Bicycle kick or scissor kick goals is one of the difficult skill to be executed in football especially as the player back will be against the goals. When it was executed perfectly, it will be a superb and unforgettable goal in the memory of the football fans but if it does not happen then the player will look like an idiot and embarrassed. A goals can be scored from tap – in, free kick, header, long-range shooting, wide shot, and goal scored from set pieces but the bicycle kick is one of the most difficult things to be executed especially if the player wants to execute while the ball in air or controlling with the chest or tight and either way it is a difficult skill to master . When perfectly executed, the bicycle kick will a great goal that will remember forever by a football fan and here some of the best bicycle kick goals.


Wayne Rooney against Manchester City in 2011

What a better way to score a winning goal against one of your rival in your home ground. A near impossible executed bicycle kick goals where Nani crosses the ball and Ronney hit from an wide angle and scored the wonder goal.


Ronaldo with Juventus in 2018

Another perfect bicycle kick executed that had turned the jeer into an applause. CR7 had scored many spectacular goals like long shot, free kick, header, wide shot and he had completed his goal scoring skill with this bicycle kick.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic against England in 2012

Joe Hart tried to make sweeper keeper ala Manuel Neuer but unfortunately, the ball had fallen to the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic who did not hessite to execute a bicycle kick that went into the goal. This is one of the furthest bicycle kick that been scored in a football game and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had received the Puskas Award in that year.


Rivaldo against Valencia in 2001

When coming to bicycle kick they are no one who had executed often like Rivaldo during his Barcelona day and in this game, he had demonstrated his majestic skill again.


Mata against Liverpool in 2015

From the Man of the Match for Real Madrid when they had won the Uefa Champion League in 2014 to a fallen hero with Manchester United under Louis Van Gaal , Di Maria is one of the footballer whom had shot to fame on one season and fallen in the following season but his assist to Juan Mata in this game had led to Mata scoring one of the memorable bicycle kick goal in the Anfield.

Van Basten against FC Den Bosch in 1986

A career for the one of deadliest striker that the world had ever seen had come short due to injury. Van Basten had scored many wonder goal like the strike against USSR in 1988 final, hattrick to eliminate England, last minute goals to defeat West Germany in Munich in the 1988 semi-final, header goals with Ajax Amsterdam and AC Milan and this bicycle kick is one of his best goals

Manuel Negrete against Bulgaria in 1986

A Mexican midfielder who had played for his country from 1981 until 1990 and scoring 12 goals for them and one of the goals is this brilliant bicycle kick and the level of the execution for this bicycle kick is considered near impossible especially in the congested penalty box. This goal had been declared as one of the spectacular goals scored in a World Cup.

As mentioned in the beginning, bicycle kick is one of the most difficult goals to score in the football game and if it does not happen the player will look like an idiot and if it had executed perfectly then the bicycle kick will be one of the most memorable goals for the football fans and the list had exemplified it as the perfect execution of the bicycle kick had led to most memorable goals scored in a football game.

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