In the 2006/2007 season, to wrestle the title from the champion Chelsea, Manchester United had made a blistering start when they had beaten Fulham 5-1 in the opening game and in the next game they had beaten Charlton Athletic with a 3-0 score line. A goal difference of +7 in that season. In this season, United also had a breath-taking start by scoring 4 goals in 2 games first against West Ham and then against Swansea and conceded none. With this, Jose Mourinho had equaled United best start to the Premier League since 1907/1908 season where they had scored more than 4 goals in 2 games and this record had stood for 110 years.

Jose Mourinho had equaled United 110 years of best start to league

Apart from the record equalling start, Jose Mourinho United had been rock solid with the addition of Nemanja Matic and the results Paul Pogba had scored in the 2 consecutive games and for the first time in his United career Eric Bailly had been on the score sheet and Lukaku had continued his impressive start and another positive thing Anthony Martial also had scored in the 2-consecutive game.

United may be scored late to make the score line 4-0 in the final minute but they are more than that in this season. They are more clinical and ruthless in front of goal compared to last season. This is an improvement if compared to the last season as the team is fully dependable on Zlatan to score a goal but now in the 2 game, they are more than 1 capable goal scorer this time.

Last season, United problem is not creating chances but finishing them. Mourinho had identified this and had made the team more clinical in this season as for now and more than that he had given a balance to the team with the addition of Nemanja Matic and due to this Pogba had freed to unleash his superb passing skills and his excellent long-range shooting. Pogba could become the midfield powerhouse of United ala Yaya Toure for Manchester City.

Pogba is becoming the midfield powerhouse for these United team

Jose Mourinho team will always make a great start to the season like he did with Chelsea, Internazionale and Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho will always perform spectacularly in the second season for example with Internazionale , Mourinho had created one the best team Italian club team ever seen since the Arrigo Sacchi AC Milan and making them the first Italian team to win the treble. With Real Madrid, he wrestled the title from arguably the best club team of that time Guardiola’s Barcelona by scoring 121 goals in a season a La Liga record.

Come to the game, the first goal was scored by Eric Bailly in during the goal-line scuffle but United had hung in there before scoring 3 goals in quick succession via Lukaku, Pogba, and Martial. The thing will be different if Swansea had scored a goal. United are first in the league table due to high goal difference but the thing can be changed in a split-second in the Premier League.

With this blistering start, a great thing will also be expected by United fan as, since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, they had never won the Premier League and never been in the UEFA Champion League competition after the group stages as his successor David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal had failed miserably.

Although United had made a record-equalling start, they had not been fully tested by other team and the real challenge for United will come when they meet Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and meeting the top team in European competition. However, with this start and team, United will be in buoyant mood.

Another thing that can be said about this United team is that Jose Mourinho had provided a great balance in the defense and attack a signature for his team. This is something that had been failed to be implemented by his predecessor David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal. Mourinho certainly had brought a power back to United and if he continues this way, the fear factor will be back and United will be a formidable force again.

David Moyes(left ) and Van Gaal on the right had been a disaster for United

In the past season post-Ferguson era, United had always been on the low-end of the goal scored statistic but with this United team, it looked they can score more goals than in the past 3 season. The team quite simply balanced and this type of team had been missed since the day of Ferguson. The team looks to be capable to defend well and to attack and finishing off ruthlessly a trademark for all the United great team in the past.

How good this United team will only be known in the upcoming match against the big boys in the Premier League and in the UEFA Champion League. Jose Mourinho already made a record last season when he had become the first United manager to win a title in his first season and in the second season where usually he and his team will be at his best, a great thing will be expected from him. On the evidence with last season and these 2 games, Jose Mourinho is relishing the challenge of managing United and looking like loving every second of it. He is fully determined to make United a force again post Ferguson era and maybe he wants to create something that is missing in his managerial career, creating a dynasty ala United under Ferguson and Liverpool in 70’s and 80’s.

When the Sir Alex Ferguson had retired in 2013, the board overlooked Jose Mourinho and appointed David Moyes but with Jose Mourinho record equalling and achievement, it looks more and more that the United board will regret privately on why they did not appoint him earlier and prevented the disaster created by David Moyes and Louis Van Gaal.  The more success that Mourinho achieved with United the more the United board will regret their decision after Ferguson had retired. As the article, for now, United had been so far so good.

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