When French football had released the list of the greatest manager ever, many football lovers had criticized the list. The list makes some astounding claim when Jurgen Klopp is rated higher than Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho is not in the list of the top 10 at all and Rinus Michel was rated as the best manager ahead of Sir Alex Ferguson. When looked on the list of the manager in the name, come one question how to define the greatest manager ever?

Unfortunately, they are no definite criteria to define the greatest manager. The selection is usually based on votes and popular opinion and can lead to some arguments. According to French Football, Rinus Michel is the greatest manager. One of the reasons is this man had revolutionized football which is the introduction of the Total Football but they some flaw in this claim. Rinus Michel did not invent Total Football and their style is founded by Magical Magyar Hungary team in the 1950s and in term of success with the Total Football, Rinus had the least success with the team. His protégé Johan Cyruff who is the fulcrum of the Total Football had made much more contribution as he had changed Barcelona to a sleeping giant to one of the football powerhouses.

If a manager is decided by the amount of the title he won, they are another shortcoming on this too. Arrigo Sacchi had been hailed as one of the footballs great minds as his AC Milan team had lifted the UCL trophy twice but if seeing his title, he achieved less. AC Milan may have led the title twice but the first Italian team to lift the UCL trophy twice is Inter Milan and they too had a manager who had created a new style that more towards defensive and that is catenaccio and the manager for this great team that is called as La Grande Inter is Helenio Herrera. Helenio Herrera had revolutionized football in a defensive way and he had achieved more than Sacchi but Herrera is rated lower than Sacchi. Whether it is an attacking style or a defensive style both this manager had created a new way, but one is rated higher than another.

When comes on the players, some manager preferred to start with an established player or giving youth a chance. Van Gaal had won many titles in every European domestic league but when comes to the UCL medal he had won it once in 1995 with Ajax. If compared to protégé Jose Mourinho who had won numerous titles including 2 UCL title, Van Gaal was rated lower than Jose Mourinho based on title won. However, Van Gaal is known for giving the youngster chances while Mourinho prefers the established players instead of the youth player. Van Gaal had given many debuts to the player during his time in Barcelona and Bayern Munich where they had become the base for their success in the future. Players like Xavi, Andreas Iniesta, Victor Valdes, and many more during his Barcelona time and players like Tony Kroos, Thomas Mullers, and other during his Bayern Munich time. Both had an opposite record with the players where Van Gaal does not have a great relationship with an established player example of his bust-up with Rivaldo, Hristo Stoichkov, and many more while Jose Mourinho does not have a great record in promoting youth player to the team.

Most of the manager does not stay longer with the team there are managed. Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, Van Gaal, and many more usually stay with the team for a maximum of 4 years before managing other teams. Managerial breed like Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson, Bob Paisley, Bill Shankly, Arsene Wenger, Varley Lobovsky, and few others had stayed longer with their team and created a mini dynasty with the team. Sir Alex Ferguson had managed Manchester United for 26 years and created a dominant team that finally had knocked out Liverpool as the best team in England. Arsene Wenger even though does not win many titles like Sir Alex Ferguson but still managed to create a mini dynasty with Arsenal and also making Arsenal winning the title without losing any game in Premier League. Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley are the one whom instrumental in transforming Liverpool as one of the best team in England and Europe during the ’70s and ’80s.

Some managers had created a foundation for the team even though they are not the master tactician of the game. Sir Matt Busby is the one who had laid the foundation for Manchester United to be the club that is emphasizing on the youth player and giving preference to British player. Many managers after Sir Matt Bubsy does not follow some principle before Sir Alex Ferguson come whom just followed some principles with Sir Matt Busby but with just a little bit of tweaking to create a Manchester United dynasty in the ’90s and 2000. Johan Cyruff is the one who had introduced the possession-based football to Barcelona and after his departure, most of the manager does not follow some style until Guardiola came and followed the Cruyff principle plus with his own idea to create the team that is regarded as the best club team ever.

However, not all the manager had the chance to create the team after a great disaster happened to them. The Italian club team players that are named as Grande Torino had died in Superga air disaster. Similar things had happened to Manchester United when their exciting young team with some great player Duncan Edwards had been destroyed in Munich disaster with only Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton as the sole survivor. Sir Matt Busby does not quit and take the challenge to create the next Manchester United team which finally had conquered Europe in 1968 to become the first English team to lift the UCL trophy. Quite a remarkable achievement considered that his team had not been relegated during this time.

The definition of the greatest manager ever is still a vague topic among the footballing world. Manager can be decided on the tactical revolution, longevity, trophies won and ability to create a great team form a disaster. If seen on the tactical revolution only the manager who had created a brilliant attacking football was revered but on the contrary defensive side is too is a crucial aspect for football and manager who had revolutionized football based on the defensive side of the games does not get much credit. Arrigo Sacchi was given more credit than Helenio Herrera even though he had achieved more than Sacchi. Rinus Michel is one who had credited with Total Football but the real manager who had created the Total Football is a Hungary manager Gustav Sebez. Sir Alex Ferguson had won many trophies with Manchester United but when coming to European trophies he had only won 2 trophies compared to Bob Paisley whom had won 3 trophies but Sir Alex Ferguson need to creates a team from the slump where Bob Paisley had a great foundation for him laid by Bill Shankly. Hence the subject of greatest manager all time is still something is debatable where they are no clear-cut definition for the greatest manager ever.

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