Playing in opposition fan stadium, it can be an intimidating experience for the player and in some instances for the referee too. Jose Mourinho in 2005 when he was knocked out in the semifinal by Liverpool had insisted until today that the ghost goal scored by Luis Garcia was not a goal and the referee had moved or intimated by the Anfield fan in that game. Even with the replay, it was not clear whether it is 100 percent a goal, but they are one thing that can’t be denied Anfield fan can produce a loud and intimidating noise to disrupt the player confidence and referee judgment of the game. Maybe due to this Liverpool had a perfect record when the second leg of the semi-final of UCL knockout stages in Anfield always favors Liverpool as they played 2 and won both en route to their 2005 and 2007 final.

Some played can be jeered or booed for every touch if he is the ex-player of the opposition team, making any play acting or acted cynically. However, they are some player who had performed majestically in front of the opposition fan and ended with the opposition fan giving the player a standing ovation and an applause and here are some of the players.


Christiano Ronaldo in 2018 UCL Quarter Final against Juventus in Turin.

Christiano Ronaldo had scoring 2 goals to give Real Madrid a commanding 3-0 lead. He was jeered and booed by the Juventus faithful but a remarkable turnaround happens after he had scored the second goal. With the difficult and majestically taken bicycle kick goals that had left the Juventus defender and Gianluigi Buffon stranded, Juventus fan had made a roaring applause for Christiano Ronaldo as an acknowledgment of his goal. Juventus fans knew it that their team had been outplayed by one of the great players of the modern era.


Ronaldinho in 2006 against Real Madrid in Bernabeu.

Before Guardiola Barcelona, Rijkaard Barcelona was hailed as one of the best team in the world at the time and in the center of the team is the mastermind and one of the best player before Messi comes in the picture Ronaldinho. A player whom represent what is Brazil football all about excellent skills and playing with a smile on the face. One of the highlights of Ronaldinho Barcelona short career was against Real Madrid in Bernabeu where Real Madrid had been comprehensively beaten 3-0. Ronaldinho had tormented and tortured Real Madrid defender on the left-hand side and scoring 2 goals with a majestic skill and accurate shot that even left the goalkeeper Iker Casillas stranded and dumbfounded. Bernabeu fan who had witnessed a great player had given a standing ovation for him.


Ronaldo in 2003 against Manchester United in Old Trafford.

Before the second leg game against Real Madrid in Old Trafford, Fergie had given a great compliment for Raul whom he had described as the first Galacticos for Real Madrid and he was delighted when Raul was not available for this game as he was affected by a virus, but Fergie forget another player in the Real Madrid and he is Ronaldo. With a stunning performance where he had scored a hattrick in Old Trafford and the beauty of it, he scored a hattrick with just 3 shot on target. Old Trafford Theatre of Dream had acknowledged this contribution and makes a standing ovation when he was substituted. One of the great performance by an opposition player in the Old Trafford.


Christiano Ronaldo in 2014 against Liverpool in Anfield.

Liverpool fanatical fan may dislike anything or any player that is associated with Manchester United but even them had to acknowledge and applaud a player that is formerly associated with Manchester United and he is nonother than Christiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo had performed with a sublime skill and scored a beautiful and technical difficulty goal in Anfield when Real Madrid meet Liverpool in the group stages. Liverpool fans for once forget his association with United and applauded him a rare thing from Liverpool fans.


Diego Maradona in 1983 against Real Madrid in Bernabeu.

Diego Maradona is the greatest football player of all time after Pele for some football fans or the greatest ever ahead of Pele for some football fans. Maybe his status as the greatest player divides the opinion of some football fans but one things that can’t be denied he is a superb dribbler and had a majestic style of play and when he had displayed his skill in front of the Bernabeu crowd in 1983 and scored a cheeky and solo goal that only he can, the Real Madrid fan had shown their appreciation by giving him an applause and a standing ovation knowing they had witnessed one of the best performance by a Barcelona player in Bernabeu.


Steven Gerrard in 2015 against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge.

Steven Gerrard had announced that he is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season and one of his final game is against Chelsea. After putting on a magnificent display in front of Chelsea fan, he was substituted and had received a standing ovation from all four stands of the stadium and even Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho joined the crowd to show his appreciation to the player that he once tried to capture on his first season with Chelsea back in 2004. A great ending to a remarkable player who had saved Liverpool from the brink of defeat more than once with his never say die attitude.


Playing in the opposition fan stadium can be intimidating task even for the experienced player like happened to Luis Figo when a pig head was thrown in the field when he had played against Barcelona in Nou Camp while wearing a Real Madrid jersey but however opposition also is capable to shown appreciation to the opposition player who had put a great display in front of them like the players in this list and showing the appreciation by applauding the player or giving him a standing ovation.




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