Bela Gutman the former Benfica manager had received many applaud and been hailed as a genius when his famous Benfica team had beaten Barcelona and Real Madrid in 1961 and in 1962 to win their only European cup trophy. They had become the first team since Real Madrid to win the trophy in 2 consecutive times. Jubilant by this, Gutman had requested a pay rise however it was rejected by the Benfica management. In a moment of pure frustration and anger, Gutmann had cursed the Benfica team by saying never in the 100 years that Benfica will win the European trophy again. True to his word, Benfica had not won any European trophy since the famous night in 1962 even though they had reached 5 UCL final and 3 UEL final since then. The curse of Gutmann is unable to be broken by Benfica, however, some of the club team and international football had been able to break the curse for them and here is some of them.


England winning the shootout in 2018 World Cup.

England winning their 1st ever shootout in World Cup

England has a dismal record when coming to a penalty shootout. They had competed in 3 penalty shootout in the World Cup and never won any of them. The only penalty shootout victory come against Spain in the Euro 96 however in the World Cup they had never won it. In 2018 however, they had won their first shootout when they had beaten the Colombian team in second round group stages. The English pundit, former player, and the media had been jubilant with their first ever win after many heart-breaking defeats in the shootout.


German defeating Italy in Euro 2016.

German finally had beaten Italy in a major tournament

German is a superior team when comes to the World Cup. They had a great record against many football superpowers like Argentina, Brazil, France, Holland, and England. However, they are one team that the German is unable to defeat and that is Italy. The German for all the superior record had not been able to defeat Italy in a major tournament. They had been defeated by Italy in the 1982 World Cup final, knocked out by Italy in 2006  World Cup semi-final and defeated in 2012 Euro semi-final. However, the curse of Italian football on them had been broken when they had beaten the Italian team in one of the craziest penalty shoots in Euro history. German had broken one curse and fall to another team that broken their curse on the German team.


France defeating German in Euro 2016.

Antoine Griezman wild celebration after scoring the 2nd goal that gave France their first win against German in a major tournaments

Like German had a bad record against Italy, France had a dismal record against German in a major tournament. France had never been able to defeat German. France had been in the receiving end when German had defeated them in 1982 and 1986 World Cup semi-final. However, in a competition that is hosted by France, France finally had defeated the mighty German in the semi-final stages. Their curse had been broken but unfortunately, France had faltered in the final game when they had been defeated by Portugal.


Portugal clinching the first major honor in Euro 2016.

Ronaldo winning the Euro with Portugal in 2016

Eusebio, Luis Figo, Ricardo Carvalho, Rui Costa, and many more is some of the great players that come from Portugal. They had won many trophies with their club however with their national team they are unable to win anything. Defeated in 1966 World Cup semi-final, 1984 Euro semifinal, 2000 Euro semifinal, 2006 World Cup semi-final and devastating loss in the final in 2004 against Greece in a competition that they had hosted where with this Portugal had become the first host nation to lose the Euro final. However, Christiano Ronaldo and co able to break the curse when they had defeated France in the 2016 Euro final and finally clinching they’re first ever major honors.


Manchester United knocking AC Milan in UCL 2009.

Wayne Rooney scoring the first goal in the return leg

United is the best English club after Liverpool in the European competition however they had some dismal record against some of the club football team like Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. United had not managed to knock Munich and Real Madrid in the knockout stage of this competition. However, this record does not compare to the dismal record that United have against AC Milan. United had meet AC Milan 3 times in 1969 semifinal, 2005 second round, and in 2007 semi-final. Each time they had been knocked by the Italian team and adding insult to the injury on this 3 occasion United is unable to score a single goal in San Siro against AC Milan. However, with an emphatic 3-2 victory in San Siro in the 2010 second round and defeating team 4-1 in the return leg United had broken the curse of AC Milan by knocking them out for the first time and scoring goals in the San Siro.

Arsenal beating Real Madrid in Bernabeu

Thierry Henry scoring the winning goal in Bernabeu

Real Madrid had a superior record against an English team in the Bernabeu. They had never been beaten by them in the Bernabeu. However, Arsenal in 2006 had managed what was unable to be achieved by the other English team beating Madrid in Bernabeu. With Thierry Henry solid goals, Madrid has finally been beaten in the Bernabeu and Arsenal had success using this momentum to reach the final of the 2006 UCL against Barcelona but however, it had ended in a sad note as Arsene Wenger and the team is unable to win the trophy. If Arsenal had won, they will become the first London team to win the UCL trophy.


Japan beating Colombia in 2018 World Cup.

Jubilant Japan become the first team to beat a South American team in World Cup

The meeting between the Asian team and South America always be in favor of the South American team. The Asian team had never beaten South America team in the World Cup. In the 2018 World Cup, it will be the first time that an Asian team had beaten a South America team when Japan had defeated Colombia in the opening game of the group stages. Japan had been ecstatic on this win and able to use this momentum to reach second round but however, they had beaten by Belgium in this round.

Spain winning 3 consecutive major honors.

From perennial underachiever to the best national team

Like Portugal, Spain had some great footballer in the past like Raul, Hierro, Mendieta, Andoni Zubizaretta and other. Since Spain had reached the final of Euro in 1984, Spain had been like jinxed in the quarter-final wherein in any major tournament they always been knocked out in the quarter-final and worst some of the defeat that been so heartbreaking for them during this time. A penalty shootout loss against England in 1996 Euro and South Korea in 2002 World Cup, Spain is deemed to be the perennial underachiever forever. The tag had been with them until they had lifted the Euro 2008. In what become one of the best transformations of a national team, Spain had won the World Cup in 2010 and become the first team to win a successive Euro trophy in 2012 and becoming the first national team to won 3 successive major honors. With their tiki-taka style, the Spanish had undergone transformation to the perennial underachievers to be hailed as one of the best national team ever in the football world.




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