The World Cup football competition is the pinnacle of national team football. Every players and manager will have a dream to lift the World Cup trophies. Player and manager earn legendary status once they had raised the World Cup trophy. The competition, which held quadrennially hosted by countries selected by Fifa committee member after a vigorous evaluation, is the most-watched sporting event in the world. Only one team participated in every edition of the competition, and that team is non-other than the Brazillian national team. Therefore, the Brazillian national team hold the distinction of the only nation that had appeared in every World Cup since 1930.

Brazil had the most World Cup-winning medal, which five under their name, the only countries that had won the trophies outside of their continent twice, and it is the only country that had to earn the right to keep the old Juliet times trophy permanently. Such an enormous achievement that is unmatched in international football. However, the Brazilian national team had not won the world cup when they had a been host. Twice they had hosted in 1950, and in 2018 and twice they had encountered a heartbreaking defeat in 1950 against Uruguay and in 2018 they had been trashed in the semi-final by eventual winner German with a scoreline of 7 1.

The 1950 defeat can be said as the catalyst for Brazillian emergence as the best nation in the World Cup. 1950 defeat had been so traumatic that the Brazillian FA has been suspended for two years and replaced the lousy omen white jersey with the now household yellow jersey. Their rise started in 1958 when a team of Didi, Garrincha, Mario Zaggalo, Vava, and the young chap named Pele, who will become the best player ever, started to mesmerize world football with their unique skill and free-flowing expressive attacking football.

The expressive skill football named samba football is evident in Pele goal against Wales, where he will lob the defender and hit a low volley to score a skill never seen before by the European continent. With the maverick Garrincha terrorizing the defender on the flank, Brazil had won the 1958 edition, followed by the 1962 edition to become the second team since Italy in 1934 and 38 to won 2 consecutive World Cup. 1966 ended badly for them as they had crashed out in the first round the become the first defending champion to be eliminated from the group stages

However, under Mario Sangallo, Brazil had mesmerized world football in 1970. When Mario Sangallo replaces Caldadoa as a manager, he has a big headache as he needs to accommodate all his best-attacking players. They play as no 10 for a respective club in brazil in the team. He did that successfully, which Rivelino, Pele, Jairzinho, and others play cohesively and correlated in making them the best national team of the decade voted by FIFA. Their apex of the performance is when they had humiliated Italy 4 – 1 in the penultimate stage of the World Cup.

However, the 1970 team is the final Brazilian who played cavalier samba football and won the trophy as the Brazillian team of 1982, who shared a similar playing style, was knocked out in the second group stage Italy. For once, Brazillian philosophy had been the catalyst for their failure. The defeat had been so heartbreaking that Brazil had decided to abandon their cavalier style and added some pragmatism to their game.

The Brazilian team of the 20th century had won 2 more World Cup, but the team does not share the same love and adoration from the public, unlike the team in the past. Even though the Brazillian squad is still an indomitable force in the national team, the playing style gained so much adoration had waned considerably. The culmination of this is the humiliating defeat on their turf against Germany in the 2018 world cup.

The scoreline had created an enormous shockwave in the footballing world. Naturally, the injury to Neymar had been attributed to the loss, but in the past, the Brazill team had lost their key player but still managed to win the coveted World Cup. However, the loss of Neymar and the team’s collapse had shown one thing they are the least number of world-class players coming from Brazil.

Since the departure of Ronaldinho, they are no more Brazillian player who had been the epitome of the Brazillian samba style. Instead, the current Brazillian, who can be said to be the epitome of the Brazillian, is Neymar, and his reputation had taken a big turnaround for his excessive partying and petulant act in the 2018 World Cup, which had spoiled his reputation dramatically.

However, based on history, the Brazillian national team will be expected to come back stronger and achieve more success in the future. Each time the Brazillian had been weakened by a heartbreaking loss or retirement of any player, they will come back stronger.


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