2018 and 1990 is the only time England had reached the semi-final of the World Cup in their history. However, in 1966, England had reached the pinnacle of the international football when they had won their first World Cup trophy. Contrary to the popular belief in underestimating the strength of England team in 1966 as it had been believed all along that they had a home advantage. The 1966 England team is still one of the best international team in England and in the football world too. With players like Bobby Moore whom had been hailed as the best defender ever by Pele and Franz Beckenbauer, the best attacking midfielder in Sir Bobby Charlton whom had a ferocious shot, a great goalkeeper in Gordon Banks, great striker in Sir Geoff Hurst, and many other great player England is a deserved winner in this edition of the World Cup.

The defender that had been hailed as the best ever Bobby Moore.

England had maintained their Performace by reaching the 1968 European Cup semi-final and the only team in the 1970 World Cup who had given the Brazil 1970 a tough fight and they had nearly beat them in group stages. They can still be proud as they are the only team who had lost to the team who had been hailed as the best international team in the football world by a single goal. Bobby Moore had been imperious in these games and showed why is the best defender as he had single handled stopped the superbly organized Brazilian attack running riot on them.

Back to the 1966 World Cup, England had started with a 0-0 draw against Uruguay with is a great result as Uruguay is one of the best team that comes from South America after Brazil during this time. The next 2 groups stage game they had beaten Mexico and France both with a 2-0 win. They had reached the quarter-final and in an ill-tempered match again Argentina in which England had emerged victorious, Sir Alf Ramsey the England manager at that time had refused his player from swapping shirt with Argentina player as he had said what to be the famous word that irked Argentinian “we don’t swap shirts with animals”.

Sir Alf Ramsey, the only manager who had won the World Cup with England and create a stir with Argentina with his remarks.

From an ill-tempered match in the quarter-final, they had progressed to semi-final to meet the surprise package of the tournament Portugal. Portugal with their star striker Eusebio is one hell of a team. England, however, managed to beat a team with 2 goals from Sir Bobby Charlton where the second goals had even made Eusebio applauded him. England had finally conceded the first goal in the tournament when Eusebio had scored from a penalty kick, but it is not enough, and England had reached the final in Wembley. The opponent is West Germany in the final.

In what to be a see-saw game, West Germany had taken the early lead with Helmut Haller. England who had been so confident had been shocked and the fate of Brazil in 1950 is looking to be repeating again in Wembley. This is the first time that England had been behind the whole tournament. However, England had equalized through Geoff Hurst and had taken the lead through Martin Peter late in the second half. England is on the verge to be crowned as the champion, but the German will not give in until the final whistle had been blown had scored the equalizer in the last minute through Wolfgang Weber.

The game now goes to the extra time. This is the second time that a World Cup final needs to be decided in the extra time. The first World Cup final that needed to be decided in the extra time is in 1934 when Italy had beaten Czechoslovakia. In what to be one of the controversial moment in the World Cup history, Geoff Hurst shot who had hit the upper post and bounced back from the goal. England had thought that they had scored, and West Germany is protesting that the ball is not over the line.

Does the ball crossed the goal line or not

The referee had consulted his linesman and the linesman from the Soviet Union had said that the ball had crossed the line and England had taken the lead. England triumph had been confirmed when Geoff Hurst had scored the 4th goal in the final minutes of the extra time to give England an emphatic 4-2 win against West Germany. England had finally made it and the class of 1966 is born and become the inspiration for all the future England player and manager that includes the current World Cup squad.

England had reached the promised land and continued their great performance in the next World Cup in 1970 as some unwanted outside incident and some crazy substitution by Sir Alf Ramsey had led for the defending champion to be knocked out from quarter-final. The team that had knocked them is nonother than West Germany. England had been on the downfall since then as, since the famous day in 1966, England had not managed to beat the German in the World Cup again.

Adding more misery to the ever-proud England team, they had failed to qualify for the World Cup in 1974 and 1978. While the opponent that they had beaten in final in 1966 able to add 3 more World Cup trophy, England is still on the 1 World Cup in 1966. Unlike the German whom had 3 European Champion on their name, England had not managed to win the European trophy. England had not even reached any final of the Euro and World Cup again since the famous day in 1966 where the German had reached 8 final of the World Cup and winning 4 of them.

The class of 1966 is inspirational and is one of the best team that England had ever had. The current World Cup with one of the youngest squad in the final tournament in this year World Cup will like to emulate them and sending the whole nation in the euphoric moment. England for all their media is one proud nation that great pride on their football team. They are one of the best team when coming to club football however in the national team the class of 1966 is still an inspiration for all England player and manager and their legacy will live on.



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