From 32 team competition with Russia trashing Saudi Arabia 5-0 opening, 16 had been eliminated and 16 more had progressed to the second-round knockout stages and from then on, 8 teams had been eliminated and another 8 team had progressed to the quarter-final. Now they are 4 teams who had been eliminated and 4 more left. The 4 team will have only 1 game before they can achieve the ultimate price in the international football the World Cup trophy. 2 teams will compete for the ultimate price and 2 teams will compete in the 3rd and 4td placing.

In the World Cup that had seen the elimination of the former champion like the Germany who had been knocked out in the group stages, Argentina was knocked out in the second round, Brazil had been sent packing in the quarter-final, Spain was sanked by the Russian in the second round and Portugal the reigning European Champion had been knocked out the in the second round. Now they are only 4 teams left France, England, Belgium, and Croatia. From this 4 team, only England and France had won the trophy while Belgium and Croatia wish to go one step further as for now, they emulated their best record in the Worlds Cup final tournament. Belgium had reached the semi-final for the first time since 1986 and Croatia since 1998. Both Belgium and Croatia will wish to go one step further now and they are some intriguing and some exciting World Cup that can happen between this 4 team and here is some of the potential finals of the 2018 World Cup.


France vs England final

This will be the fifth time that a team will compete for some amount of World Cup trophy since Brazil vs Italy in 1970, West Germany vs Argentina in 1990, West Germany vs Italy in 1982, and finally Brazil vs Italy in 1994. Both teams will be contesting for their 2nd World Cup trophy. France last won it in 1998 and England last won it in 1966. England had been in terrific form especially after beating Colombia in the second round via a penalty shootout as this is their first shootout win in the world cup. With Harry Kane, Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezman, and the teenage sensation Mpabbe it can be a terrific match as England wish to emulate the class of 1966 and France wishes to emulate the famous 1998 team that had Zinedine Zidane in it.


England vs Belgium

This will be the second time that a team had met in the final after a meeting in the group stage. The first time it had happened in the 1954 World Cup when Hungary had trashed Germany 8-3 in the group stage before meeting again in the final. In the final German had beaten the might Hungary with a comeback from 2-0 down to win 3-2 and clinching their first World Cup trophy. In the current World Cup, Belgium had beaten England in the group stages but in the final it will be a different game altogether as England will like to win the World Cup trophy after a gap of 52 years since last they had won it in 1966 and Belgium current golden generation will like to fulfill their potential.


France vs Croatia.

The 1998 semifinal

This will be the repeat of 1998 semi-final when Croatia amazing run on their debut campaign had been stopped by France en route for them to win their first trophy in 1998. In this game, France savior is Lilian Thuram who had picked the right time to score his first goal for France and he had scored 2 of them to book France place to final they’re first ever major final since 1984 euro. Croatia will look to erase the bad memory by beating France to add another European name in the World Cup trophy after German, France, England, Spain, and Italy.


Belgium vs Croatia.

Belgium vs. Croatia flags on a green soccer field

Both teams will contest for their first ever World Cup trophy. In the history of the World Cup since 1950 only 3 times that a final between 2 teams who had never won the trophy before had happened. First in 1954 Hungary vs West Germany, 1958 Brazil vs Swedeen, 1978 Argentina vs the Netherlands, and finally in 2010 between Spain and Netherlands. Both teams will surpass their best record in the World Cup by reaching the final and wish to achieve the prized trophy in the international football by clinching their first ever World Cup trophy. By the way, if this final had happened this also will be both teams first ever international football major honors as both had not won any of them before.

The semi-final may be an entertaining or a cagey match as all 4 team will not make any mistake that can be costly. Belgium, Croatia, and England had waited a long year to reach the semi-final and surely, they will not make any mistake in the game that can be costly. England had reached the semi-final since 1990 World Cup as they had broken their penalty jinx, Belgium and Croatia is a solid all-rounder team, and France after a slow start in the group stage had been in a magnificent form in the knockout stages. On the paper, it looked France is the favorites to win their 2nd World Cup trophy however in the World Cup history the favorites can falter in the decisive moment as it had happened to famously Brazil in 1982, France in 1982, Germany in 1994 and 1998, Brazil in 1966, and many another team.

Whichever team that had reached the final, one team will relieve with joy, tear of happiness and achieve their ultimate ambition while another team will be devasted and crushed with the defeat as the higher they want the more painful it will be for them if they had dropped and losing in the final is not something that any footballer will like it. Again, for the team that had won the trophy they will another issue to contend with as they will wish to break the defending champion curse that had happened since Italy won the trophy in 2006 as they do not want to suffer same fate as Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014 and Germany in 2018 to be knocked out in the group stages. The loser will be devastated and shattered as some of the players in the team will know that this will be their last chance in the World Cup tournament to achieve immortality in the football.


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