Liverpool on this season may not be at their vintage best but they had been gone through the worst situation than these before. They were subject to ridiculing but the passionate do not give any hope on the club to be back where they belong. The hope had come to them in the form of a manager from German named Jurgen Klopp. He transformed with the powerful and philosophical world “Doubter to Believers”.

Liverpool’s last premier league title is in 1990 under their former player turned manager Kenny Daglish. From then on, their fan had been forced to watch on their fiercest rival Manchester United lifted trophy after trophy and makes them become the dominant power in the English football overtaking them. Before Sir Alex Ferguson came to the English league scene, United only had 7 league titles, and on his retirement in 2013 United had 20 league titles overtaking Liverpool.

Liverpool last league win in 1990 under Sir Kenny Daglish

While United had been the dominant force in England, Liverpool had been underachieved for a long time. Although they did win the UCL in 2005 in a dramatic final the league title which Bill Shankly the manager that is responsible for Liverpool from a Division 2 team to a successful European champion described as their bread and butter had still eluded them. Although they had hired managers like Roy Evans, Gerrard Houllier, Rafa Benitez, and Brendan Rodgers none of them had managed to make Liverpool the dominant force again. Brendan Rodger is the one who nearly did it but Liverpool cracked under the pressure in the final few games to surrender the title to Manchester City in 2014.

Unwanted memory from Brendon Rodger regime Steven Gerrard slip

Liverpool owners need to make some decision as Liverpool kept on slumbering to an unprecedented new low when they had been trashed by Stoke City 6-1 in the following season and the decision had been made to sack Brendan Rodger and hire Jurgen Klopp. This is the manager who renowned for the high pressing gigenpressing style of football and his appointment had led to a renewed hope and worries from the rivals. Sir Alex Ferguson had said that for the first time he is worried due to the capabilities of Klopp. Klopp too had cut short his sabbatical leave and choose to manage Liverpool.

He started his first day which the philosophy of gigenpresseing , fitness, create a super team contradiction to superstar team, establishing a connection between the supporters, and difficult to play against. In the first season, he managed to make Liverpool reach the final of UEL in the first year in charge, and the league cup final. His passionate celebration with the players and the fans, jovial press conference, highly explosive rants, and his electrical pressing style had seen a dramatic turnaround in the Liverpool style of play which makes them a  team that is loved by the neutral itself.

On the second and its third season player comes and goes, and the silverware still eluded him. He was hired for his good reputation but the Anfield faithful still had some scope of skeptics around them. There one famous meme where he is seen saluting the Anfield faithful with their player after the draw with West Brom which had to be a subject of a constant source of internet jokes. But what Klopp doing is to forge a passionate response from the supporter to not leave the stadium until the final whistle the celebration is to the supporter who does not leave the stadium. This had created a tremendous atmosphere between him, the player, and the supporter which makes Anfield like a fortress for the opposing team.

This is the reason that they had been managed to go neck to neck with Manchester City in his 4th season where unfortunately Liverpool had put a tremendous fight but ended up as runner-up to the City that had been able to emulate Chelsea and Manchester United as the only team to retain the EPL title. Liverpool had created an unwanted history of collecting the most point for runner-up by accumulating 98 points.

Sandwiched in between the title race is the epic comeback against Barcelona in the semi-final. Defeated in the first leg 3 – 0 in Spain, Liverpool had created an intimidating atmosphere for the Barcelona players which is due to the part of Klopp passionate connection between the fans and this environment had helped Liverpool to overturn the 3 – 0 first-leg defeat by winning 4 – 0 in Anfield. Anfield had again managed to play their part in the semi-final of the European night. Klopp finally had his hand on his trophy with Liverpool by defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the final. For Klopp, the victory is historical for him as this is his European cup trophy.

The title of 6th European champion had elicited a spark in Liverpool to end their 30 draughts of the league title. Liverpool had put a performance of winning most of their matches added with City miserable from, Liverpool finally able to clinch their first league title. They also managed to clinch their first FIFA Club World Cup title defeating Flamengo in the final.

Liverpool finally lift their first league title in 20 years
Under Klopp, they also lifted their first FIFA Club World Cup

Klopp’s promise and meticulously planning on the recruitment, sticking to his style of play even things did not go down well in his first few seasons had provided a huge dividend. The underachieving Liverpool team before the arrival of Klopp and their transition from underachiever to become one of the best teams in England and Europe is a testament to Klopp’s ability. The first mantra of turning “Doubter to Believer” had led to the transformation of the Liverpool team in just a couple of years.

Which is the just few years in charge, Jurgen Klopp had managed to turn Liverpool into one of the best team in England and in Europe parallel they had become a team is terrible to play against with their his pressing style and never say die attitude until the final whistle. Liverpool Klopp may be struggling this season and Jurgen Klopp can’t manage Liverpool forever but his legacy in the first 5 years will be written in the Liverpool historical chapter.

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