Since England had reached the first ever semi-final since 1990, let us relieve the moment for England team in 1990. By comparing the team of the 2018 and 1990, the 1990 team was a far better team with some great individual talent in the team like Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, Paul Parker, Peter Shilton, Stuart Pearce and with their great manager the legendary Sir Bobby Robson.

Paul Gascoigne nicknamed as Gazza is one of the great players from England

Where in 2018 they are least media frenzy for England in 1990 it is a different story. England manager at that time Sir Bobby Robson was crucified by the media because he had taken the offers to manage the Holland club PSV Eindhoven, as usual, the English media is going berserk on this as some of the media had branded Sir Bobby Robson as a traitor. Compare to the treatment that Sir Bobby Robson and other England manager after him received from the media, the current manager Gareth Southgate is one of the lucky managers since Sir Alf Ramsey in 1966 as he does not receive any negative criticism, negative labeling and crucified in the media.

In the tournament, England had been hit by severe blow as their key player and their captain Bryan Robson had been injured and was sent back home to England. They are some funny moment as Gary Lineker had pooped in the middle of the field in the competition. On the playing side, England is drawn in the group with Netherland the reigning European Champion, Northern Ireland managed by another Englishmen Jack Charlton, and the debutant from Africa Egypt. They are some similar situation with the team of 1990 and the current World Cup team as they are no high expectation on them.

England can be said had scrapped through with scoring only 2 goals form the 3 group stages where they had drawn again Northern Ireland 1-1, Netherland 0-0, and in the final matches beating Egypt 1-0. Miraculously England had become the group champion and booked a place in the second round against Belgium. In the second round, the highly fancied Belgium is a tough opposition for England and both teams had been unable to break the deadlock in the normal time and an extra time was needed. In the dying seconds of the extra time second half, England had scored what to be the winner with a wonderful volley from David Platt. England had reached the quarter-final what to be the first time since 1970 and the team that waiting for them is Cameroon in this round.

For once, Sir Bobby Robson had underestimated the strength of the Cameron team and predicted a comfortable win even the English media had printed the something. Thing going according to the plan with a goal from David Platt but in the second half with the evergreen Roger Milla, Cameroon had started an avalanche of attack on the England goal that surprised the English player and deservedly for them they stormed back to score 2 goals and England looked like to be on the brink of elimination in the hand of an African team. However, they had been saved with a penalty from Gary Lineker late in the second half and in the extra time, another penalty from Gary Lineker had made England progressing to the semi-final for the first time since 1966.

If not for 2 penalties by Lineker, England will be knocked out by the Cameroonian

From this game onward, England had gone stronger and this had reflected in one of their best performance in the 1990 World Cup against the West German in the semi-final. The West German is by far the best team in the whole tournament and with a multi-star and multi-talented player like Lothar Matthaus, Jurgen Klinsmann, Andreas Brehme, Rudi Voller, Andreas Kopke, Jurgen Kohler and other they are one formidable opponent. England is unfortunate to trailing behind with a deflected Andreas Brehme free kick. England had managed to equalize through Gary Lineker with a typical poacher goal. In the extra time, England is a better team and nearly clinched the winner but while West German was fortunate with a deflected goal England does not have some luck as the shot from David Platt had come off the post and German were saved, and the game goes to the dreaded penalty shootout.

The German was clinical, icy cool, and well prepared in the shootout since their first and final defeat in the shootout in the 1976 Euro final against Czechoslovakia. German penalties were perfect, and England meanwhile was good in their first 3 penalties however a miss by Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle had made German the winner in the round. England was devastated as they had played very well yet had been on the losing side. German had taken the positive momentum form this game and able to defeat Argentina in the what to be the worst final ever in the World Cup history and clinched their 3rd World Cup trophy. German had been the deserved winner as they are by far the best team in the tournaments.

German is the best team in the 1990 and deserved winner

England best runs in the World Cup tournament since 1966 had received a positive review form the English media. Sir Bobby Robson who had been labeled as a traitor now had been hailed as a genius. However, in the next World Cup, the thing had gone straight downhill for England as they had failed to qualify for the World Cup in 1994. Since then England had managed to be in the all the World Cup and only managed to progress until the quarter-final. They had been knocked via penalties in the in 1998, a quarter-final defeat against eventual winner Brazil in 2002, another penalty shootout defeat in 2006, crushed by German in 2010 second round, and been eliminated in the group stages in 2014. In the current World Cup, England had their best run since 1990 and with the German had been eliminated the English media and the player is high on confidence on bringing the World Cup trophy back to home. They had every reason to be this confident as they are in a terrific form and they are more than capable to emulate the class of 1966.



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