When Liverpool and Manchester City had been drawn together in the quarter-final stages, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had a slight dig on Jose Mourinho that it will be an open game and they will no parking of the bus. In another press conference, Jurgen Klopp had another dig about Jose Mourinho where he had said that Mourinho must win a trophy to justify his style of football and when a team playing an attacking football, at least the fan will have something even if the team does not win any trophy. Jurgen Klopp had opened another debate whereas a fan they will love to see result driven football or entertaining football.

In the World Cup, European Championship, and UEFA Champion League history they are many teams that played beautifully but faltered in the deciding game like the Brazil of 1982, Hungary 1954, Holland 1974, Argentina 2006 team and many more. They are also some team who had played beautiful football and had won the tournament like Brazil in 50’s and 70 ’s, Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona from 2008-2012, AC Milan in 90 ’s, Manchester United treble winning team in 1999, and many more. Finally, they are some team who had won the trophy with a results-driven football like the Italy 2006, Chelsea 2012, Internazionale in 2010, and many another team.

Arrigo Sachi AC Milan does not always play a beautiful football

When comparing Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, they are something that often forgotten in the comparison where both had started their career with Barcelona with Guardiola as the captain of the Dream Team under Johan Cyruff and Jose Mourinho as a translator under the late Sir Bobby Robson and had been promoted like an assistant manager when Louis Van Gaal in charge. When both become football manager, both had taken a different principle on their playing style where Guardiola is following Johan Cyruff style and Mourinho is more as a results-driven manager, but they are one similarity where both had been successful with their style and both of them is persist with their principle no matter what the situation is.

Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United had overtaken Liverpool as the best team in England in term of trophy count but the football that was played under Fergie is not always beautiful. After he had been eliminated by Bayern Munich in quarter-final stages in 2001, Fergie had decided to abandon his cavalier football style and played some cautious football too. Even the great Arrigo Sacchi AC Milan too although they had played beautiful football but depends on the situation they will also play the traditional Italian defensive style. When Liverpool had won the UCL for the 5th time in 2005 after making a remarkable comeback from 3-0 down to 3-3, they did park the bus after the 3rd equalizing goal.

Jurgen Klopp had said that fan must have something but he had been with Liverpool for nearly 3 seasons but they are no trophy yet from them. Compare with Mourinho where he had won 2 trophies in the first season and won more title than Klopp, Mourinho is right too not abandoned his style as it had brought success to him.  Klopp team had been a well-oiled goal-scoring machine with the majestic Mohammad Salah for them but they had failed to score against Mourinho United in home and away in the league where Guardiola had been defeated for the first time this season when he went toe to toe with Klopp in the league and also had been defeated heavily in the quarter-final where Liverpool had a commanding 3-0 lead in the first leg.

After the defeat in 1974 final, a defiant Johan Cyruff had said that they may have lost the game but they had won the heart of the football fan around the world when they had introduced Total Football to the world these time but the tournament had been won by a results-driven football from the 1974 West Germany and trophy count for the German in the World Cup is 4 compared to none from Holland, making West Germany the best European team in the World Cup after Italy.

Brazil after the 1982 devastating defeat to Italy had decided to abandoned the samba football altogether and transformed from a cavalier attacking team to a results-driven team which is one of the reasons that team of 1994 and after were not so revered in Brazil if compared to the team of 50’s until 70’s. Brazil 1982 may falter but team like AC Milan in 90’s , Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona , United treble winner , Real Madrid in 50’s , France in Euro 2000, Ajax Amsterdam in 70’s , Van Gaal Ajax Amsterdam in 90’s , and Brazil in 50’s , 60’s and 70’s had won trophy while playing some beautiful attacking football. These team had been revered as one of the all-time great football team and their style of play was an inspiration for the present manager and players.

The 1994 Brazillian team was not revered as their predecessor even though they had won the World Cup

However, with the insane amount of money that was invested in football presently, the manager was under terrific pressure to deliver a trophy for the team and due to this manager will resort result driven football to deliver the trophy for the team. For now, only Pep Guardiola is the only manager that able to deliver trophy while at some time playing a beautiful attacking football.

Jose Mourinho may be playing some dull football for United but United had been in the better position for now post Fergie era while Jurgen Klopp Liverpool team maybe playing some terrific football but for now they are still no trophy for them. In the simple tern, Jose Mourinho result driven football does transform United and another similar thing too where Guardiola also had transformed Manchester City with his attacking style of play in Premier League.

In the end, the owner and the fan want their team to deliver a trophy and even though the manager can play some beautiful football and if they are still no trophy then their patience runs thin and the sacking trigger can be executed on the manager. In the essence, whether attacking football or result driven, if it delivers the trophy and were justified according to the situation and to the player then it is the right football for the club, manager, owner and finally the fan.





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