Since the UEFA European Club Championship had been rebranded as UEFA Champion League in 1993 ,participant team had been increased from 24 to 32 team with a maximum 4 team from a country and also with the additional place for the UEFA Europa League champion to the UCL starting from 2014-2015 season  where they are now a maximum of 5 teams from some country allowed we had witnessed several mouth-watering final and also some country team final like happen in 2000 where it was an all-Spanish final with Real Madrid vs Valencia, all-Italian final in 2003 with AC Milan vs Juventus, all England in 2008 where Manchester United vs Chelsea and also finally we had an all-German final in 2013 with Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund. We also witnessed the local derby final when Real Madrid competed against Atletico Madrid in 2014 and 2016. They are also several mouths watering epic clash final between the big club where we had witnessed Juventus vs Real Madrid in 1998, Manchester United vs Bayern Munich in 1999, Liverpool vs AC Milan in 2005 and 2007, Juventus vs Barcelona in 2015, Barcelona vs Arsenal in 2006 and much more.

With this today I will like to list the top 10 final that will be a dream final, titanic clash, a final that will be worth a classic and pleasure or satisfaction for the fan of the both team.

Number 10

Leicester City vs any team in the final

How incredible if Leicester City won the UCL.

Leicester City had stunned the world and become a source of inspiration for many smaller team when they had won the English Premier League in 2016. With this, they had qualified for UCL 2016-2017 season and currently they had progressed to the second round where they had been drawn against UEL champion Sevilla. If Leicester City somehow defied the odds again and reached the final and won it in this season UCL, then it will a reminiscent of Brian Clough Nottingham Forest where they had won the UEFA Champion in 1979.It will be another stunning achievement for this team and if they had won the UCL, then it will a complete fairy-tale that even topped their English Premier League 2016 triumph.


Number 9

Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur.


When Arsenal had reached the final of UCL in 2006, it was a historic moment as Arsenal become the first team from London to reach the UCL final. With Tottenham Hotspur under Pochettino had progressed well and if both had been victorious in the knockout stages then the first ever London derby UCL final can happen.


Number 8

AC Milan vs InterMilan.

ac milan vs inter milan.jpg

We had witnessed a local Madrid derby in 2014 and 2016 how about a local Milan derby in UCL final. If both of this team had ever met in the final, then it will be the first ever Milan derby UCL final. Both this team had met in 2003 semi-final and AC Milan had knocked out Inter Milan via away goal rule and that is the only time where the Milan derby had ever happened in the UCL. Both teams are successful in this competition with Inter have 3 trophies and AC Milan with 7 trophies. Currently, both teams are in a slump but if this final ever happen then it will a football spectacle for the Milanese fan from both sides. Best of all if this final happen in their home stadium San Siro.


Number 7

Chelsea vs Real Madrid.

Zidane on the left and Antonio Conte on the right is the former Juventus teammates that had been successful in 90’s under Marcello Lippi

The meeting of 2 former teammates Antonio Conte and Zinedine Zidane if the both is still on the job. Chelsea is on a high now with 13 consecutive wins in the Premier League and will qualify for the next season UCL if they can maintain their form. Zidane had to make wonders with Real Madrid when he had lead Madrid for their 11th Champion League last season. It will be time before both meet in UCL and let’s hope that it will be in the final.


Number 6

Barcelona vs Bayern Munich


Both of this team had never met in the final of UCL. Like the Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich, this also can happen in this season UCL final. Both of this team nearly meet in 2012 final when Bayern Munich was drawn with Real Madrid and Barcelona was drawn against Chelsea but Barcelona had been knocked out by Chelsea and Bayern had successfully won their semi-final game against Real Madrid. Both of this team had been dominant in UCL in past decade and a meeting in the final for both of them will be a superb clash.


Number 5

Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid.


Both is the most successful team in their respective country in term of UCL trophy. Both have earned the right to keep the trophy permanently but both teams had never met in the final of this UCL trophy since it beginning. It nearly happens in 1981 final when Real Madrid was drawn against InterMilan and Bayern Munich had been drawn against Liverpool in the semi-final stages. Real Madrid had won their tie but Bayern had lost their tie when they had been knocked out by Liverpool. With both team is in the superior form currently, maybe this final may happen in this year or the year to come and if this happens then it will be a titanic clash between Germany FC Hollywood and Madrid Galacticos.


Number 4

Manchester United vs Manchester City.

manchester derby.jpg

This will be a clash of first ever Manchester derby in the final regardless of whom in the hot seat. As City with the Sheikh Mansour buying power had become one of the top team in England and United was a club that had tradition and buying power with the Glazier family. This will be a clash between the “Noisy Neighbours” and United will want to prove they are still the best team in Manchester and City will like to prove that they are the top team in Manchester too. It will be better if the current manager is still in the hot seat and then it will a clash between Mourinho and Guardiola in the grandest club competition.


Number 3

Manchester United vs Real Madrid.

Real Madrid vs Manchester United 01.jpg

Both of this team had meet 5 times first in 1957 semi-final where Madrid had won, 1968 semi-final where United had won, 2000 quarter final where Madrid had won the tie, 2003 quarter final where Madrid had won and finally in 2013 second round stages where Madrid had won it but they had not met in the final before. It nearly happens in 2002 when Real Madrid had successfully knocked out Barcelona in the semi-final but United had failed to knock out Bayern Leverkusen in some stages. It will be a dream final where both clubs has a strong tradition of this competition where Madrid had made their legendary status in this competition and United is the first English team to won this competition.


Number 2

Real Madrid vs Barcelona


El Classic final. If this final ever happen, this will an awesome spectacle of football with the clash of 2 of the greatest player in the modern era Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. The only time when both phenomenal players had met in the final is in 2009 UCL final where Ronaldo is with United and Messi had successfully won the trophy in that year. Since then both players had never met in any major final whether for the club and country. This final nearly happen in 2012 but unfortunately, in the semi-final stages, both teams had been knocked by Bayern and Chelsea. In 2013 it nearly happens but similar stories happen again in the semi-final when Barcelona had been knocked out by Bayern Munich and Real Madrid had been knocked out by Borussia Dortmund. With both team have the best player in the modern era in their rank, it will time before this final happen.


Number 1

Manchester United vs Liverpool.

united vs liverpool.jpg

To topped the El Classico final, this will be the grand finale. Both teams had a huge loyal follower around the world and both is 2 of the most successful English team in the European Competition. This final nearly happen in 2007 when Liverpool had successfully knocked out Chelsea but United had been knocked out by AC Milan in the semi-final stages. This final regardless of whom is in charge of the managerial seat will be a most watched final. Manchester United can brag about how they had beaten Liverpool in the UCL and Liverpool fan can also do the something. Since United had taken over Liverpool supremacy in the domestic competition, Liverpool will like to show them that they are still the best in the Europe and United can say for a long year to come that they had beaten Liverpool in the UCL final. It will a hostile final where both sets of supporter will try to boo each other and support passionately for their team. This will be the best dream final in the UCL and with United and Liverpool resurgent under Mourinho and Jurgen Klopp this final can happen in the future.

All this final clash will be superb football spectacle, a classic match and also a historic moment in UCL record. Maybe one day all this final can happen.



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