Some of the great managers in the football world past and present had come with some great quotes or great sentence. The quotes mostly come in the press conference or in the post-match interview which will become the norm in football. Jose Mourinho had coined the term parking the bus during a post-match interview to describe Tottenham Hotspur playing style against his Chelsea and since then the term had been used for any team that is playing defensive football. They are some great quotes too from the manager which had motivated the team to create a dominance or a mini-dynasty and here is some of them.

Bill Shankly: if you first you are first if you’re second you win nothing

From the 6th European title that Liverpool had won, 3 of them had come under Bob Paisley. He became the first manager to win the European Cup 3 times with some team. His feat had been long-standing before it had been achieved by Zinedine Zidane during his Real Madrid managerial time. However, the man who had laid the foundation for the success of the Liverpool team during the ’70s is Bill Shankly. He wants Liverpool to be a dominant force in England and in Europe and for him being first is everything. This quote had driven Liverpool to become the best team in England and Europe during the ’70s and ’80s.

Sir Alex Ferguson: knocking out Liverpool from their perch

Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager for Manchester United since Sir Matt Busby. SAF is a winning machine for United as he had won many trophies during his time with United. His real ambition his for his United team to break the Liverpool trophy count domestically and he come up with these quotes. This ambition is the one that drives him to create a team after team to make United become the dominant force in the ’90s and 2000  and when he had retired he had accomplished what he wished for as United become the best team England overtaking Liverpool. Before he comes Liverpool had 18 titles and United had 7 titles and when he had retired United had 20 titles overtaking Liverpool as per his quote

Pep Guardiola: we are horrible without the ball

Pep Guardiola had come up with these quotes when he is managing Barcelona. His team becomes one of the best club team and some will argue that Barcelona was the greatest club team ever. His Barcelona team is all about possession football and in every football game, Barcelona will bossing and outplaying the opponent making them chase for every ball and one of the best characteristics of his Barcelona is the relentless pressuring when they had lost the ball. This combination of relentless pressuring and possession football makes Barcelona one of the best team and winning countless trophies during his time. This quote comes from him as he wants his team to have the ball all the time as this will make them attacking and defending at some time.

Jose Mourinho: in the special one

Jose Mourinho comes to Premier League as an upcoming manager and competing against the experienced manager like SAF and Arsene Wenger and on his first press conference with Chelsea, he had come up with these memorable quotes. True to this word, he had made Chelsea from a perennial underachiever to a winning machine. Mourinho Chelsea is a complete team with a great defense combined with a great attack. His press conference and high self-confidence had been transferred to his Chelsea team to perform to this level. Chelsea had never ever been this strong before and all down to this man.

Arsene Wenger: we will be unbeaten next season

When Arsene Wenger uttered this word, he had subjected to severe critics, and ridicule. However, this quote had motivated Arsenal to perform in the performance that had not seen before in the Premier League and Arsenal had achieved the unthinkable, going through the whole season unbeaten. A feat that never ever matched again by any team.

Bob Paisley: I drove the tank to destroy the German now u must do the same.

When Liverpool is preparing for their first European Cup in 1977 against Borussia Monchengladbach, Bob Paisley the man who had replaced the legendary Bill Shankly had come with the quotes. This quote added with the Liverpool qualities had led them to beat a good Borussia side where they had battered them around the park. This success had led a great foundation for them to become the best English team in Europe at that time and they had continued to win 3 more trophies and all started from the 1977 and Paisley with these great quotes.

Arrigo Sacchi: we must like a boxer and deliver the punch after punch to get knockout.

Arrigo Sacchi is the nonprofessional footballer who had been appointed as the AC Milan manager. His appointment had met with some doubt that had led him to answer “I didn’t know that you need to be a horse in order to become a jockey”. His managerial time had become the golden period for AC Milan. AC Milan had played a football that still talked about and still been inspired by many managers like Jurgen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and many more. But one the great characteristic of AC Milan team is their attacking nature which is a rarity in Italian football a county which is associated with catenaccio. Sacchi comes with quotes to ensure that his player will continue to attack their opponent and never ever sat back on their lead.

The quotes that had been uttered by each manager in this list had driven each of their team to perform as expected. Barcelona with possession-based football, Sir Alex Ferguson to knockout Liverpool, Jose Mourinho self-confidence, and Sacchi philosophy all had been started by these quotes hence making this manager create a legacy which each of their team. This manager had created a team that is dominant during their time that their team still remembered until today as one of the best team in club football.

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