The 1954 World Cup final that was hosted by Switzerland had been dramatized and had been historical for two nations. They are many stories about the world cup final which had been made in a film called “The Miracle of Bern”. They are also a story on how the linesman had made an error by wrongly giving offside for the Hungarian player the late Ferenc Puskas equalizing goal. They are also a story of how the German second goal should not be given as they are foul leading for the goal. They are also an accusation of the German player has taken then performance-enhancing drug which claimed to help them win the world cup.

For all the stories and accusations, the fact remains that the Germans had lifted their first of 4 world cup medals that they earned and Hungary’s rise to fame had been waned and had been erased since the glorious day for Germany and unexpected sad ending for the Hungarian team. The Hungarian were heavy favorites to lift the World Cup in 1954 but unfortunately, they had been defeated in the penultimate stages after provide one of the most entertaining and majestic performances ever seen from a national team

The Hungarian team called Magical Magyars is the only team that had earned the highest rating for the national team before it was superseded by the German national team. The Hungarians had mesmerized the footballing world by going on unbeaten in 32 games a record for the national team. The Hungarian not only had humiliated the England team in Wembley to become the first foreign nation to defeat England in Wembley where they were deemed as invincible and also had become the predecessor for the Total Football style and the False no 9 position. This is the style of play that had been tried to be emulated by many club teams at that time including the famous Bill Nicholson Tottenham team.

The game that had been dubbed as the Match of Century

The German meanwhile is in the process of denazification and coming to the scene after the devastation of World War 2. They had been accused of starting World War 2 under the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. They had been banned from entering the World Cup in 1950 which was held in Uruguay. In the 1954 final round, they even had been trashed by the Hungarian 8 – 3 in the first round and hitherto this is the heaviest defeat for the German national team in all competition and remains until today.

The Germans and the Hungarian had met again in the final which the result had been in favor of the Germans which had earned their first World Cup medal. In the final, the German-led by their captain Fritz Walter had fallen to a 2-0 lead in the first 10 minutes of the game before coming back to win it 3-2. The fallout from the final is where the thing had changed for both teams where one team had gone to become one of the best national teams ever and another team had fallen from graces.

The Hungarian after some imperious performance and introducing the false no 9 to the world had crumbled and waned from then on. Their team had been broken due to the insurgency in Hungary which had led the team to broken and never reached some height again. The Hungary football team had not reached the World Cup final again since then and their performance hitherto had been nonother than dismal and non-recognizable since the day of the famous magical Magyar teams.

The German meanwhile had credited this win as an inspiration for the future generation of football players and become the bedrock of their footballing foundation for the years to come. Against all the odds they had shocked the Magical Magyars and had gone to become one of the most consistent performers in the World Cup and continental competition.  When comes to the trophies count for both international and continental, the German football team is the leader.

The Germans had become 4-time world champion and 3 times European champion. Adding to it they had become one formidable unit and become a team that is resilient and hard to beat. The comeback win against the Hungary is first of many comebacks that German had made in the national football team competition. The German also holds a perfect record in the world cup penalty shootout as they had never been beaten in the shootout.

Another thing that is become recognized since the final is the enormous popularity gained by Adi Dassler which is the founder of Adidas. The invention of interchangeable stud depending on the situation had become one of the reasons for the German to win in the final as many had recognized Adidas invention and started to use them hitherto Adidas become the global conglomerates in the football world as they had become the official ball provider for FIFA and UEFA club and national competition.

Adi Dassler and Adidas had received gigantic rise to fame since the 1954 final

1954 final had become the story of two-nation as one nation had fallen from grace since the devastating defeat after giving a majestic performance only to fall on the penultimate stages whole another nation which does not give any chances had shocked the footballing world and become one of the major powerhouses in football world since then.

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