In the first part of this article, we had seen on how United had been knocked out by Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid, and Bayern Leverkusen. This is a game where they would had won if they had converted their chances and avoided any defensive mistakes. In this part 2 we will see at some of the game where United could have won but in the end, had been knocked out from the UCL.

The rise of Jose Mourinho

Manchester United vs FC Porto Second Round 2004.

In 2004, Manchester United had been drawn with FC Porto who had been managed by the upcoming manager at the time Jose Mourinho. They are several wars of words between the managers and the players. Jose Mourinho had made his name by going toe to toe with Sir Alex Ferguson and the most famous of all where he had said the Manchester United line up in the press conference. The first leg had been in favor of FC Porto where they had won 2-1 that had led to Gary Neville described the FC Porto play as a coward who going down on slightest of touch. In the second leg, United gained the upper hand when Paul Scholes had scored to make it 1-0 and with this score line United will progress to quarter final but they is a sign of things to come when Paul Scholes second goal had wrongly disallowed by the referee for offside and in the dying minute United goalkeeper Tim Howard had blocked Benni McCarthy free kick but instead of pushing it for a corner kick or to the save area, he only managed to push it in path of Costinha who had scored the crucial goal for FC Porto to enabled them to progress to the quarter-final. Jose Mourinho is so excited and makes a wild celebration that still lives in the memory of the United fans. If Paul Scholes second goal was not wrongly ruled for offside or if Tim Howard had pushed the ball to a safe area, United will have gone through and United may be able to add another European trophy in that year.

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Arjen Robben Super Strike.

Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 2010 Quarter Final.


In the first leg, United had been dominant in Munich and had taken a lead via Nemanja Vidic and nearly increase the lead when Nemanja Vidic header had hit the bar. But a deflected free kick and last minute defensive error had lead Bayern to score 2 goals to make the scoreline 2-1 and denied United their first win in Munich against Bayern Munich. In the second leg at Old Trafford, United had been dominant with Darron Gibson and Nani scored 2 goals to make the scoreline 3-0 and United had been in cruise control but a late goal Ivica Olic gave Bayern a chance. In the second half, United player Rafael had been sent off by the referee and United was pushed to defend their lead. Nani had a missed a glorious chance to make the scoreline safer for United and the missed chance proved costly after Arjen Robben had scored a beautiful volley from Franck Ribery corner to deny United a place in the semi-final. Before the Rafael sending off, United had controlled the game and maybe if Rafael had not been sent off and Nani had taken his chances, United will have progressed to the semi-final but fortunately thing sour for United after a fantastic start in this second leg game.

Arjen Robben superb volley to score the goal that led Bayern Munich to progress to the semi final


Christiano Ronaldo Homecoming.

Manchester United vs Real Madrid 2013 Second Round.

This will be SAF last European game as he had announced his retirement at the end of the season. In this game, United had been excellent in the first leg when Danny Welbeck had scored for United to take led only to be canceled by Christiano Ronaldo brilliant header but United had chances with Van Persia when he had hit the post and his shot had been cleared off the line. In the second leg, United had taken the lead with Sergio Ramos own goal and United had controlled the game superbly and being dominant. Like in the 2010 quarter final, they are a player sent off and this time is Nani and Jose Mourinho sensing an opportunity, unleashed Luka Modric that had been pivotal for Real Madrid in this game. First Modric had scored a superb long-range effort and Christiano Ronaldo had scored the crucial goal but United still have the chance when Wayne Rooney missed the glorious chance to give a United lifeline. Another game where United had been dominant over an opponent but ended up losing the game. Even in the post-match interview, the Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho had famously said that “the best team had lost “.

Nani sending off that had changed the game to Madrid favor

In these 2 parts, we had seen United will have won this game if they had taken their chances, making the right tactical switch, or avoided any defensive error. In the game against Borussia Dortmund, United had wasteful in front of goal, against Real Madrid in 2000 an own goal by Roy Keane change the tie to Madrid favour, a defensive error led to Bayern Leverkusen to score the crucial second goal, referee and goalkeeper mistake led FC Porto to knock them out, player sent off make crucial turn round in the United fortune against Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in 2010 and 2013 respectively.

If in this game, United had been made the right thing the tally of 3 European Cup will have changed and SAF may have equaled Bob Paisley 3 European Cup with some team. The European Cup is a difficult tournament to be won and with the addition of 32 teams with a maximum 5 teams from some country, is more difficult to win it now and any small mistakes or crucial mistake can be punished severely by a team in Europe and that is wat happen to United in this 6 games.



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