The goalkeeper is the last line of defense for any team. Most of the great team in the history of football had some great goalkeeper in their team. Italy 1982 World Cup team had Dino Zoff, Manchester United 1999 treble winner had Peter Schmeichel, Guardiola’s all-conquering Barcelona had Victor Valdes, Spain all-conquering team had Iker Casillas and many more. This great goalkeeper can provide a crucial save that can help the team to achieve some memorable victory. If Iker Casillas does not manages to save Arjen Robben shot, Spain might have lost the World Cup and Holland may have lifted the World Cup in 2018. If Peter Schmeichel does not manage to save Dennis Bergkamp penalty in the FA Cup semi-final replay, then United may not achieve the treble.

However, when the goalkeeper makes some costly error it can cost the team too. And here is some of the worst goalkeeping error that had cost their beloved team and is ranked from the least bad to the worst.

Manuel Neuer 2018 World Cup Group Stages

Manuel Neuer is one of the great nontraditional goalkeepers that ever been seen in the modern game. His performance in the 2014 World Cup en route to the German win is legendary stuff. His sweeper keeper performance against Algeria was a masterpiece. Form the peak of the international football by winning the World Cup he had become the laughing stock 4 years later in Russia. Neuro is an eccentric goalkeeper whoever his eccentric had caused his team dearly in the deciding group stages game again South Korea. He had made a comical error in the South Korean half leaving his goal wide open that had led to South Korea scored the 2nd goal that had killed German chances to progress to the second round. German only need to avoid defeat to progress to the second round.

United vs FC Porto Second Leg in 2014

One of the reasons why United had a dismal record in the UCL from 2002 to 2005 is the goalkeeper howler. And in 2004 the goalkeeper howler had caused the team dearly. United had been drawn against FC Porto and in the first leg, United had been beaten 2-1. In the second leg, United had scored and led 1-0 which is enough for them to progress to the second round. However, in the final minutes, a howler from goalkeeper Tim Howard had caused them dearly as Beeny Mccarty had pounced form the goalkeeper to scored the equalizing goal that had seen them crashing out from UCL in the second round. And this is the game when Mourinho gets the attention of the footballing world and his achievement of making FC Porto the UCL had led him to become the Chelsea manager and from them, he had become one of the most successful managers. However, the thing may turn different if the howler from Tim Howard does not happen.

Oliver Kahn 2002 World Cup Final 

Oliver Khan is a great goalkeeper. His performance with Bayern Munich is great however his performance in the 2002 World Cup is the one that had put him in the legendary status. Oliver Kahn had made some extraordinary saves in the tournament that had led the team to the World Cup final which is a great achievement considered that this Germany is one the less favorable German team in history. However, for all the performance en route, his mistake in the final is the one that cost the German team. A shot by Rivaldo was unable to catch by Kahn and he had fumbled it that had leed Ronald to score to the crucial first goal. Ronaldo added a second one that had led Brazil to win the World Cup. Oliver Kahn is fiery goalkeeper however he had been so dejected by his howler that sat on the goalpost after the game ends. Quite a sad ending for one of the great goalkeeping performance seen in the World Cup

Loris Karius 2018 UEFA Champion League Final vs Real Madrid.

Under Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool had become a good team. Klopp passion and given pressing style had made human a fan favorite and also most importantly making Liverpool play like a European giant hence in 2018 when Liverpool had reached the UCL final, their fan is excited as this is the first team in they had reached the final in 11 years. With Mo Salah in peak goal scoring from where he had scored 44 goals, Liverpool is confident that they can stop Madrid from winning the title in the 3 consecutive. However, things did not go according to the script when Mo Salah injured his shoulder and need to be substituted. Liverpool lost their talisman however the real story of the game is Liverpool made 2 horrible mistakes that cost Liverpool the game. The first is an amateurs throw that had been intercepted be Karim Benzema and somehow find the net and the second one is the horrible mistake from Gareth Bale shot that had led  Liverpool to concede the 3rd goal which had killed of their hope. Klopp extremely furious and went on the buy Alison Becker whom for now had been solid. Making one mistake is costly enough for any team however making 2 mistakes in the single defining game is a real disaster for any goalkeeper and the team.

Rene Higuita Colombia vs Cameroon 1990 World Cup Second Round.

Rene Higuita is a bit similar to Manuel Neuer eccentric but Higuita is a least solid goalkeeper if compared to Neuer as Rene Higuita goalkeeper should entertain the crowd and standing between the post. No matter how the mistake of the previous goalkeeper had made that had led to the goal, Rene Higuita is the worst mistake of all the time. The previous mistake can be said as the keeper taken by surprise by the ferocity of the shots that had led them to make the howler and in the case, it just he wants to help the team but in the case of Higuita nonother of the above can be said as it just a disaster. Colombia matches with Cameroon had been a stalemate in the normal time and the game needed to be played in the extra time before a penalty shootout if the score is still live. Cameroon talisman Roger Milla had given the lead in the 106th minute of the extra time. 3 minute after the 1st goal, HIguita tried to dribble Roger Milla midway in his half however things become a disaster after Roger Milla had successfully stolen the ball from Higuita and scored the 2nd goal which had given Cameroon the win and making history in becoming the first African team to reach the World Cup quarter-final.  Cameron had made history but it was Higuita calamitous error that had given Cameroon theadvantages they’re needed in the game.

Goalkeeper is the last line and true to the word a great performance by the goalkeeper can save the team however the last line can also be a disaster if the goalkeeper had an unwanted error and in the end it can be too costly for them as a goalkeeper will be remembered forever by the football fan no matter how many great save the keeper had made in his entire career.

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