United player Nemanja Vidic and Chelsea need to play with 10 men. When comes to the shootout both teams had scored their first 2 penalties. For Manchester United 3rd penalties Christiano Ronaldo who had scored 42 goals is expected to score but the Chelsea goalkeeper had saved the penalties. Chelsea had converted the next 2 penalties and so do Manchester United. For the Chelsea 5th penalty , John Terry had stepped up and if he had successfully converted the penalty then Chelsea will lift their first European Cup but unfortunately, he had slipped at the crucial moment and his penalty kick had hit the post. In the sudden death, Nicolas Anelka penalty had been saved by Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar to give Manchester United their 3rd European trophy after winning it in 1968 and 1999.

Penalty horror as John Terry had slipped and hit the post in the shootout.

A similar thing had happened in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final between France and Brazil. This game had been described by Pele as one of the best game that he had ever seen. In this game both teams are famed for playing an offensive football with France had Michel Platini and Brazil with Socrates and Careca in the team. Brazil had scored first with Careca finishing a beautiful team play goal only to be equalized by Michel Platini. When Zico had come for Muller , he had a chance to seal the game in the normal time when the referee had awarded the penalties for a foul on Brazilian player Branco. Zico had stepped up to take the penalty but his penalty had been saved by French goalkeeper Joel Bats. Both team unable to broke the deadlock in the normal and extra time and came to the dreaded shootout. Brazil great midfielder Socrates is the first to take the penalty but had been saved by Joel Bats and France had gained the upper hand in the shootout until in the 4th penalty taker Michel Platini had missed it. In the last normal shootout, Brazillian defender Julius Cesar had missed the penalties by hitting the post and France player Luis Fernandez had scored the crucial penalty to help France progress to the semi-final.

Platini kissing the ball before taking the penalty in the shootout.

In the 1994 World Cup, final where it will be the first goalless draw final and the first final to be decided on a penalty shootout. It was a game contested between Brazil and Italy and Italian with Franco Baresi spearheading the Italian defense had managed to stop the Brazilian striking duo of Bebeto and Romario to score against them in the normal and extra time. It times for the shootout where the first taker Marcio Santos for Brazil had missed the penalty but so France Baresi for the Italian. The score is level until the 4th penalties where Daniel Massaro from Italy had missed the penalty and the 5th penalties had been successfully converted by Brazilian captain Dunga. Next steps Roberto Baggio who had been instrumental in helping the Italian to reach the final and surely, he can save the Italian again. But things turn horribly wrong when Baggio had ballooned his penalties high and Brazil had won their 4th and 1st World Cup since 1970.

Despair look for Roberto Baggio when he had missed the 5th penalty.

In a penalty shootout, due to the tense situation and nerve juggling moment, some of the best players had missed them and although the goalkeeper is not expected to save the penalties but in 1986 final and 2006 quarter-final both keepers had performed a miracle to help their team. The shootout although is one the worst way to lost a game but it also can provide several dramas and the classic moment that the normal and extra time unable to provide. The shootout will always be the ultimate way to win a game or the worst way to lost a game.



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