The penalty shootout had been introduced in the early 70’s . Since then penalty shootout had become the one and only way to decide the winner of knockout games like the quarter-final, semi-final or the final of any competition. Losing in the penalty shootout can give a never-ending bad memory for the player and winning with penalty shootout will be a sweet victory. During the penalty shootout, the nerves of the players will be at the all-time high no matter how experienced and how good the players. Some high-profile players had missed the penalty in the shootout like France Baresi, Roberto Baggio, Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and many other. The tension had overtaken them during this time. However, they are one person who will not be judged on his performance in the shootout and that is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is not expected to save all the penalties in the shootout as they only had a fraction of a second to save the penalty. However, in this circumstance where the odd is against the goalkeeper, they are some goalkeeper who had the performed an exceptional performance of saving 2 or more penalties in the shootout and here is some of them.

Oliver Kahn for Bayern Munich in 2001 UCL Final Against Valencia.

The 2001 UCL final is the final of penalties as the first goal, the equalizing goal, and a miss is all via penalties. Since no team had not been able to score the winning even in the extra time the game goes to the penalty shootout. Bayern Munich wants to erase the memory of the painful defeat in 1999 final and Valencia want to avoid becoming the first team to lose in 2 consecutive final, so the tension is very high. The German goalkeeper had stepped up and saved 3 crucial penalties from Benito Carboni, Zlatko Zahovic and Mauricio Pellegrino to help Bayern to become the European Champion for the 4th time since the day of Franz Beckenbauer lifting the cup for 3 consecutive times in the 70’s.

Ricardo for Portugal in 2006 World Cup Quarter Final Against England

In the 2006 World Cup quarter-final between Portugal and England, the game had 2 talking point. The first one is the sending off for Wayne Rooney, England key player in the game and the persistent of the Portugal player to the persuade referee to show a card for Rooney and the memorable Christiano Ronaldo wink. Again, this game went to the shootout as both teams unable to find the winning goal on the full and extra time. Then comes the 2nd talking point in the game, Ricardo monstrous feat of saving 3 penalties the first time ever by a goalkeeper in the World Cup. Ricardo saving Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, and Jamie Carragher spot kick and only Owen Hargreaves able to slot past this goalkeeper. In the end, England again had been knocked out via a penalty shootout in a major competition.

Helmuth Duckadam for Steaua București in 1986 European Cup final Against Barcelona

Steaua Bucharest becomes the first team from the East European to reach the final of the UCL against Barcelona. Bucharest during this time is the team that is feared in Europe and they still hold the world record for longest unbeaten run by a football club. In the final, Barcelona unable to break the stubborn Bucharest defense and the game went to a shootout. Bucharest goalkeeper Helmuth Duckadam had been imperious and had made 4 saves from the Barcelona player to help Bucharest to clinch the UCL title. Until now, this is the only time that a club from Romania had reached the final and lift the European cup as since then no club from Romania had been able to reach the UCL final. For his impressive feat, Helmuth Duckadam had been named as the Hero of Seville.

Tim Krul for Netherland against Costa Rica in World Cup 2018 Quater Final

Louis Van Gaal is one of the most successful managers. When he was first appointed as the Holland manager in 1999, he had failed to help them to progress to the final round for the 2002 World Cup in Korea/ Japan. On his second tenure as the Holland manager, Van Gaal is determined to make a mark and abandoned his favorites 4-3-3 formation and decided to use the 3-5 -2 formations. The Dutch team was not given any hope however on the first game, they had beaten the defending champion Spain 5-1 and gone strength by strength from then on. In the quarter-final against Costa Rica, Van Gaal again make an astounding decision substituting his goalkeeper as the game looks heading to a penalty shootout. This is the first time that this type of substitution had been made. His decision had proved correct as Tim Krul had saved 2 penalties from Costa Rica to give Holland their first ever win in the penalty shootout and progressing to the semi-final. He was lauded for this decisive substitution for this game.

Sergio Goycochea for Argentina in 1990 World Cup

The keeper on the list had made tremendous feet in one game of shootout but when comes to Argentina in 1990, their goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea had saved them for 2 consecutive games in the quarter-final and in the semi-final. What really impressive, that he is not the first-choice goalkeeper and only an injury to Nery Pumpido that had given him the chances. Sergio had become the hero for Argentina especially in the game against Yugoslavia in the quarter-final where Argentina was dreadful in the shootout including a Diego Maradona penalty miss and only Sergio heroic 3 penalty saves had helped them to reach the semi-final. In the semi-final against Italy, Argentina had performed their best game in the tournament and somehow managed to score a goal against Italy who does not concede until this game. In the shootout again Sergio had become a hero by saying 2 penalties and help them to reach the final.

The goalkeeper is the man between the post and will not criticize if he does not make any save on the shootout and in spite of this, the goalkeeper in the list had performed an astounding 2 or more penalties saves to give their team the crucial victory in the shootout.

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